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  1. How can I delete these addon custom cameras so that F12 reverts to the original/default Top Down view?
  2. Agreed. I updated all 3 modules, reinstalled Orbx global (although it freezed in the end) and also decided to use full v4.4 shaders (not using Water modifications until it's fixed) and everything looks beautiful. Except for the water which is to dark surrounding the aircraft. I only had to rework the clouds lightness because it was way too dark when I first migrated my preset from v4.3 to v4.4 Even so still thinking about trying Tomato, anyone knows if it has the Water thing working fine? Also, does it have the post-processing part like PTA does?
  3. You mean default grass textures? Like the one surrounding the default sceneries runways? I just loaded P3D after the update a few moments back, I applied my previous PTA preset as is, with no Water modification (but I did past my previous GPUTerrain.fx as discussed above, but I loaded a previously saved flight in the KBOS area which is showing pretty much snowed already. I haven't noticed any difference regarding the lightning/color/etc of the ground textures (land, water, objects, etc), but the clouds are certainly crappy, as they're much darker than were before. Now I'm gonna try the original GPUTerrain.fx with no modifications to see what the appearance will be like.
  4. Thanks for the follow up! I will replace the GPUTerrain.fx with the previous one, which I have on backup.
  5. Water issue corrected yet? Please keep us informed. Thanks.
  6. I apologise, but haven't seen anything to be changed. You tell that 2 lines have to changed, yet you mention 5 things that have to be searched but you don't tell what has to be changed.
  7. In my opinion they have to set up a way to validate the new install should this be the case. I understand it's the user's responsibility to keep the installation program in a safe place, but having to pay again due to a registration/validation system that is not working (and it's no the user's fault either) is definitely not right.
  8. Wanthuyr Filho

    8GB of RAM Does that mean 8GB of VAS?

    Because it doesn't look right saying that 8 GB is enough having hundreds and hundreds of swap gigabytes available. Even less might be in this case, but to what performance compromise?
  9. Wanthuyr Filho

    8GB of RAM Does that mean 8GB of VAS?

    It works fine here since my PC is only for Flight Simulation.
  10. Wanthuyr Filho

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    They also lack developing updates of their great sceneries, many of them unfortunately are stuck at the FSX world.
  11. Wanthuyr Filho

    8GB of RAM Does that mean 8GB of VAS?

    (1) To know the real usage (2) Because I have enough physical - 32 GB 🙂
  12. Wanthuyr Filho

    Monitor shopping. Help me out friends!

    I moved from 27 @ Full HD to a 55 curved @ 4k which gives me roughly the same pixel size, but 4 times more area. It sits the same distance, the same 3 feet you told and I consider it perfect. It's not close enough to sense the individual pixels and the aircraft pane gets pretty much the same size as the real counterpart. Considering I sit in the center of it the fact of being curved is a plus. I'm really pleased.
  13. Fortunately I have a backup of all installation files, and I wouldn't agree paying again anyway. If I ever had to reinstall and had problems regarding the activation (which I don't remember how it works in their case) I would probably switch to another brand or even a freeware option.
  14. Wanthuyr Filho

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    Each one will have their strengths and weaknesses, I currently use DD but I think it's pretty "meh", especially at night. T2G on the other hand does not integrate very well with DD and Orbx, despite the efforts. I also don't like their support.
  15. Wanthuyr Filho

    8GB of RAM Does that mean 8GB of VAS?

    Talking about Physical Memory, alright, but what about the Virtual Memory? It says more than 13 GB are used, so I'm not sure what would happen if you totally disable the virtual memory and rely only on physical RAM.