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  1. Hi, How do you get the coordinates for the VC to place the GTN in. I am trying to do this for a diffrent aircraft and really struggling. Thanks
  2. Mr T

    Bond Repaint

    Lol sorry FSX version
  3. Mr T

    Bond Repaint

    Is this the tax version?
  4. Mr T

    Bond Repaint

    Hi there, Can you help? I am looking for a paint kit it PSD file so I can kick off some re paints for this heli. Does anyone have any theu could share or point me in the right direction? Many thanks
  5. Hi All, Does anyone have access to the paint kit for the helicopter (freeware) AW139 or a PSD file? I would like to create a repaint for the Heli. Thank you.
  6. What does the AP do? Is it simlar the DF HAP?
  7. Just in case you decide to dabble in magic . . . The AW189!
  8. Lol that mate Me smile!
  9. You joke . . . But a PMDG level helicopter has been missing for years. Not a bad idea!
  10. It is without doubt. . . One if the most rewarding planes to fly in fsx.
  11. Mr T

    Flight 1 GTN 750

    New js41 I belive
  12. Mr T

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Take my money! Lol
  13. There are 4 versions; Passenger - loads of airlines . . . Eastern etc Private - VIP, Corprate versions and science config. Millatry - UK coast guard have just purchased x 2 and Hong Kong police had one. There are also millitary versions, the RAF had one for a short time and I think sold it to an African country (might be very wrong here). 41.html Cargo (TNT now UBS) fly them. Took me ages to find this. . . Original Bae spec doc showing class e freight version (and all other versions).
  14. Ha ha I noticed that as well! Do you get a real plane for that price?