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  1. Yeah but there is something not working, as there isn't any aural alert and down draft. Also trying the micro burst... Also if you pay attention the windshear is opposite to the aircraft direction, if I change direction it does too. Andrea Casolari
  2. They are set to the max; the fact is that the windshar avoids me. Pay attention to the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z836Z6RnIVvRulU2SmXLYp2vylKCOZf5/view?usp=sharing That's on p3d, but it's the same on xplane; also the aircraft systems doesn't detect it. Andrea Casolari
  3. I've tried on P3D too, the issue is there too. Here you can see it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z836Z6RnIVvRulU2SmXLYp2vylKCOZf5/view?usp=sharing (I know that the wipers had to be switched off) Andrea Casolari
  4. Hi, I've found difficulties in trying to simulate a windshear using ASXP, actually I'm unable to simulate it. It is as if AS refuse to do that: on the map I can see the windshear, while I approach it, it changes width, ending in reversing his direction. I can only feel a light turbolence while I'm in the core of it; Also there isn't an indication of windshear in the cockpit, no aural warning, no windshear alert displayed. NOTE: I'm using the zibo mod, but I think this issue is present in all the aircrafts. Any solution ? May you try to see what happens if you generate one through the debug panel? Andrea Casolari
  5. I have just done it now, I hope to hear from you soon
  6. Actually comparing this two video you will understand certainly. NGX: https://youtu.be/Ke3Kx9c_rqk?t=152 REAL: https://youtu.be/8pQcLDQ-xtA?t=303 NOTE: I found the precise time in the videos, so focus on the recall and master caution warning to spot it immediatly. Also consider that this is not the only video where I saw that, but several others also the old 737 classic behave in this way, take a few time to investigate this... Also referring to FCOMv2, warning systems, controls and indicators, fire warning and master caution system; there is written: "MASTER CAUTION lights illuminated (amber) if a sistem annunciator light has illuminated", and as during the recall all the system annunciator panel is illuminated, then it's obvius that it will light up only while it is pushed, but it will. I hope to ear from you soon
  7. If you perform a recall on the real 737 the master caution light up and then it extinguishes if all is correct, otherwise if it remains lighted something wrong is been detected. Said that on the ngx it only light up if a fail has been detected, not performing a recall with all ok, but it actually does on the real. You can verify this on the FCOM, or simply viewing a video of a full approach in a 737 and spot the recall action. I said that you refuse to fix this as I saw old post (2012 ) where another user spotted this issue. One of your team answered saying that you would look for SP2 but up to now no changes. Safe flight
  8. Hi, As in the real aircraft if you recall in every circumstance, the master caution light up and the ngx doesn't behave like that I wanted to ask if it might be possible to modify by myself the "code" that is behind that and fix the issue. PMDG know this error from years but they didn't fixed it up to now. So in the end I only want to know where is located the code that is responsable of the aircraft systems working. Thank you Andrea Casolari
  9. Hi, As the saytek yoke is limited, in the sense that turns only +- 60°, and in the same way the elevator control has a short range. I want to ask if it is possible to calibrate the yoke in a particular way: to make that if I turn the yoke at full service at 60° in the Sim it doesn't respond in a 90° of full service, but at approximately 60°. This is because, in my opinion normally the yoke seems too sensible at the inputs. Thank you Andrea Casolari
  10. FCOMv2 \ Airplane General, Emergency Equipment, Doors, Windows - Instrument Panels and \Warning Systems - Controls and Indicators\Takeoff Configuration and Cabin Altitude Warning Lights
  11. Hi, I was wandering why did you omitted the TAKEOFF CONFIG and CABIN ALTITUDE annunciators in the left/right forward panel ? Them are present in you manuals and in the real aircraft. Thanks Andrea Casolari
  12. Hi everyone, I'm using P3D v4.1 and FS2Crew (version 3.1) for the 737NGX and I noted that the time in the main panel go wrong. Usually starting from the long state it takes 25 minutes (and it actually display +25) but if I time it with a chronometer it will be longer than 25 minute, approximately +40 (a minute displayed is approximately 85 real seconds). I have also checked the time in the simulator it's right and on normal speed. I tried to reboot and reinstall but unfortunately it's the same! I hope you understood my problem fixing that because this is a awesome product for the 737, also really helpful for the pilot. Regards Andrea Casolari
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