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  1. Is there a way to only scan addon airports when updating the scenery library? I know the MSFS database hasn't changed, but I may have added a few addon airports, and would like them to be included in the database as well, but right now that means scanning everything (and that takes a while...)
  2. Yeah, I've been wondering/worrying about that myself. How would you deal with all the possible "cheating" methods available now (especially if developer mode is enabled)? After all, there are multiple methods now to pause, teleport/slew, refuel, switch planes, and who knows what else... It'll be quite the challenge!
  3. These are the names you can use if you want to do it via the config file: * Pilot_Female_African * Pilot_Female_Arab * Pilot_Female_Asian * Pilot_Female_Casual * Pilot_Female_Hispanic * Pilot_Female_Indian * Pilot_Female_Uniform * Pilot_Female_Uniform_African * Pilot_Female_Uniform_Arab * Pilot_Female_Uniform_Asian * Pilot_Female_Uniform_Hispanic * Pilot_Female_Uniform_Indian * Pilot_Male_African * Pilot_Male_Arab * Pilot_Male_Asian * Pilot_Male_Casual * Pilot_Male_Hispanic * Pilot_Male_Indian * Pilot_Male_Uniform * Pilot_Male_Uniform_African * Pilot_Male_Uniform_Arab * Pilot_Male_Uniform_Asian * Pilot_Male_Uniform_Hispanic * Pilot_Male_Uniform_Indian
  4. Find the following folder in your "Official" content tree: ...\Official\Steam\asobo-simobjects-characters\SimObjects\Humans\Pilot The folders in there that start with ".model" will tell you which (co)pilot types you can use, e.g. "Pilot_Female_Uniform_Asian". You put those strings into either the pilot or copilot line of your plane's aircraft.cfg file. (Or, if you want nobody at all on that seat, just put an empty string there.)
  5. What I don't understand is why people are whining about the bugs on THIS forum. Nobody here can do anything about the issues, so what's the point? Either file a bug report at the appropriate place, or get on with your life. But starting a new thread on every little issue you come across — on a user forum — achieves exactly nothing (other than making you sound like a whiny baby). (Asking for a temporary fix for a problem is a different issue, but that's not what all these threads are about — they're just complaining — to nobody in particular.)
  6. Here's another rather short one... Just released for FS2020: http://kronzky.info/fs/fs2020-gostner
  7. You want a short landing strip? How about this one... ;) I would model it — if only I could find it on a map!
  8. I've just posted an update to the package, with the Dewey Moore strip a bit steeper. (Unfortunately, the rest of that area had to suffer a bit under that modification, but currently we're fairly limited in what kind of terrain manipulations we can do, so that's something we have to live with at the moment.) I was also able to smooth out Simonds a bit, so it should be manageable by now. Plus, there are five new airstrips added, all in the Idaho/Oregon area, for a total of eight: Cache Creek (OR62) Dewey Moore (I99D) Dovel (DOV) Marble Creek (ID8) Mile Hi (I97D) Pittsburg (PIT) Salmon Bar (SAL) Simonds (NA9) Wapshilla (ID50) More details, and download link on my site.
  9. Did you mean it the other way round perhaps? Because in the default version the whole land is flat as a pancake, whereas the whole usable area should be somewhat of a plateay. That's what I fixed in my version: But in that case, I'm not sure which trees you're referring to, that are in the way. The runways seem similar in-game vs. reality: Of course, vegetation changes over time, and Bing & Google took pictures during different seasons, but if you have any resources that'd allow me to make it more accurate, please let me know. I'm currently adding 5 more bush strips from the area, so there will be an update soon anyway.
  10. The download link is on the Youtube page. Or use this one: http://kronzky.info/fs/fs2020-landgauge/
  11. Even though I'm a few weeks late, I just wanted to let you know what a great course this was (even if you fly it offline). Such interesting (and challenging) airstrips! I've always been a fan of bush-flying, so this was right down my alley. And since I liked it so much, I've added the missing two location back into FS2020, so that one can properly use them in a flight plan and GPS, or even start out right at them. I left them as rough as they were — just removed a few trees from the I99D's runway, and added a bit of scenery. https://imgur.com/a/LWNqofP You can download the package from here.
  12. I haven't tried the second one, but if you want to find out what it does, just make it negative, and see if it now pulls to the other side. On the Caravan that value is actually 2.0 (so, ten times what you have), but I don't notice excessive pull on landing (it was just the takeoff that was ridiculous).
  13. This has nothing to do with practice or controllers. It's a plane setting that seems to be put in as a placeholder, to be fine-tuned later on, but they probably never got around to do it. All single-props have the same value in there (+1.0), even though some planes pull less than others IRL. For example, the Caravan I'm normally flying has a tilted engine, in order to counter this pull, and, according to pilot reports, require minimum input for runway pull, but in the configs it has the same values as any other plane, and if I don't do constant corrections I'd end up in the ditch. So, something isn't quite right in the configs...
  14. If you have a hard time keeping your aircraft straight on the runway (or it pulls to the opposite side it's supposed to), adjust the value for engine_wash_on_roll in flight_model.cfg. If its negative the plane will pull to the right, positive will pull to the left, and zero will make it go straight.
  15. Yeah, I find the general negativeness really weird (not just here, but on all the forums). Here you have some of the most incredible software ever created, basically simulating THE WHOLE WORLD, to a level of detail never seen before, and people nitpick about some trees begin out of place! Yeah, sure, there will be bugs. Every software has bug, and the more complex it is, the more bugs there will be. But if I run into something that doesn't work, then I just deal with it — just like I would IRL. Autopilot freaks out? Stay aware when using it; VFR map disappears? Navigate with just a map. There are so many things to do in MSFS, and so many incredible places to discover, that even if half of your aircraft fails, it's still an incredible experience. (I've flown the first version back in the 80s, on an Atari 400, and I can appreciate how far we've come!).
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