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  1. ah, okay. well, that is definitely going to sort out the greater of the two problems. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Loving the potential of this little app, but I seem to have run into a bit of a snag - I'm trying to run Little Navmap on a networked PC (my laptop, so I can track my progress without being sat in front of the PC), and I have managed to connect via Little Navconnect, and I can see the position of my a/c, and VATSIM tfc. However, unlike when running Little Navmap on the sim PC, I can't access data such as the layouts of addon airports in an offline map mode (can only see airport layout on OpenStreetView), and LNM could also seem to not find 'KSFO' as a departure airport, almost as if it had no navdata to draw from. Have I not done this right? Should Little Navconnect be able to provide data such as the scans of my scenery library, and waypoint data from the sim on my PC? If not, then surely this should be a feature, otherwise I can't really see the use of being able to run it on a networked PC :p Thanks
  3. MrMeeb

    Can't Get Rid of Offset

    When I first read your suggestion, no it didn't. However, after using a couple more offsets (weather is a pain, huh) over the next couple of hours, I routed direct to the next waypoint and it cleared the offset. Entering 0, or trying to delete the offset, did not work. IDK if that is like the real thing, but yeah
  4. MrMeeb

    Can't Get Rid of Offset

    I am suffering the same issue, and trying the suggestions yields no success
  5. Hi all, I've posted to the P3D forums, asking the same question, but I decided I may as well ask here, seeing as many users are very experienced in the workings of this anyway. Basically, I want to use vegetation shadows, as they seem to add a lot of depth and "alive-ness" to the scene as you fly over it. However, I'm experiencing problems with jagged shadows, unless I'm looking directly down on them, as shown in this view: As you can see the veggie shadows are shimmering and jagged, even at low altitudes, until I bank to a much sharper angle, where I am looking much more directly down. At this point, the 4096 ground shadows defined in my .cfg load in. Is there a way to change this behaviour? I want to use veggie shadows, but can't handle the constant shimmering on approach Also, out of curiosity for my own optimisations...what are the default values for SHADOW_NUM_CASCADES on each of the settings? Thanks :)
  6. Okay! Tell me twice, I'll follow your advice :p new sky textures it is
  7. I don't think it's an issue with my sky textures, as it's not the colour I don't like, but the fact that it is doing it. I was looking through your documentation last night after posting, and saw the stuff about expressions. Is there a way to have the fog created by the haze effect be at one level during the day, but then decrease as sun power decreases (so I can have the fog in the day, but not during twilight, to stop it reflecting sky colours) It is this effect, in very late twilight I am trying to avoid - there is a hard line between the colour of the sky and the colour of the fog circled on the right, but it matches in the circle on the left. Edit: Having restored my shaders to stock to see what this looks like by default, I've realised that this is default behaviour, not something that my tweaks have done. However, the question still stands - is there a way to reduce the effect of this?
  8. Hi all, looking for some advice - at sunset and sun rise, the haze effects I have enabled reflect the colour of the sky, as advertised. However, the colour they reflect seems to be that in the centre of my view, leading to some strange effects when I pan the camera (see video). I'd rather reduce the effect of the haze effect as the sun sets, so that this reflection does not happen nearly as noticeably, but I don't really want to turn the effect off, as I like the look I get with it during daytime. Is this possible? Do I just need to turn some effects off? If so, which ones?
  9. Hi guys, I have AA set to max in P3D, and the edges of the aircraft are smooth, as you would expect. However, solid colours within the livery of the aircraft are extremely jagged. As you can see around the edges of the tail, the lines are smooth between the edges of the tail and sky. However, looking at the main stripe down the fuselage, it's extremely jagged. Is this fixable? Thanks :)
  10. Is there a way to reduce the whiteness of the clouds in the distance, and the bloom of the whiteness (even though I have bloom disabled), instead making them darker, so they fade into the distance more? It seems to be something to do with P3D's volumetric fog, but I haven't seen it before, and it's somewhat off-putting at night
  11. Thanks! It fixed it...for some reason red was up at 15. Looks awesome now!
  12. Hey, Really excited to use this, but I'm finding that everything is looking really pink in game, in a way that does not match up with any of these pictures. I was right in suspecting that it was ReShade being the culprit, so are there any settings I can tweak to change it? This photo was taken at 13:00 in sim
  13. MrMeeb

    P3D v3.3.5.17625 Crashing on Startup

    It appeared that it was not a full install. Repairing Content led it to actually install it this time, and the game appears to launch and load fine. Thanks for the help!
  14. MrMeeb

    P3D v3.3.5.17625 Crashing on Startup

    All three are installed. I'll try repairing Content