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  1. I've never heard this before either :Thinking:
  2. You're welcome, do you still want a shorter delay between the safety and pilot announcement?
  3. Did you make sure to rename it as 'PMDG_737_HiChime' as the one in the upload is named 'PMDG_737_HiChimetest' ?
  4. Feel free to use it man, It was just my version of having a go at doing it. I'd love to work with you in putting something together.
  5. The reason for the silence was just regarding the timings, I didn't know whether people would want the pilot announcement to play immediately after the safety announcement. How would you like it adjusting, so there is no silence after the safety announcement at all?
  6. Okay man, it sounds good. I will upload a version I have just had a go at creating just now also and you can let us know what you think Here we go guys: http://www.mediafire.com/?2u66knaw2v1im2p The safety demo is around 2:30, and then after that there's some silence thena couple of chimes, then finally about two mins after the safety demo finishes there is the seats for takeoff announcement
  7. Okay, taking a crack at it now, will have a demo done in about 2 minutes. I have fs2crew, I just chose not to use it :/
  8. Steve, if you don't mind I'm also going to take a crack at this myself, how long do you think a suitable gap would be between the safety audio of about 2 minutes to the pilot announcement would be?
  9. So guys I had another go at the 'seats for departure' announcement and I like the results. Can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hdv3ubgckww17i
  10. Hello, did anyone ever paint a 'dirty' Jet2.com and if so could I possibly have the link please? Thanks, Dan
  11. Oh WOW! That is very great of you Steve! Sounds awesome :)
  12. That was quite ambiguous, Steve ;) You tease, you! LOL
  13. SO come on then Steve, give us an insight into what you have up your sleeve for the near future :D
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