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  1. That could work. There were somewhere between 15-20 variants of the 707. So no shortage of expansion opportunities. As inefficient as it was by today's standards, the 707 was a complete game changer that really revolutionized how we travel. A great old analog plane. CaptainSim did a pretty nice job with theirs but certainly not to PMDG level. Dream on.
  2. Oh let me see. Their ( PDMG) minds were made up along time ago based matrix and criteria that have little or nothing to do with these wish threads. But its fun to read what posters perceive as logical arguments. And some seem to be logical. But keeping in the spirit of dreaming, my vote goes for the B707- the one that first ushered in the jet age successfully and shrunk the world like never before. Historical significance, plenty. Future, revenue, and good business significance- none.
  3. There are a couple flight tutorials that come with the aircraft that will give you all info you all the information you need on FMC, AP and integration of the two. It takes you through an entire flight.With that, you'll have all you need to get started and complete a flight. From there you'll find plenty on YouTube to start learning more advanced things.
  4. The 727 is my all time favorite AC. I had many 727 RL flights back in the day. Being I don't have x-plane, I only have the CS 727 for FSX. With many mods I'm reasonably happy with it but the FJS version sounds even better. Might have to get X plane if for no other reason. Seems to be a very favorable response to this version.
  5. The 707 did have leading edge devices but because the 727 lacked wing mounted engines, the entire leading edge length could be fitted with leading edge lift devices, thus giving it an advantage over the 707 in lift capability. Plus, it had a triple slotted flap system to further enhance lift along the trailing edge (with no engine interference) again running the entire length of the wing. Very ingenious considering the lineage. The 200 version could haul as many passengers as the 707-300 intercontinental, but of course get into much smaller airports. I think a lot of people forget the significance of the 727 in terms of how it changed and revolutionized modern jet travel. My recollection of the 727 wing design may be inaccurate so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Personally, I feel this model was one that was overlooked by the majority of simmers. With all the mods in place. it's right up there on the upper end of the spectrum, but it took the mods to get it there.So a big thanks to the community for the support on this one. I find the FDE very realistic, as well as systems modeling and graphics. I used it in FSX and it worked great. Just my opinion.
  7. I buy FS products based on what I read in the forums from those who's expectations match mine. And with that said, Carenado products don't fit the bill for me. I'm looking for in depth FDE and systems modeling ( with consequences for misuse) first and foremost. Nice graphics help. Would rather not even spend $10 on something I'll never use. But that's just me. To each their own.
  8. First, my heart felt sympathy goes out to all family and those close to Tom. It's a process that only time will heal and allow those to move on. But take that time. It's important. Second, thank you so much Tom for your dedication, hard work, vision, and intelligence in making Avism such an integral part of this hobby. You've enriched all of us here and will continue to do so. I'll be glancing up toward the sky as I sip my morning coffee while reading Avsim. RIP Brian
  9. OK. I'll give the modified values a try. I always try and get as much out of these add on's as I can. But interested in keep it real as well. As always, we all appreciated your efforts in making the Metro a great add on. Best, Brian
  10. Thanks Craig. That solved the issue. Izamm- I followed your instructions to capture the GS with the Bendix. I disabled the "alt arm" button on the alerter. It will now capture the GS but won't maintain it automatically. I must interact to keep the GS indicator at the appropriate place. As always, I capture the GS from below, allowing the indicator to descend, capturing the LOC first. Setting flaps, throttle, airspeed not to disrupt the AP. If someone would care to run a test to see if their getting the same results ( or is it just me) that would be great. Has anyone had any luck getting the KAP 140 to capture and maintain the GS ? I'll try that next if I can't resolve the Bendix issue. This AC has turned out to be one of my most liked add on's. Thanks everyone.
  11. Yes, I will too say thanks so much Izamm for all your work on the HSI. It's really add to AC. Very well down. I'm using the Bendix AP with VS and can't capture the GS when I go in APPR mode. As always, I wait until the LOC is captured and keep the plane below the GS. As the GS indicator begins to come down the center position, the AP defaults to a 1800 ft descend. It won't follow the GS. I must manually keep it on track changing the VS. Perhaps I may have missed a thread to correct this somewhere along the way? Any input is appreciated. Thanks so much. Great job Izamm.
  12. +1 on all the above. Picked it up for $10 as well. Thanks a lot Bjoern for your excellent work in bringing this AC to life. Great visuals, (and now ) systems and FDE as far as I can tell.The VC lighting is really, really nice. Rare do you see such detail and functionality there. I also changed to A/P to the default Cessna, getting rid of the clunker that was there. Question though. I can't make the SAS L and R fail lights extinguish on the annunciator panel. SAS servo is on ( that light is extinguished), both L and R SAS switches located above are on. Pitot and SAS heat are on as well. Also, the stall warning gauge atop the glare shield is always in the red, even when cruising at 200+ Kias. It never moves. Are others having these issue or am I doing something wrong. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this model what it is. Cheers, Brian
  13. For me the engines are a bit loud as well. I simply went to FSX Settings>Sound>Engines and moved the slider to the left a bit. Works just fine. And to an earlier post, I don't have any strobe or beacon on the outside view although they are turned on in the VC. Nav lights are working fine. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  14. With the weathered VC textures and the custom sound package, this is really a well done model. Glad I didn't buy the JF DC-3. Graphically this looks better and based on some of my JF purchases, could modeled better as well. I have the Uiver DC-2 so it didn't take me long to get up and running. The DC-2 didn't have cowl flaps so CHT is a lot more difficult to control than on the DC-3 with is functional cowl flaps. The biggest difference I found between the Uiver DC-2 and this DC-3 ( not to mention the DC-3 is more powerful and is run with higher MAP and RPM) are the taxi and takeoff characteristics . The Uiver Dc-2 requires differential braking and throttle control to taxi. Simply twisting the stick at low taxi speeds does nothing, whereas this model will taxi and turn with a twist of the flight stick. And the DC-2 is much more sensitive to even the slightest cross wind during take off and does require quite a bit of finesse to pull it off. But, I'm certainly not complaining. A big thanks to the developers for making this wonderful model available to the community. As well, really looking forward to the old style panel coming out. Brian-
  15. Frank- I missed the Lockheeds and DC-10. As a child I often flew from Seattle to Missoula, Montana- that was Western airlines Convair 241. Lucky enough to fly on a DC-7 as a youngest just as they were phased out.
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