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  1. I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just purchased the Carenado Cheyenne II for P3D and I am interested in this mod. How do I go about getting the files? Thanks, Chris
  2. I recently purchased a Rift S to replace my aging Rift CV1. In P3D the visuals with the Rift S are significantly better than the Rift CV1. Ultimately I returned the Rift S for a refund and have moved back to my Rift CV1. I returned the Rift S due to very poor controller tracking in other games like Onward, etc. I also had a problem with the Rift S display blacking out when switching between games. The problem was not resolved with the typical reboot / restart / unplug routine. In summary, if I used my VR headset for P3D exclusively then the Rift S might have been worth keeping. Since I use VR in other games, I could not justify keeping the Rift S given the controller tracking issues I was having. Just my .02 cents.
  3. Correct, I am on v4.4. I look forward to your mod. IIRC, wasn’t it you that did the Cheyenne II mods? I’ve read good things about the Cheyenne II improvements you did; but I fear getting burned by Carenado yet again. —Chris
  4. Hello All: I am flying the Milviz C310 Redux exclusively in VR these days. In VR, the cockpit glass seems to be a bit too tinted / cloudy for my taste. I know there are some talented re-painters here on this board. I wonder if anyone knows how I might edit the VC textures to make the VC cockpit glass more transparent? I am vaguely familiar with DXTBmp, but have not used it since my FSX days (now on P3d 4.4). IIRC, transparency is controlled via the Alpha channel, and lighter equals more transparent. Is that correct? Do I also need to modify the RGB layers, or is modifying the Alpha channel sufficient? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Chris
  5. There is some real talent here indeed. im curious to know if anyone has repainted the VC? I’d love to have the panel lighting less bright and have the textures modified to remove the dome light effect at night. The dome light being inexplicably linked to the panel lighting is a deal breaker for me and means I don’t fly this otherwise great aircraft...
  6. Hello All: I recently purchased the Carenado Piper Cheyenne III. Despite following the Before Landing checklist precisely, I'm having trouble with the Beta range. Specifically, when decelerating on the landing roll, I move the Power Levers on my CH Products throttle quadrant into Reverse Range, and the reverse thrust slows the aircraft down as expected. I can her the props go into the beta range as expected. The problem starts when I come out of beta range to taxi (throttle cut-off position at the detent); the aircraft lunges forward, accelerates and skids wildly on the runway (even under full braking). After several seconds I can hear the turbines wind down and I am able to taxi as normal. Has any one else experienced this problem? If so, were you able to fix it? It is noteworthy to add that I am using the registered version of FSUIPC. I do not have this issue with the Realair Turbine Duke using the exact same throttle quadrant calibration in FSUIPC. I'm hoping this issue can be fixed so this aircraft does not end up in the bin alongside the other Carenado disappointments. --Chris
  7. Ray: I completely agree. I will not purchase another product from Alabeo nor Carenado until they fix the lighting in the virtual cockpit. I fly exclusively in VR now. For me the recent recent releases from Carenado and Alabeo are not usable. Rather, I will buy from A2A and Milviz since their aircraft have separate controls for panel and cabin lighting and their instruments lights are dimmable. Chris
  8. Hello All: I've recently started using VoxATC in P3D v4.3. I'm generally happy with the experience. I have a few questions that some of you more experienced VoxATC users may be able to answer. I am currently using default AI traffic. Can I use aftermarket AI traffic with VoxATC? If so, what aftermarket AI traffic is recommended? At Orbx KBVS, VoxATC generates AI traffic using only one aircraft model, a Mooney Bravo. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Thanks! Chris
  9. Unfortunately the yoke did not meet my expectations. The owner of the company graciously refunded - he was very professional throughout the entire process. I have since purchased a Brunner CLS-E from Brunner Elektronik in Switzerland.
  10. I am hoping some experienced home cockpit builders would review my plans and questions (listed below), and provide some insight regarding a multiple monitor setup, so I know what to purchase. I am trying to avoid making any costly mistakes... I’ve been buying hardware to start my home Cockpit Build for P3D. Please note that I have too much invested in Add-ons for P3D, so I am not considering Xplane at this time. In recent months I've invested in the following: Intel 8700K PC running at 5GHZ / Nvidia 1080 Ti / SSDs Brunner CLS-E Yoke Javiator Com1 / Nav 1 Javiator Transponder Replaced my very old CH Pedals with Saitek Combat pedals CH Throttle Quadrant (temporary due to budget constraints) Various switch panels I have been working in CAD to design the panel and cutouts for a Cessna 310R Instruments will be a combination of: • Air Manager running on PC with a single 17” LED monitor for co-pilot’s side gauges • Flight Illusion instruments for pilot’s side gauges • Javiator complete radio stack • Eventually a GNS530??? For visuals: • 65” LG TV as the primary display • Pair of 32” monitors for left and right wing views • 17” monitor for co-pilot’s gauges So regarding graphics: - Can I run the front view and both wing views on a single 1080 Ti? Or should I consider getting another 1080 Ti and run SLI? - Can I run the AirManger monitor via one of the 1080 Ti cards? (I read that all monitors have to be the same resolution in P3D, not sure if that’s true?) Note: I do not want to run AirManger on iPad. I’d rather spend money on another 1080 Ti than an iPad, and run AirManger for PC instead - Should I get a budget PC to run my gauges over a network? Thank you in Advance Chris
  11. Thanks Mac, I’ll try that approach (pun intended).
  12. I installed the most recent version of VoxATC and I have been successfully using it unregistered for three days in P3D 4.3 with FlyInside v1.95. As others have noted here, to get VoxATC setup in Windows 10 64bit I had to edit the General Training text file to contain only 14 lines to prevent the ambiguous config error.. I have not been able to get the Flight Plan training to work, and the phrase editor utility does not work for me either, but every thing else does work. I've done few GA VFR flights, and one IFR flight. One of the VFR flights did not prompt me to tune Unicom for my destination airport - I did not try the “0” menu to see if that would work, I suspect it would’ve. I plan to test one more day before purchasing, but so far, so good.
  13. Hello All: I recently purchased a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and would like to set up the device to utilize the Idle Cutoff and Prop Feathering detents. I'd also like to know how to set up reverse thrust, since I may try to fly turbo props in the future. I have been unable to find a definitive answer online regarding how this may be accomplished. It it noteworthy to add that I am also using CH Products Rudder Pedals, and a CH Products Flight Sim Yoke. The yoke will soon be replaced as I have just purchased a new yoke from Diagma. So far I have read suggestions that state there are three options regarding configuration: CH Manager FSUPIC Prepar3d I am fairly certain that there must be a right way and an incorrect way, so I'd like to hear from folks that have successfully setup their CH Throttle Quadrant to fly light twins. Thanks, Chris
  14. I just placed an order for a Diagma yoke. The owner of Diagma, Azat has been very responsive by immediately answering my questions (thank you Azat). I will do a review of the product after I receive the yoke. Interestingly, while doing research on the brand, I discovered that Diagma also produces giant scale radio controlled aircraft which happens to be one of my other hobbies. That discovery led me to take the leap of faith with the yoke. I think a company that has the technical expertise to produce high quality RC kits could certainly create flight sim hardware. I will report back here regarding my findings. Respectfully, Chris in Corpus Christi
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