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  1. Unless Orbx updates their products to the new standard, apparently leaving the default ones is the best option.
  2. I don't care it's phased out or not, what really matters is that it's a quality addon.
  3. What's the difference between Studio and Game drivers? Just installed the latest, Game type. Now gonna make an airliner flight to see what happens. I haven't touched NCP nor selected to clean it, as it has some customised options.
  4. Modified shaders definitely can cause this, together (or not) with those internal brightness P3D settings, and also that parameter that can be added to the .INI file in order to make night brightness more alight or more dark.
  5. This is pretty much what prevents me from upgrading. My v4.5 HF2 is so very stable nowadays, full of addons, and mainly with textures and visuals highly customised including via PTA (which AFAIK doesn't exist for v5). In summary I'm quite concerned about upgrading, have A LOT of work reinstalling mostly everything and then come into conclusion that I didn't like the final result, not to mention the possibility of being "chosen" to have all these reported glitches here and there. I'm still not using FS2020 either (mainly due to the lack of more complex jetliners, AI traffic, etc), and I really have no idea if one day I'm going to upgrade to v5 before moving completely to FS2020.
  6. These are great tools, thank you! Whenever flying at cruise level and another plane passes nearby it acts erratically, like it zigzags up and down in an abrupt manner. Even the contrails are drawn erratically too. Is it possible to fix this behaviour?
  7. Anyone seeing issues when the AI traffic comes to park in a position next to yours and just stops before the correct position? Apparently it keeps waiting for you to leave the gate so that they can finish the taxi and park, they even keep anti collision lights on, but that just shouldn't happen, since the positions are independent one another. Is there a fix for this behaviour? Also I never see surface commands check within AIG AIM traffic, as stated in the readme. BTW, I use both tools together.
  8. Just to update you guys, my PSU really seemed to be faulty. I used a quite nice software for hardware stress tests I've got from the Internet, at first I've discovered that my overclock was not super steady, I had to make a few adjustments (when I suspected it was the source of the issue), but even then things continued to happen (the power downs). Then I learnt that this stress test software also could stress the PSU, which within seconds or minutes at most ended up raising the issue. So I've exchanged the PSU with another one (same brand/model) that I had in another PC (which was not being used anyway due to a defective MoBo) and alas... Never happened again, not on P3D nor on the stress test software.
  9. Thanks guys, I managed to fix the issues here, apparently I was using the wrong version of a few specific sceneries. I did a complete uninstall/reinstall and now everything is showing OK.
  10. Actually I'm using P3Dv4.5, have two addon airports that are presenting "duplicated everything" despite each addon is very much above the default ones in the scenery library. Quite strange behaviour, since the addon sceneries normally have their techniques in order to exclude the default objects for that area. @Davi Vega Yes, I tried loading stock data and then I go to List and from there I choose each type of objects in the lists, select all of them and then I delete them all. After that I compile the .BGL and put on the library, but I see no difference (I see duplicated stuff and elevation issues). When I only try to delete the corresponding .BGL in the \SCENERY\0303\APXxxxxxxxx.BGL, for example, then everything seems to work fine, the addon scenery looks beautiful, the elevation is correct, but when I try to taxi over the appron or runway pavement it's like the plane is over gravel or unpaved surfaces, behaving erratically.
  11. Didn't work for me, no changes whatsoever. I loaded the default airport, deleted all possible objects and in addition, created an exclusion rectangle. Compiled and then moved the file to SCENERY\WORLD\SCENERY (or even the original directory), but no difference.
  12. Hello everyone and thanks for all the ideas on how to diagnose and solve this power off issue. Apparently the PSU is not the issue here, instead, a bad overclock/UEFI settings I suspect was the culprit. I'm still doing tests, but so far it stopped occurring. Most probably the last time I've updated BIOS/UEFI I forgot to change a few parameters and a new stress test software showed me things were not right, the parameters were basically related to AVX OFFSET and RING/CACHE RATIO. I know P3D has its own computational characteristics which will stress the system in specific areas, unlike the stress test softwares out there on the market, and I try to make adjustments taking this into account. Occasionally the Event Viewer also helped me finding out when something was still in need of adjustments, for example when I lowered VCORE down to a certain level AND the room temperature was higher than usual, WHEA error(s) used to show up (but didn't have a direct relationship with the power off issue I described at first). Anyone else had this kind of experience?
  13. I've never had a modular PSU, do they come with their own set of cables that I should use?
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