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  1. Hey! Will FS2Crew for NGXu be updated to work with the newly released PMDG 737NGXu Cargo Expansion package? Would love to see it 😄 Greetings and best wishes, Erik EDIT: It is probably already working as the panel.cfg of the Cargo is "alias=PMDG 737-800NGXu\panel". Going to test it now. Will report back
  2. Good day captains, Since the 1.5 update whenever I speak "Cabin crew arm Slides and crosscheck" the fs2crew software is not pressing the PA button. I have tried to reassign it in the mouse macros, still not working. Should I do right click and then assign that mouse macro? Or do I need to do something else? Greetings Erik
  3. Goodday, Just a FYI post. Majestic Software just released an update to make their Q400 compatible with Prepar3D v5! Not putting any pressure on the team, but eager to see fs2crew updated 😄
  4. Lets give the team some time ;) The weekend has only just started. And as Bryan said:
  5. Goodday, Right now I am pushing back with the NGXu and UGXC version 1.7. It was said the pushback with the NGXu was fixed. But not for me, when the push starts it's going nuts to the left and right. Using newest version, of the NGXu and UGCX. Greetings!
  6. Goodday captains and FS2Crew team, Will the FS2Crew edition for the NGXu be compatible with the (soon to be released) 737-600/-700 expansion pack? Straight out the box or will FS2Crew require an update? Greetings, Erik
  7. The developer did send me another DRM.exe over on reddit. That fixed it for me
  8. SOLVED Posted same on reddit, developer of tomatoshade helped me out. Topic can be closed
  9. Goodday captains, Recently i got an issue with my Dynamic Reflection Maker coming with tomatoshade. As can be seen in the attached screenshot, the ''preview'' window of the DRM stays black/blank. No matter what I do it just stays like that. Things I have tried: Updated tomatoshade Restored Shaders Reinstalled P3D Client (let it repair) Wait half an hour Hoping somone knows what I can do to make it work again!
  10. Goodday captains, Recently I bought the CS 737-200, now I installed the retrofit for the ISG gauges in it. But it is NOT following my LNAV flightplan. As can be seen here https://imgur.com/vtomgMB The heading bug is flickering between the LNAV and the selected heading. I did everything according to the author. Hoping someone knows a fix, Greetings Erik
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