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  1. Thats great because the injection of AI into the sim around high traffic areas like London, NYC, LA, Chicago, etc are causing the sim to stutter while the sim deletes and adds aircraft in the reality bubble. I love AI but stability would be a great perk if we can get both. Thanks!
  2. Simbol is working on a AI management program like this but its certainly not an easy task so may be a while.
  3. I guess we are always chasing the dragon with hardware lol
  4. My pauses are caused by the injection of AI when nearing heavy traffic areas. And no way around it until they go to a non-bgl traffic file format. i turn Antivirus off during flight sessions.
  5. I'm having the same issue recently. Not sure of the fix but i'll do some digging.
  6. I do too in simulation but I don't have 200 lives to worry about. These guys do. Or the fact if you accidentally cross into one of the no fly zones you'll probably end your career. Veteran AA 738 pilot https://jethead.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/why-you-should-never-fly-into-washington-national-airport/
  7. This is because there are 3 airports within 30-40 min of Washington DC. Dulles does have far less traffic than say BOS or ORD. But it is one of the largest bizjet airport on the east coast outside NYC. Also yes the international traffic is staggered to only certain times of day. Most euro airlines arrive around 4pm timeframe. Emirates and African airlines early in the morning. Also DCA pulls most of the commuter traffic. And so does BWI. It really makes Dulles the non commuter hub which is probably tough for United. Its funny cause pilots hate landing at DCA. It was built for DC-3s. Any kind of heavy wind will make them abort. Largest aircraft to operate there is a Delta 752. Hate to be that guy landing there. I'm sure if you added a 3rd airport north of Chicago the numbers at O'hare would go down.
  8. They've worked on every version. Currently still work in P3D 4.5. Maybe its an addon.xml issue?
  9. REX Texture Direct you could change the water colors, opaqueness, movement, etc. I think far and above the best looking water. Sadly its the one thing i am missing since i have REX SkyForce and Worldwide Airports that cover all the textures that were in REX TD except water. And don't want to reinstall all of REX TD just for water.
  10. So recently tried to do a flight from Belfast to Southanpton with the Majestic Dash 8. And both times on the approach to Southampton I have received the error stated above. The second time i monitored the GPU temps which were fine. Ran Memtest, ran scan disk, etc with no errors. Doing research on here and Google it seems this could be an unstable overclock or CPU heat issue. Thermal paste isn't that old and its Arctic silver. I run the i7-4790K, Nvidia 1070. Also I have done a number of other flights with P3D 4.5 HF1 and in "higher" stress areas like NYC with no problem. I have also ran a number of other games with no issue. I guess I will turn off the Intel Turbo Boost OC option and see if that stabilizes it. And monitor the CPU temps. Will also update GPU driver But has any one else seen this? A member of my VA is experiencing the same issue after P3D 4.5. Hoping this isn't an issue related to the CPU Core issue mentioned in the P3D forums.
  11. I think its more related to what Drumcode mentioned above with .bgl files. I've noticed the more bgls i add the longer the load time. But like he said its the cost of having really nice Commercial, military and Ship AI. I removed my terrain mesh and it no longer hangs on 6%. But people should consider only turning on scenery they are flying in for that session including Orbx.
  12. I'm sure devs will cross that taxiway bridge when they get to it.... in the meantime the update will be just fine for a few years.
  13. Anyone hear if we get a discount if we have the old version?
  14. Sigh, Once again there are infinite combinations of each buyer's hardware that the core program runs on. Then throw in the infinite combinations of addons, freeware, payware etc. Now think to yourself how would make that run smoothly on every single buyers setup. I'll see you in about 1000 years. The key to your question is "our system". I guarantee MY system is different from your system. How the sim runs on MY system is MY responsibility from the first addon I throw on top of the base program. Or how i adjust the sliders. I'm sure at this point you regret asking your question but take a step back and think about if you were on the other side of the development. Same goes for Addon Devs.
  15. I don't think there will ever be a traditional hotfix without uninstalling and reinstalling.
  16. Do you have frozen water checked off? I noticed land (well frozen ice i guess) over lake michigan during winter because i forgot to check or uncheck the frozen water item in Orbx Vector.
  17. Also hard to really compare after you did an OS reinstall and a fresh sim install. Maybe there were background programs running bringing down FPS. Maybe it was just one rogue addon in P3D dragging the FPS. Maybe you had the sliders too far right. Report back in a year and i'm sure the results will not be the same. Also sounds like you bought a new comp. Maybe P3D would run just a smooth on new comp and OS. FPS is a very subjective topic since it has literally infinite variables.
  18. That's cause there is no support from the Dev. We've had to find workarounds to make this work in v4. Isn't this what AVSIM is for. Flight simmers helping each other out to make things work.
  19. Wow a lot of cynical people here. Better question is why don't you trust someone who has spent more time with the product than anyone and is a tester for Aerosoft? I think he knows what he is talking about. As with every issue in FS just because it happens to you or a small amount of people doesn't mean its happening to everyone. For example see that Couatl issue with GSX over Canada. You're also asking someone to recreate an issue with probably a million variables since everyone has different systems, addon combinations, versions, etc. Just relax....
  20. Lol i don't know if you've flown in NA but we have corrupted the "King's English" over the years so we sound like this. Same reason Euro controllers hate that American pilots use "with you at FL320" when entering airspace.
  21. Did it not work great if you installed in the root folder? Installing in root folder worked fine for me and has always performed exeedingly well. But good to know you can do this.
  22. People found that workaround a while back after learning that AS Dublin didn't quite work right in v4. Disabling that cvx file got rid of the issue the ground textures were causing. You lose the ground textures for the airport but we could actually use the airport in v4. I guess we forgot to re-enable it before applying your fix. As many of us who have changed files or modded stuff to make things work, remembering what you did a few years ago might make or break a fix later down the road. But hard to keep track all the little tweaks. lol.
  23. Well Content sometimes affected the GSX UI so GSX might need to run Live Update just to be safe.
  24. yeah what are the usual suspects that need updating: ASP4 FSUIPC PTA
  25. Looks like we probably only need to do Client unless you really do operations with the F-16 or want to adjust your Speed Trees.
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