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  1. Is there an easy way to disable the dadelius aircraft from showing?
  2. :(... I can get #1 reverser working, but #2 doesn't respond.... so halfway there...lol
  3. I am using LINDA 3.1.0 for P3D 64 bit... I am also using the Honeycomb Bravo as my throttle set. I have downloaded and installed the latest A3XX LINDA module (1.9). When i try to assign the reversers to the engines, only #1 responds to the reverser movement on the throttle..LINDA shows activation when i activate reverser on #2 engine but the Aersosoft A330 Professional will not engage the reverser.
  4. Now i am a believer! :) NOw all the functions show up in the list...Very easy to set up..
  5. Thanks.... I see the Alpha Yoke in the list but can't select it. I right clicked on the OnPress and i see the sub mneu . I selected the the 737 module functions.. these are no functions in the list. it's empty... UPDATE: I did a complete re-install of LINDa and re-imported the 737 modules into their correct directories... NOW the switches ARE working! YAY! Thank you Jim
  6. Hello All, Maybe beating a dead horse here but I have installed the latest LINDA application onto my machine and am trying to program the buttons on the HoneyComb Yoke to correctly control the exterior lights on the A/C (i.e strobes, landing lights, beacon,etc.). I can see the button activity occur in the LINDA log screen but the PMDG panel is not switching the lights on/off on the screen.. I have Win10, P3D 4.5, the latest LINDA and FSUIPC applications and have downloaded the 737-800NGX module for LINDA. Jim
  7. Yes. I did... But i have an update... It appears that you need the correct AFCAD installed depending on which direction the wind is coming from. I installed the WESTBOUND AFCAD and the LOC lock and ILS approach worked fine with the same A/C. I am assuming that this AFCAD switch also affect the usable ILS and the correct G/S and LOC bearing... Jim
  8. I know this is somewhat of an old post but it has to do with the KPHL scenery. I have this scenery installed in Prepar3d 4.5 and it seems to work well except for the ILS (esp 27R)..Have not tried other ILS approaches... I was flying a route yesterday from LIRF to KPHL and all was good until i tried intercepting the ILS 27R localizer. I had the LOC engaged on my A330-300 when it all of a sudden it decided bank hard to the left from the app path. I had to quickly dis-engage the NAV and use HDG to get me back on the course (268 deg). I know there are 2 AFCADs that you can preload depending on the wind direction which affects the AI traffic at the airport. My question is does this ALSO affect the active ILSs at the airport also? Jim
  9. Case Closed..... I re-installed FSX and all add-ons from scratch... 777 is working fine with no issues.....
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