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  1. That could work. There were somewhere between 15-20 variants of the 707. So no shortage of expansion opportunities. As inefficient as it was by today's standards, the 707 was a complete game changer that really revolutionized how we travel. A great old analog plane. CaptainSim did a pretty nice job with theirs but certainly not to PMDG level. Dream on.
  2. Oh let me see. Their ( PDMG) minds were made up along time ago based matrix and criteria that have little or nothing to do with these wish threads. But its fun to read what posters perceive as logical arguments. And some seem to be logical. But keeping in the spirit of dreaming, my vote goes for the B707- the one that first ushered in the jet age successfully and shrunk the world like never before. Historical significance, plenty. Future, revenue, and good business significance- none.
  3. There are a couple flight tutorials that come with the aircraft that will give you all info you all the information you need on FMC, AP and integration of the two. It takes you through an entire flight.With that, you'll have all you need to get started and complete a flight. From there you'll find plenty on YouTube to start learning more advanced things.
  4. The 727 is my all time favorite AC. I had many 727 RL flights back in the day. Being I don't have x-plane, I only have the CS 727 for FSX. With many mods I'm reasonably happy with it but the FJS version sounds even better. Might have to get X plane if for no other reason. Seems to be a very favorable response to this version.
  5. The 707 did have leading edge devices but because the 727 lacked wing mounted engines, the entire leading edge length could be fitted with leading edge lift devices, thus giving it an advantage over the 707 in lift capability. Plus, it had a triple slotted flap system to further enhance lift along the trailing edge (with no engine interference) again running the entire length of the wing. Very ingenious considering the lineage. The 200 version could haul as many passengers as the 707-300 intercontinental, but of course get into much smaller airports. I think a lot of people forget the significance of the 727 in terms of how it changed and revolutionized modern jet travel. My recollection of the 727 wing design may be inaccurate so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Go for it. I used squawk box as of as couple years ago and never had any issues. A bit of a learning curve but that's what made it fun for me. In short time, like everything it will become very repetitive and very second nature. That's what drove me away from it unfortunately. I always used IFR when on Vatsim. It will keep your think tank full for a while, and at the same time getting very close to RL procedures to satisfy curiosity. Anyway, that's what it did for me. Take the plunge. And, you kind of get to know the controllers after a while. Much fun all around.
  7. +1 on all the above. Also, for those who haven't already, check out Kyle's instructional video's on PMDG products on You tube when you're ready to take to the next level. Excellent delivery and teaching style that really made it for me. Hat's off to you Kyle for maintaining your spirit and enthusiasm in enriching this hobby after all these years. Your consistency and commitment are most commendable, as is your level of expertise. As an added bonus, I find your "tasteful" sarcasm (aka frustration) very entertaining. . Take that as a compliment please. All part of the fun for me.
  8. Hi All, Been away from FS for a couple years and wondering how hardware has evolved. Specifically, what will I need in today's hardware market to meet my needs as I'm itching to get back into FS. So, in the past I ran PMDG 737, some Orbyx Scenery's, FSDT Airports . I always used freeware weather engines which were fine for me and didn't bog my old system down ( FSRealWX). I like world of AI and would like to use it again. I'll stick with FSX for right now but would like to leave my options open to jump into P3D at some point. My old system was very antiquated, even back then. I was running an I-7 870 processor and an AMD 1gb GPU. I still managed to get in the mid- high teen's FPS using the NGX landing at FSDT Airports with 30% AI and some overcast weather.. Throw in Orbyx with all that and It would bog down to an unusable level of course. With the new system it would be nice to run as described and maintain frames in the 20's. Last I checked the 4790k was popular with either the 970 or 980 ti GPU. Z28 MB's seemed to be the flavor of the day. Now I know there is a new generation of processors ( Skylake ) and the 1070 GPU seems to be the latest. I know these new hardware pieces are pricey. Is the new technology worth while investment in running today's add on's? Or does the older Generation still get the job done at less cost? Of course, getting something future proof as future proof can be would be nice. I'm not opposed to spending the big $$ if need be but Iike everyone, I don't like spending money unnecessarily. Any and all comments are welcome. Hope that gives you enough info to my objectives. Thanks much.
  9. Thanks Will and Steve, this is very helpful to hear all of this. Anyone else, love to hear from you as well.
  10. Thanks Will. I did get a Civa INS ( one of the many mods) to work flawlessly in the CS 727 and could fly it with VOR/NDB as well. In your estimation, the CS version has better graphics? As far as the FDE, how would you compare the two?
  11. The 727 is my favorite of all time. I have the CS 727 and installed no less than 12 community mods and got to a fairly decent level. I never did install their latest version. For those who have both, how does this X-plane( latest release) version compare with the CS 727 in terms of FDE, graphics, night lighting and overall realism. Interested to hear any and all opinions. The version in the video above really looks nice. Looking for opinions here, not arguments. thanks
  12. Personally, I feel this model was one that was overlooked by the majority of simmers. With all the mods in place. it's right up there on the upper end of the spectrum, but it took the mods to get it there.So a big thanks to the community for the support on this one. I find the FDE very realistic, as well as systems modeling and graphics. I used it in FSX and it worked great. Just my opinion.
  13. Yes- two good points mentioned above in the two replies. Here's to hoping that once released for FSX as planned, DC-6 sales will soar in hopes that PMDG will release more vintage airliners. If this happens, I hope I'm still among the living to see it.
  14. Interesting to see the contrast in new topics that appear on Avsim between the Dc-6 and T7 a week after release. The T7 flooded the topic of conversation on Avsim for 2 years solid after it's release. Now, a week after the DC-6 was released, hard to find mention of it when you log onto Avsim. Of course, the DC-6 was never meant to be a commercial blockbuster, rather an intro for PMDG into X Plane. But personally, I find the DC-6 much more interesting an thought provoking compared with the T7. But I'm in the minority I know. Speaking of marketing on PMDG's part, as Dire Straights would say," Them guys ain't dumb." They know what sells and what doesn't. So all those who constantly cry out for a PMDG 757 or 767, the interest of the DC-6 ( or lack of) really illustrates these guys know what will turn the wheels of commerce and what won't. I'm glad this experiment turned out to be an AC that really gets me going. Lucky for me.
  15. For anyone who's interested, that Emirates boat was a contender in in the last America's Cup held in San Francisco Bay. I watched it race during the semi finals. Didn't make it into the finals. Oracle's boat eventually won the cup. But, those boats make 50+ knots downwind and 25+ knots going upwind. Unheard of for sailing yachts. Great to see it showed up in FS. And, the animated version as seen here looks just like the real thing. Fun to see.
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