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  1. You might want to check this topic. There seem to be different AP issues, but if it's trying to drill you into the ground, reloading the plane might help.
  2. That's a different AP issue... The one we're talking about here is where normally the autopilot works just fine, but once in a while it totally loses its mind, and tries to pivot you into the ground.
  3. Yeah, once the autopilot loses its mind, there's no way (that I have found so far) to reset it — other than reloading the plane. Like I said in the OP, I was working on a generic AP, and tried to manually reset all kinds of internal AP-related parameters, but not only did none of them look suspicious, resetting them didn't have any effect either.
  4. Hey, thanks! That's very good news! I was starting to suspect that it may have been the format, and nearly wanted to write a conversion utility, but I guess now I don't have to anymore... ;)
  5. I'm not 100% sure what's causing the AP to go haywire. It's not that whenever you pause the game that it goes crazy. It seems to have more to do with how long the pause is (as in some situations the airspeed will continue to decrease during a pause, and once it goes to 0, I suspect that's when things go wrong). But it has happened to me when going into dev slew mode, and I suspect (in the right circumstances) that it can also happen in the regular Esc pause. But now, that I have a fix for when it does happens, I don't worry too much anymore about why it happened in the first place... ;)
  6. It seems a lot of people have issues with the autopilot going crazy. I just had a nice, uneventful flight over a few hours, mostly controlled by AP, but noticed that, once I go into Active Pause, that's when it lost its mind. It looks like the problem is not actually caused by the autopilot, but by the plane itself. I was working on a generic AP, so I tried checking and resetting all kinds of parameters, but no no avail. BUT — once I reloaded the plane, all problems went away! So, if you have developer mode turned on, just reload the plane, and everything should be fine again. Sure, if you do that in the air, you might have to do a few quick corrections, but at least you have your AP back!
  7. Whenever I try to import a PLN file that was created by the Skyvector to FSX utility I get an error about invalid lat/long format: I cannot see anything obviously wrong with it, though. Any idea what might be happening there? You can download the whole file from here. (BTW — the same file imports just fine into FS2020.)
  8. Yeah, for normal flying it doesn't really matter all that much. But once you get into bush flying, where a stopping distance of 50' more than planned might mean a crash, you really want to bring your top game when it comes to landings... ;)
  9. If you like to practice your landings (or test your aircraft tweaks), here's a gauge that might help a bit with that: It replaces the mechanical hour counter (which probably nobody cares about anyway), and shows altitude & sink speed during approach, and then, once landed, measures the distance until the plane comes to a full stop, and retains the vertical speed which was achieved at touchdown. Unfortunately, it only works with planes that have that hour counter gauge, but if you're handy with config files, you might be able to replace another unused gauge with it...
  10. When I run it full-screen, the fan stays silent. When I minimize it, the fan starts running. Something weird is going on there...
  11. At the moment, unfortunately not... Some people are working on somehow bringing old gauges back to life, but that might take a while.
  12. They're probably just filtering out spammers. It might take a few days for an admin to get around approving new applications, but it should be worth the wait.
  13. Oh yeah? Even after registering you can't post there? I have to admit, the last time I really used them was in 2013, and I found them quite helpful at that time, but perhaps things have changed since then.
  14. Unfortunately not... The SDK has never been very newbie friendly, and with the rushed release this time it's even worse than normally. You can check some other (more developer-oriented) forums (e.g. FSDeveloper or the official ones), to perhaps pick up some tips, but for now it's mostly trial and error.
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