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  1. Is FSUIPC registration necessary for assigning and calibrating a steering wheel/tiller hardware controller?
  2. What about the DIRT parameter, anyone has noticed any difference whatsoever?
  3. Isn't the 70 setting the most natural one, i.e., closer to zoom=1? Did anyone find a way to make a value other than 50 the default one?
  4. As for the pagefile, it's a theoretical "thing". In practice I've learnt that P3Dv4 had OOM at least once when I used to have the pagefile disabled, even though the rig had 32 GB of RAM. Not to mention Windows memory management is a strange thing, sometimes it seems to go to the pagefile even if there's plenty of RAM free space, anyway, I just leave it on. As for the rolling cache I've been for months having it disabled, but I've regularly been seeing strange autogen behaviour during final approach, and talking to a friend of mine he suggested that I try the rolling cache, so a few days back I turned it on again and will observe for the next weeks.
  5. Is it possible to connect the GSX provided GPU to the 737 PMDG?
  6. I haven't tried the A320 yet, but should be the norm to make good smooth landings, most RL landings are pretty smooth, and that doesn't mean floating. Used to fly the FSLabs A320 on P3Dv4.5 for years in a row and I consider the latest version quite precise in this regard. Earlier versions had a kind of delay on the controls which used to make things complicated. As for the 737, I've been flying the -800SFP lately and I feel like it has an excess of lift on short final. If one comes Vref+5 it's likely to float if one wants to make a smooth landing, even if cut the throttles earlier. Also I miss this heavy nose feeling on the 737 as the throttles come to idle, opposed to RL.
  7. This is interesting because many of us were already able to use DLSS even with older drivers.
  8. Now that is strange. I have no idea what might be preventing it from showing up, sorry.
  9. You know it should be on the AA setting, right? And you've updated the simulator successfully?
  10. Alright, I've set it to 200 and will see the difference on next flight. I am at native 4k too (55" screen). Thanks.
  11. By increasing sharpness you mean that AMD setting (all the way to 200)? Thanks.
  12. I don't know if this is really the case, but DX12 for me (3080 Ti) causes the airport pavement textures to fail and not draw (patches of it).
  13. 4k screen users should opt for which technology? I've selected DLSS and get these blurries on B-737 display units (where digits change rapidly for example). Selecting any other modes would make FPS worse?
  14. Is it possible to make it behave like it does in P3D? The main complaint is that it vanishes and prevents me from keep clicking the CDU buttons, for instance. So that I have to move it slightly, it will reappear and only then I may continue clicking. P3D if memory serves me right it keeps showing as long as one keeps clicking or moving it. Also, is it possible to diminish the size of the pointer and/or make it look like the "normal" Windows pointer? Thanks in advance!
  15. I agree the "shake" visuals are lacking especially for ground roll and touchdown, it's not realistic enough. With addons such as ChasePlane one could fine tune the settings to make it so real.
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