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  1. I bought it on simmarket but it's not available there yet...
  2. 757 for Prepar3D v4 I believe O'Hare v2 with up to date everything and PBR NZAA Auckland ORBX working on OpenLC Africa due this year! Looking forward to that!
  3. Yes I read that but I can't see why it would still happen even if I'm on ground power (apu off) after parking. This was just a quick vid to show the basic fault. it doesn't matter which gens are on at the time, as soon as i switch the gens off I get this. Tried it, still happens. You assumed correct I don't know it's not that big of a deal, I was just curious if it was supposed to happen or not. Yeah that's a thing I do, I like to role play or something that I fly it somewhere and then I power it up the next time I fly to a new destination. anyway thanks for the replies! I think I'll dig through the FCOM or something to find out what it could be exactly.
  4. I think I'm repeating myself too because I already tried that as stated in my other comment "5. packs off, and just turn the apu off via the dial, I get the fault. (same if i repeat this with packs of and turn the APU gens off one by one)"
  5. The steps are in the FCOM from after landing to the supplementary electrical powerdown. 1. Hydrolics off aux 4 on. 2. parking brake. 3. APU gen 1 on, gen 2avail for cargo handling 4. fuel cutoff 5. fuel pumps off. 6. set wheel blocks. parking brake off hyd 4 off. 7. set ground power, ground power 1 on 2 avail for cargo handling. 8. APU off. 9. after everything is complete close the doors, switch the IRS off, packs off, emerg light off. 10. ground power off This is the point where I get the fault right before the airplane powers down. 11. stby power off, battery off. There is also an option in the FCOM to work with the APU running untill switching everything off. makes no difference since the fault happens as soon as I switch the gens off (either ground power or APU). then when I power back up The trim air valves stay closed and I get the sys fault on the PACK RST switch. until I press the PACK RST switch.
  6. It's both 1 and 2. I get the fault, then it switches off, then when I turn it back on the fault persists. It resets when I press the PACK RST button.
  7. Nope tried it, still happens. Even when long on external power and the APU switched off. APU completed its shutdown cycle, I was on external power (which means the packs are already switched off automatically), followed the secure procedure, waited a bit then after checking the ECS and everything dissabled the external power and the PACK SYS error light illuminated before shutting off. Then when I apply external power the PACK SYS fault light is on and I have to reset it every time...
  8. I think this is the whole issue... going too fast with the shutdown. Got to be gentle with the queen! I'll try this out, thanks!
  9. Yes to resolve it it's a simple push of the reset button. The point is it's not supposed to happen when I follow the FCOM to the letter. It happens when I just follow the normal procedures after landing all the way to secure and then do the supplementary electrical power down. the other things I described are just things I tried to figure out the problem to my knowledge.
  10. Not an old panel state because the exact same thing happened on a complete reinstall. I mean complete reinstall because I deleted everything, I even had to get additional installs on the key via the support. I'm asking if it is a bug, not implying. any idea what it could be?
  11. So I don't know if this is normal for the 747-8 or if it's a bug.. What happens is when the APU is turned off I get the PACK RST sys fault and I have to reset it every time I do the electrical power-up. I tried a lot of things to narrow down what the problem is but every time it's the same. 1. when I follow the FCOM I get the fault 2. tried turning APU gen 1 or gen 2 off first, i get the fault 3. leaving packs on or off, I get the fault 4. trim air on or off and then apu off, i get the fault. 5. packs off, and just turn the apu off via the dial, I get the fault. (same if i repeat this with packs of and turn the APU gens off one by one) So my default is the cold and dark I made from using the FCOM electrical power down. But I still get the fault even if I load the default panel state from the FMC. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this probably a bug?
  12. I just saw PMDG added new liveries to the Ops Centre and this paint was added as B-LJF. Still also downloaded yours
  13. Oh nice! No doesn't need to be LJA I just like these colors.
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