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  1. Wanthuyr Filho

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    What is the point on restoring the original shaders since when you install the new v4.3 client it should overwrite it anyway? Does it happen to PTA as well?
  2. Wanthuyr Filho

    4.3 Scenery Update

    Previous experiences tell me that Global, Vector, Trees and Landclasses must be reinstalled. As to the Regions I think they're safe.
  3. Wanthuyr Filho

    Clouds directional lighting

    After many extensive flight hours I noticed that the bright parts of the clouds are usually in the lower part and not quite in the direction of the sunlight rays, i.e., it seems to be somewhat misaligned. Can it be fixed?
  4. Wanthuyr Filho

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    I confirm there's something out of order in this regard with the B77W which wasn't there before, it just happened to me today. I've been using the Triple Seven since the FSX days and never noticed this before. Then recently after several months away from the plane I returned to it noticed a few glitches that weren't present before.
  5. Wanthuyr Filho

    CTDs and Not Respondings

    Hello, Recently I went back to flying the 77W in my P3D v4.2 installation after several months flying other big birds without issues, but I've been somewhat unsuccessful. Occasionally P3D will just CTD, no messages, no Event Viewer entries, but also occasionally P3D will just hang ("this application stopped responding blá blá blá) and force a close. Is there any information to try to mitigate this? Thanks!
  6. Wanthuyr Filho


    Not only the track is subpar at times, but also the magenta line drawing occasionally has glitches.
  7. Wanthuyr Filho

    API.DLL (but not exactly CTD)

    Alright, I went to vacations in the meantime, travelled and thus stopped flying for a while, this week I returned and got back to my beloved P3D, updated quite a few things, not to mention the Win10 updates (it's impressive how many things change in only 2 weeks) and...never noticed that error anymore! 🙂
  8. Wanthuyr Filho

    Majestic Dash Motion Effects

    No matter what settings I make it seems that during turbulence only heave movements (vertical axis) are strong, I mostly don't get sway and surge movements.
  9. Wanthuyr Filho

    API.DLL (but not exactly CTD)

    I will make some researches, but sincerely I think the OC is stable for a long time now. Later on I managed to overclock the cache (seemed to have found an stable number as well) and more recently I've been battling with the 1080TI overclock (both GPU and memory), which is giving much more of a trouble, but only when the room is worm. These errors are pretty new to my rig, that's mainly why I think it doesn't relate to the OC, but it might well relate to something I've installed, and I've been installing many things lately, lot's of sceneries and also updating things I already had to their latest version. Oddly right now I installed yet another scenery, tested it and closed the simulator, no error pointed out in the Event Viewer. I will keep watching... Thanks again!
  10. I've been using P3D v4.2 normally in the last few days, occasionally only a crash here and there on GSX when trying to customize some parking locations, but other than that nothing that I can notice really. Today I went to Event Viewer in order to check what it would have caught and surprisingly I noticed several P3D errors, apparently one for each time I closed the simulator: Event ID 1000 ***API.DLL*** Again, the simulator always seemed to close normally, as well as AS4 and ChasePlane (which both I close afterwards). Anyone knows what's going on here? Thanks in advance.
  11. Wanthuyr Filho

    P3DV4 no Tweaks? maybe not..

    Could someone please enlighten this subject in regard to the most up to date version of P3D? I checked my .CFG and it only shows shadow options related to "opaque" and "translucent". It makes me think that all other options found previously are now deprecated, is it true? Now, considering performance (especially video card bound) has anyone found the sweet spot (or at least what not to do)? Thanks for any clarification in this regard.
  12. Wanthuyr Filho

    Moon size still too large

    And the moon as well, the ones included on SkyForce, at least on my rig. That's why I had to search something else.
  13. Wanthuyr Filho

    Moon size still too large

    Both true, v4.2 user and the .CFG from the ProgramData Might well be the case, since I use HDR and it seems to make no difference whatsoever. But I managed to correct this situation by changing the moon texture and by editing the associated corona and flare stuff to the sun, now both are much more natural looking. Thanks!
  14. Wanthuyr Filho

    Moon size still too large

    Hello ALL, I just can't make the moon smaller, I changed the .CFG extensively (up to 2 digit numbers) and it still appears enormous in the sky. The same for the sun, but the sun I understand there's a flare factor and all, but the moon size really bothers me and I can't find a way to make it smaller. I have a 55 inches screen @ 4k resolution and I use the 0.7 zoom factor inside the virtual cockpit and 1.0 (or whatever ChasePlane makes it default) outside view. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  15. Wanthuyr Filho

    Having problems with 5-10 second freezes

    I have these long freezes everytime I'm nearing an addon airport. When I'm flying the A320 sometimes it will even disconnect the AP when the freeze ceases.