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  1. Sorry for the thread necro, but for the life of me I can't get the FLIR video on the screen in the cockpit of my A-10. I see several of you say that you've got it working in P3Dv4, but I've tried pretty much everything without any luck. So some more pointers would be much appreciated. I'm currently running v4.5, I've also installed VRS Tacpack update and Superbug, after the last P3D hotfix. The FLIR works in the Superbug and Dino's F-35 after the update, so Tacpack itself is definitely working. When I've got the A-10 loaded and in scenario, I can equip weapons and the targeting pod, without any issues. Once flying, I can power up the targeting pod and Mavericks, and if I set the HUD as sensor-of-interest, I can slew the pod boresight que (the little square) around, and ground-stabilize it. I can then choose a Maverick, lase the ground stabilized point, fire the Maverick, and hit the lased target. The FLIR screen shows the A-10 FLIR overlay with the crosshair (once it has timed out properly after power-up), it'll show the MASK X when the pod is masked. I can get the FLIR BHOT/WHOT showing in a new window when I choose "New window/camera", but no matter what I do, the actual cockpit FLIR screen does not show the FLIR image, just a black screen with, as mentioned, the A-10 FLIR overlay. I've tried with 3 different A-10 versions: A-10 Gold, A-10 FSX Tacpack and A-10 P3D. Same results on all,except the last one, that didn't load TacPack at all. I've tried Dutch727's instructions further up the thread, but it didn't work unfortunaately. Once again, I've tried it with all three versions of the A-10. I've tried it with the modifications to the aircraft.cfg and FLIR.XML in the A10-TP.CAB-file that Dutch727 outlined, both in a new A10-TP.CAB-file and in a A10-TP folder with all the files from the .CAB inside; none of it works. I've also verified that the panel.cfg has the Vcockpit04 entry. Just to be clear, I never got this to work in any of the v4.x versions either, or v.3x versions for that matter. Only other info I can give, is that I'm doing an install of the A-10 into the P3Dv4.5 folder structure directly, not copying in from an FSX installation. So....help....! Please 😔
  2. Tried your installation approach as well, but still no dice. I did some flights with the VRS Superbug, and the FLIR works without problems there, so I'm definitely doing something wrong with the A-10. But I can't for the life of me understand what... Quick question though, if you know this: In the .xml mod: <Gauge Name="FLIR" Version="1.0"> <Size X="512" Y="512"/> <Element> <Visible>(C:VRSTP_Util:FLIRShow, bool)</Visible> <Texture Name="VRSTP_FLIR_VIDEO_TEXTURE" Width="512" Height="512"/> </Element> <Mouse> </Mouse> </Gauge> Specifically this part: (C:VRSTP_Util:FLIRShow, bool). What does C : mean here? It's not pointing to something on my C-drive, right? Anyways, thanks for your help so far, even if it didn't work for me here. Any other tips/tricks is very much appreciated, from anyone 🙂
  3. Tested again here, after verifying the items from your last post, but still no dice. On the off-chance that the .CAB-file needed to be .CAB'ed up again after modifying the FLIR.xml, I did that, but still not working. The previous attempts had the A10-TP.CAB extracted as a folder with FLIR.xml inside it (and all the other files, of course), but as mentioned in my previous post, it didn't work either. Vcockpit04 was correct and the old A10-TP.CAB was renamed in both tests. Still no dice, unfortunately. May I ask exactly how you installed the IRIS A-10 on your PC? Did you do it the same way as me, what install option did you use?
  4. Thanks a lot, Dutch727! I really had high hopes for your detailed description, but unfortunately for some reason it doesn't work. Everything is as previously, so no harm done. But I get the same image in the display as previously; ie a black image with the corsshairs. No FLIR image. Flying with the AAQ-28 pod and 2x3 Mavericks, experimental features is enabled and I modified the relevant files, but no dice. I really have no Idea what is wrong here...
  5. Any news or suggestions on the FLIR image? I get the crosshairs, but nor picture from the sensor. Most everything inside the cockpit and on the aircraft seems ok. I can drop bombs and ripple them, haven't gotten a missile to fly off yet but will continue testing. Gun works, but no sound. I started off by installing the v3 (?) version, and it flew as it was supposed to, but couldn't get TacPack to work and get weapons loaded. I installed the FSX + TP version on top of the v3 install, and the TP wepz manager started working. But....still no FLIR/Targeting pod picture, just the crosshairs. Anybody come any further?
  6. Update: After I managed to hose my entire install during my detective work, I re-installed the whole thing again (P3D). This time, the PMDG 737NGX install went without any issues. Except now I've got an issue with activation instead. Anyways, getting good follow-up through the exisiting ticket, so just an FYI here. Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions, and Merry Christmas to all !
  7. I'm not blaming anyone for anything here (except maybe myself, for something I don't know), but I have installed 5 other aircraft today from other developers without any issues with the installers, as well as seeing them work without any issues in P3D. So something has to be different with the PMDG installers, and I have no clue what. So does anyone have any idea what might be causing that difference in the installer response?
  8. Unsure if I'll be getting any further there either, so far it doesn't look good. This really has me completely stumped. I'm even thinking about the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, whether that might have screwed things up. That was actually the last major thing done on my PC, as well as P3D install after that. There wouldn't happen to be anyone in here that are able to read the output from Depency Walker, and understands what to look for? I know of a person that might see any problems, but he works for a different developer, so would be slightly awkward asking him...
  9. I tried downloading again, to try to rule out any corruption, disabling everything in Windows Defender first. Still no joy. I've got a ticket open on this now. I'm pretty sure there is something that is not as it is supposed to be on my computer, but I'm really in the blue as to what that might be. Everything seems to be working well, with the exception of the installer, that is. On the off-chance that the installer has dependencies that might be needed, and that I don't have, I ran the the installer through the Dependency Walker program, and I'm getting a bunch of messages that I don't really understand, but the gist of it was that there was something that was needed, but that couldn't be found. Trouble is, I've got no clue how to read the results...
  10. So, the detective work continues here. Turns out FLEXnet Licensing services was not running. Turning this back on and rebooting, fixed the installer launch for the PMDG 737NGX FSX-installer, and it starts without issues. But unfortunately, still no-go for the P3D installer.
  11. Thanks for suggestion, Ephedrin, but I'm still (incredibly enough) good on SSD space here. Just recently upgraded to a 2 Tb SSD for storage and scenery installation. Hmmm, any chance THAT might be an issue, the fact that I've got the scenery on a different drive, and using those symbolic links for the scenery, both for FSX-SE and P3D? It works perfectly in the simulator, but I'm holding everything as a possibility here now...
  12. Nothing else running now, except Defender. Removed everything and rebooted, so it definitely is all gone now. The thing is, it only seems the PMDG installers are affected, I just installed a few other planes to P3D, without any issues. Never experienced anything like this before. Is there some kind of depency that the PMDG installers have, that might have been messed up somehow, a service needed that might not be running or whatnot?
  13. Thanks for suggestion. I've uninstalled the entire ESET package and removing all leftovers from ESET, then re-downloading the NGX Base Package again and trying to install again, but unfortunately I'm not getting any further. I'm double-clicking on the installer file (or right-click, run as admin even), but nothing happens... I should mention that my previous install of PMDG 737NGX (for FSX-SE) did go without a problem, and installed without issue. Same PC configuration, or at least I thought so, untill I tried to re-run that installer again now. Same symptom, it just won't run. Still as stumped as ever.
  14. Hi gents! So I finally bought P3Dv3 Pro version a couple of weeks ago, and bought PMDG 737NGX Base package today. I'm having one issue though; the installer will not run. The UAC dialogue asking permissions to run the file pops up, but that's it. Nothing happens after that. No dialogue asking for anything, no error messages. It just doesn't start up, without any messages or indications of error...apart from not starting. Thinking it might be the UAC causing problems, I've tried disabling that all together, but still no joy. I've re-downloaded the installer, both with and without any AV/Firewall (I run ESET Smart Security Premium) active, still nothing. I do have PMDG 737NGX Base Package, as well as the 600/700 expansion installed and working on FSX-SE on the same PC, and installing that went flawlessly. P3Dv3 runs flawlessly on its part. PC is running Windows 10 64-bit. So I'm a bit stumped here, I've got absolutely no idea what can be causing this. Can anyone give me some help, or even hints as to what might be going on here? Thanks in advance!
  15. Yeah, it definitely looks that way, with regards to shadow direction. It is VERY apparent in the screenshot below: In the screenshot, the sun is once again behind the camera, so the shadowing is all wrong. Anyways, thanks for your help, Steve, even if it didn't solve my problem ...apart from convincing me to maybe getting my eyes checked in the future...
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