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  1. Hello, did anyone ever paint a 'dirty' Jet2.com and if so could I possibly have the link please? Thanks, Dan
  2. I find that they hand me over to approach control when I'm 30 miles away from my landing airport, so I set a fix to the airport then put a range ring of 30 miles and make sure I'm at their requested Flight level by then. To do this enter your arrival airport icao in the legs page, then underneath where you enter it put /30 You can do it for any distance. Hope this helps, I use radar contact too.
  3. Ah awesome. I'm flying to Palme De Mallorca this July with bmibaby :)
  4. I just finished a flight from Zurich LSZH to Corfu LGKR, stunning approach and landing into VOR 35 at Corfu, Aerosoft's Corfu x is really nice! That approach gives you a view of nearly all of the island.
  5. This is a question aimed at people who fly in Europe, and to and from the UK. I am curious, what airline do you chose to fly for in the Simulator? Do you try and stick to real world routes/destinations, for example by only flying to/from places on the ailines' route map? Where is your favourite place to fly to/from in Europe? Where is your favourite place to fly to/from in the UK? Just curious :) For myself I used to fly with the 737-800 from Ryanair in the sim, and recently changed to Thomson 737-800. Favourite UK airport is probably East MIdlands (EGNX) purely because I know it well. Whichever airline I chose to fly for in the Sim I only fly to destinations they fly in the real world. Favourite place to Fly in EU is probably Nice cote d'azur and Norway. Kind Regards, Danny
  6. Do you think maybe in a future update the feature of requesting information such as information about your arrival airport via the FMC would be able to added to the NGX? That would be awesome and very useful! I am guessing the answer is going to probably be no, probably because the developers already reached the maximum capacity for what they can animate? Kind Regards, Danny
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