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  1. That's a relief, no enraged HG pilot. Very large flock of birds ! Must be gulls. Were you feeding them?????
  2. Very good pictures. What happened in pic 3? You fly through a hang glider??????
  3. Yes. I must agree with Dave. It looks to be scenery related and wil often take a lot of locating..When you locate it carry on searching amoungst the sub-files, as you can occasionaly restor most of the associated scenery instead of losing a whole chunk. Had a problem once of an area "grey sqauring". Problem traced to another airfield enhancement. Was one file in the scenery file. Airport lost some of its looks but was still usable, so could then use both airfieds. Good luck in your search. Aerosoft may be able to help if they are still functioning. Their Madrid is very good, so worth the effort. Roy.
  4. If it is Italian scenery related the scenery is in Sardinia. If you do not have any enhanced airports there we are propably barking up the wrong tree. If you think it may be AI then turn off AI and see if you can fly there. Also try "go to" Madrid and see if your aircraft will sit on a stand for half an hour. If it CTD's it can speed up your cure testing and reduce the "failed flight" aggrevation. Roy. (Sorry about reply delay, caused by a PC glitch).
  5. It is an ISD scenery. Try the Sardinian ones. Sorry about my bad memort, it happens with old age. Try LIEO for starters. If not then try the others in Sardinia begining in the north west of the island, Your suspect AI aircraft is a possibility, but your problem with Madrid is not new !!
  6. Your Aerosoft Madrid problem is caused by an Italian freeware airport. It is four letter ID LIE ? I think it is C, but am not sure. Try all of your West Sardinian airports one by one. Good luck, Roy.
  7. Read Ubersu's advice. Ensure your Nav/GPS switch is selected to Nav for ILS coupled approaches. Roy.
  8. Another cause of stuttering can be your RAM strips not being tight in their slotts. Push them in quite hard, or remove one by one and clean the "teeth" and replace them firmly. Roy.
  9. Try opening your aircraft config file and in [Contact Points} reduce the value of "static_cg_height = xxxxx". Roy.
  10. WingZ, Sorry to hear your first try was not a confidence booster. Don't give up though. I doubt if there will be any freeware that will compete with a "top end" payware item. Personally I would prefer to "fill the gaps" with acceptable freeware, than only have ten percent of the airports represented, but that is up to the individuals preferences. Btw there is a very good freeware mesh available for China, but check that one of the Himalayan tiles does not repeat itself in northen Algeria near the Libian western border (depends on what else you have installed). Main thing is to enjoy your flying. Roy.
  11. You fellers need to look at the multitude of freeware AP's in China. On my FS9 I have 38 "enhanced", 88 "improved" and "28 "default" standard of airport installed. The rating I have given is based on the normal FS9 basic default airport standards." Enhanced" means the airport has realistic looking buildings on display, and, of course," improved" means better than a standard MS default would be expected to display. Many of the downloads are multi airport packages, and they overlap. So a lot of sorting is required to get what you want when loading. My home airport is ZYTL in the N.E. of China. Happy flying, and good luck with the sorting. Roy.
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