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  1. Thanks for the reply Rick:My directory looks like your second example so I think that means I upgraded correctly??? There is also a folder in rcv4 that is named Data. In that folder are excel forms named c4 , m4, r4, f4, n4, s4, i4, p4, and z4. I did not see a file named rcv3.dat. As I said the program worked the first time I tried it but this problem came on the next day. I did make a mistake I think of exporting my flight plan from FSNAV to Radar Contact instead of MSFS; would that have caused this?JDK
  2. I used RC4.01 the first time and everything went fine. Today when I went to start it up a message said can't find C:program files/rc4/rc3.dat Radar Contact can not continue. What happened and how can I get the program going again?JDK
  3. JDKWhen expanding the zip files from your site ie. rcv4_20.zip to the windwood file there is already a folder with that file, do we let it overwrite it. I'm using v 4.01. Thanks
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