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  1. Hi everyone, I wondered if anybody had managed to get a successful retrofit of the ISG primus 1000 gauges into the XLS? I have had a go, and while the result is good, I know it could be better if I knew more about tweaking panels. The FDE combined with a decent FMS would make this worth bringing out of the hangar. And I'd quite like to avoid the GTN as its in all my carenado planes! Cheers, T
  2. Hi All, I was a hesitant purchaser, not least because I've not had Steam or P3DV3 for quite some time. But I've been watching this project intently, keen for a decent range bizjet since it was announced so I decided to see what they've put together. Its a shame the devs have been so busy as I think a video or two would be well received and allay some of the criticism. Anyway, I haven't got a huge amount of time to devote this week but I have captured a few clips I thought people in similar position to myself may like to see. My opinion, is that the XLS will look stunning in V4 with tomatoshade, dynamic lights and if we are very lucky, some rain effects etc. She needs minor refinements, as discussed in the eaglesoft forum. But as someone who flies a 64bit study level addon most of my time, I'm not disappointed. I'll add, I purchased the realnav data. I don't like to fly with out of date nav data, but was surprised that they include data for all the small airfields I intend to take the XLS+ including some DEP/ARRs that aren't in other data packages.
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