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  1. Rizalini

    FSX or P3D v4

    See this is why I love this forum! well explained answers with no BS. Both of your answers are very similar, so I guess the answer if obvious. Time to upgrade to P3D. That being said, can you answer a couple questions about the program, since I have zero experience with it? 1) How is the FPS compared to FSX? I was currently getting 9-12 FPS at graphics heavy airports and about 20 in the air. 2) Will I need to repurchase EZ Dok again, or does the program have good standard camera options? 3) Where can I go to find a users guide on how to operate the program? (ie contact the tower, program my yolk, etc) Again thanks for all the insight and help. I appreciate you guys
  2. Guys I have a real conundrum and I know the great minds here can help me figure it out (or at least give me some knowledge and guidance). Right now I am using FSX SE with a TON of payware addons like the PMDG 737s (which I love), ORBX scenery, GSX, Rex4, Active Sky and Cloud Art. As of just recently I have been getting the dreaded OOM exclamation sound and eventually crashing. My system is an i5 3570k 3.4ghz, 32GB DDR3 RAM and a Radeon RX460 GPU. My question is would I be better off getting a new rig completely or just making the switch to P3d and rebuying all of the payware that I know and love for FSX? I guess another question would be if I do just splurge and spend $1500 on a gaming rig, will that fix the OOM problem I am experiencing? I have never used anything other than FSX and am scared to have to relearn a whole new system, but if it really is leaps and bounds better than FSX, I'd love to hear why. I appreciate all the info and insight, thanks all. Cheers
  3. Thank you, problem solved. I had to uninstall AS16, uninstall ASN and Rex Soft Clouds, and reinstall AS16. All is good now, thank you very much!
  4. The exact message(s) Im getting is... Error! AS16 cannot control ambient weather parameters correctly, thus it cannot function properly at this point and will shut down. Please make sure you have proper rights/ownership of the program files (x86) folder and have trusted/excluded AS16 from your security software, as well as the simulator's as_srv folder and included .dll modules. then another pop-up box saying... No ASConnect Log ASConnect logging does not appear to be enabled. Either ASConnect is being blocked, or your sim does not have write access to Program Files folder. We suggest running you simulator 'as administrator' or granting ownership and full rights to your user account to solve this problem. Reinstalling AS16 may also resolve this issue. I just got done making sure I am the administrator (and I am), and I also just downloaded and installed the hotfix and patch for AS16. Any other help or info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  5. So I just purchased/installed AS16 and ASCA, and now when I try to start FSX-SE, I get an error message saying I need to load FSX in administrator mode, or grant permission. I have never had this problem before with ASN, so why am I getting this with AS16? Thanks for all the help.
  6. Rizalini

    How to plan an Arrival

    AS16 meaning Active Sky? Is that the same as Active Sky Next, or is it a totally different program? So when planning my approach, get the weather and wind info for my destination. Make an educated guess as to which runway I will be landing on based on wind direction, and program my FMC for that ILS. After I contact the ATC for my approcah, I can alter the plan on my FMC if need be. Do I at least have that part correct? lol
  7. Rizalini

    How to plan an Arrival

    Awesome! As always, thank you guys for answering my rather simple questions and educating me and not making me feel like a dumb-word not allowed in the process. Cheers guys, thanks a bunch.
  8. Rizalini

    How to plan an Arrival

    So I'm assuming when you take wind into account at the destination airport, tailwind is preferred?
  9. First of all, let me thank everyone in these forums. Every time I post a question, everyone is very informative and helpful, so thank you in advance everyone. So I fly a PMDG 737 in FSX-SE, and have learned (thanks to help from you guys) how to use and program my FMC, plan my route, and plan my arrival using waypoints and ILC. My problem is that when planning my arrival, I am guessing at which runway to land at since I am too far for to contact ATC for landing instructions. What is the correct way to figure out where I'm supposed to land before I start my decent and approach. Sorry if this is a stupid question, or should be a no-brainer. I appreciate everyone's help and knowledge on this subject. Cheers
  10. Rizalini

    Departing waypoints

    That's an understatement. I thought I had a solid grasp of what I was doing from flying the default FSX planes. Boy was I in for a rude awakening when I purchased the PMDG 737. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but being a stay at home dad to an 11 month old has really shortened my time to just read a manual. So I find myself watching tutorial videos on YouTube when I go to the bathroom due to lack of free time I have. And when I do get some, I fire up FSX and just try to figure things out for myself. Again, you both have been a big help, thanks again.
  11. Rizalini

    Departing waypoints

    Thank you both very much. The information you have both given me has been very helpful in giving me a better understanding for planning a route. I now use Flightaware to help me plan my route, and it's great! Thanks for the suggestion Cpt. Kevin. I was afraid to ask such a novice question on a site that seems (to me anyway) to be full of experts and real life pilots. Thanks again for educating me, and not making me feel foolish. Much appreciated
  12. Rizalini

    Departing waypoints

    Terminal procedures huh...? Please tell me more! And thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, it is very much appreciated.
  13. Rizalini

    Departing waypoints

    Thanks in advance for the help and info to everyone! I am new to the PMDG 737, as I was tired of flying the default planes in FSX SE, and wanted a more realistic experience. Boy did I get more than I bargained for with the PMDG series planes. Not complaining, but there's a lot of learning involved for sure. Especially with the FMC. I have watched numerous video tutorials for programming the FMC with my flight route, but I haven't found any that tell you how you know which departing waypoint is correct. My test flight that I keep doing until I get it correct is from Las Vegas (KLAS) to Los Angeles (KLAX). I use Route Finder to generate my route, which only has one waypoint, which is Hector (HEC). I have no problems programming that into my FMC, but I get confused when selecting a departing waypoint. Even when I select my runway, there are still a multitude of departures, some that take me way out of my way! Can someone please shed some light on this for me please?