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  1. I am so disappointed that the Carenado 172SP doesn't have a autopilot. Who would put a G1000 in their 172 and then leave out a autopilot to use the functions of the G1000. I know you cane use keyboard commands but that isn't realistic and takes away from the realism. Has anyone installed a autopilot into the Carenado 172SP. I don't know what Carenado was thinking when they left out the autopilot. Please email me how you did it. Thanks Dave Dwaohio@gmail.com
  2. I am using Chase Plane. I never thought about Chase Plane doing this. I used to have EZDOK 2 installed could that have a impact on Wind shear.
  3. I was flying my P3d v3 using A2A 172 with standard weather fair day when suddenly I got severe wind shear. My 172 pitched up and down violently. I thought is was a fluke and flew a flight plan using GTN 750 and the autopilot flying the 172 and again the plane pitched up and down violently. Both times it was a fair day without wind using standard weather. I have read others having this problem but I have seen no cause for the or solution to the problem. Is it the GTN, the autopilot or something in the weather. I was using Orbx Nothern California.
  4. I know this maybe off subject for this forum but I can not use my simulator since Microsoft update KB4038788 came out. I read all the forums and the best solution I read was to uninstall the update. That is the problem I uninstalled the update but it came back like a bad flu. Please someone detail how to delete the update and keep it uninstalled. I am using Windows 10 Home . I feel Microsoft thinks we are all stupid and we can not control our own updates. I am not very good with computer so make this a simple please
  5. This happens on all aircraft. No community presets both internal and external. When I first installed the program I got community presets but on one of the updates it disappeared on me. I have reinstalled the program and still no presets.
  6. After Beta 0.367 I am not getting anymore Community presets. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. I am using version 3. When I am at the airports every few minutes the scenery will bounce and so will the planes and the ground vehicles. It looks like an earthquake. Is there a fix for this?
  8. Dwaohio


    When I start a new flight the meter sticks at 6% for10 minutes or longer. I have 11 megascenery installed and 4 third party aircraft installed. Is there anyway to speed up the 6% stall. It is very annoying to wait that long.
  9. I am new to Prepar3d. I fly mostly megascenery on my gaming laptop. What is the best settings for the scenery? Thank you.
  10. Can some write a manual for the Autopilot. I am confused by the workings of the autopilot. I have used other autopilots and I don't get this one. Simple explanation how to climb, decent and do a ILS approach etc. Thank you in advance.
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