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  1. A simple VAS usage analysis

    I know this is somewhat of an old thread but this is fantastic info! I have recently built a super-charged machine and am getting OOMs after using high detailed A/C and scenery. I have found out that Ultimate Traffic Live is injecting about 1 GB into the VAS arena. I am going to disable that and re-fly my flight from KMIA to KLGA using teh Aerosoft A321. This is the configuration that gave me the OOM.... Jim
  2. Thanks for the info... I will NOT use TopCat for the PDMG A/C. I will see if i need it for the others ... This really helped. Cheers! Jim
  3. Thanks! I have also read that. Looking right now that TopCat is not working for PDMG. I will have to install my other 3rd party A/C to see if TopCat still works with those. My question is, Topcat physically updates the actual fuel and payload on the PDMG (least it used to). You still have to manually update the FMC to reflect the correct fuel load. If you update it in the FMC for fuel and payload, does that ACTUALLY change the aircraft or just the info in the FMC?
  4. Hello All, I just got finished buidling a new computer system for FSX. I used to run FSX on another computer with Win 7. I have many add-ons including FSUIPC and Simconnect. All of the add-ons that require a connection to FSX connected and communicated just fine. With the latest machine, I have installed Win 10 on it due to the CPU and MB no longer supporting Win 7 (i.e. there are no drivers in Win 7 that support some of the new H/W). I have installed FSX, FTX/ORBX, PDMG aircraft, TopCat, and other addons.. So far everything works fine except when i use TopCat to update my PDMG fuel and Payload, it wont update the A/C. It used to work in Win 7 on my older machine. Topcat shows that it is connected through FSUIPC when i try to send the data to the 737NGX but hten FSX alerts me that Topcat cannot update the fuel and payload.... I have checked read/write permissions and run Topcat with admin rights. Still no success... Jim
  5. Pro ATC X update

    {on soapbox} PRO ATC X is a great product. The downside is the extremely long wait for any update... As a professional developer and distributor of weather -related software, there is a fine line as to when to put out an update. I believe the developer/s of PRO ATC X would benefit more and would leave their customers much more satisfied if updates would come out more than just once a year. The excuse I keep seeing is that is takes a very long time to test certain functions within the program due to numerous flight conditions. I understand that. I also know there is some "low-hanging" fruit that can be addressed and fixed in a more timely manner which again would at least keep customers interested and confident that PRO ATC X has their vested interest in mind...An update every 3-4 months would not be far-fetched.... {off-soapbox} Jim
  6. Just Flight A319 american colors

    Thanks.... Guess i'll be flying only Boeing-supported routes for my VA from now on...... Jim
  7. Just Flight A319 american colors

    Curious why you need the whole product. I have the paint files for the A319 -it came with the program. They are in .psd formats..... Jim
  8. Just Flight A319 american colors

    sigh......We're getting off tangent here... I am looking for a specific repaint or trying to find someone who would be interested in doing a repaint for the JF A319.... Jim
  9. Just Flight A319 american colors

    Guess no one is willing to take this on...
  10. Just Flight A319 american colors

    John, Actually the 319 was part of the A318/319 package.....Not an expansion. they do have a SP and expansion with limited liveries...non which are American... Jim
  11. Regretful purchases for FSX

    All the Aerosoft, BlackBox, and Wilco Airbus series which force you to use a joystick.....I know they a cheap to buy, but I do not have the room to have one on my desk. All my other PDMG, QW, and Feelthere E series jets allow for KB use..... Jim
  12. Just Flight A319 american colors

    Thanks... However, the joystick option is a non-relevant.. I do not have room for one.. I fly everything else with KB and the Justflight A319 with a KB also with no issues.... Jim
  13. Just Flight A319 american colors

    Actually, the paintkit came with the purchased software so the file templates (.dds) are there Jim
  14. Hello all, I am looking for a repaint for the Just Flight A319 in the new American airlines colors. I know some of you are probably asking "why are you flying the Just Flight product?". Well I purchased the Aerosoft Airbus package without realizing that it need a joystick to work the elevators, etc. Not really happy about that.. Anyway, I pulled out the old JF A319... While less sophisticated, its fun to fly for my VA that I fly for. So with that, I am looking for someone to do a re-paint for me or know where I can get a re-paint already... Thanks! Jim