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  1. Flying in the US recently, mostly in the northern parts that are covered by snow is showing a rather unpleasant effect, which is the darkness of the autogen houses. I tried several combinations of shadow casting but it doesn't change anything really, but actually the worst depiction is when I am (the camera) facing against the sun. With the sun on my back illuminating the houses upfront looks much better. Just for the record, I'm using Orbx addons for both trees and houses/buildings. If only the issue regarding autogen was their exaggerated size... Any ideas on how to make it look better?
  2. I'm still on v4.5 and I use PTA for this adjustment and several others. Is there any valid shaders tool like PTA for v5? If not, any plans on having in the future?
  3. Just for the record, every time I fly the FSL A3xx next time I open P3D the volume is lowered to a random level (my personal preference is to let it at 100%). I complained about it with the developers, but nothing ever changed and I have to manually correct it every time.
  4. I had an old FSX airport scenery installed into my P3Dv4 and recently saw the opportunity to get a newer and more up to date scenery for that certain airport. I managed to remove the old one but still there's something that is not right in that place. It's been many years and I don't remember which files were copied (I remember struggling a bit to make things look better), but the thing is the surrounding area of this airport still has some kind of addon landclass, urban textures and autogen (houses and small buildings which in P3Dv4 look kinda dark, the urban textures are the opposite as they're too bright depending on the sunlight). I tried to find these files without success. I have Orbx landclass for that region installed, but apparently this unknown landclass has a higher priority and still shows. Is there any tool or something that shows what files are being used for a certain location in the simulator? Thanks in advance!
  5. And then one more time. Images are blank, can't select clouds (and skies, etc) based on their appearance because I can't see how they look like. Any known cause (and solution) for this???
  6. No, it's a different thing. Scenery starts reloading during flight and when I go see it, the LOD Radius setting had been changed "alone".
  7. Apart from that everything seems really good, as usual. That I can recall only a few scenery addons were installed and some airplane addons were updated as well, such as PMDG and FSL, occasionally I update AIGAIM too. Thanks for the information!
  8. But I'm using v4.5 (HF2), which isn't prone to VRAM issues, isn't it? I use a 1080 TI, which has 11 GB of VRAM, which isn't the worst either... Considering that I can only think of a memory leak or something alike.
  9. Well, in this case LOD Radius clearly IS being changed "on the fly", I mean, there is something, an addon maybe, that is changing it and whenever the slider is not on the far right I start seeing this annoying "loading scenery" thing during the flight. I tried several times re-adjusting it to the correct setting (far right/extreme) either by reselecting my saved Profile or adjusting the slider itself (which will turn to be the same thing), but then, minutes later, it starts all over again. This is something that started a few days ago, I've been using the simulator for years with no issues in this regard, whatsoever.
  10. Not applicable in this case. I've always used Level of Detail Radius at the far right setting, which will never "make it fall behind" in any condition I have flown anywhere in the world. The problem is that something (?) is in fact changing the Level of Detail Radius setting and reducing it. Once that happens I understand the simulator "falls behind" the allocated memory or something and starts to load the scenery every few minutes. So I need to find what is changing this setting against my will in the first place.
  11. P3D v4.5 HF2, flying the FSL A320 (latest update) I've been experiencing something quite annoying, which is the loading of terrain and everything every few minutes. It is quite clear to me that some addon is changing the Level of Detail Radius setting within my own Profile (so that my Profile name changes to Custom when I get there to check it). Any ideas on how to fix this, or to prevent my Profile from being changed by God knows what? Thank you!
  12. Thanks folks, I was using the original scenery files and now I'm gonna update it. As a matter of fact I occasionally see traffic conflicts on the ground, the other day there was an A340 seated at the threshold pointed to the other direction and stayed all day long, some taxiways they appear to stuck as well.
  13. Hello, I'm seeing multiple airplanes stopping at the same gate position, today I was able to see 3 aircraft parked at the same gate (they get overlapped over themselves). Searched for duplicated AFCAD but found nothing relevant. I've opened a ticket within them, but does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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