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  1. Wanthuyr Filho

    AI Traffic/ General Performance

    Do you have to assign aircraft, flightplans, all these things by yourself? This is so much time consuming, isn't it? Is there a pre-made package available?
  2. Wanthuyr Filho

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    You can try 24, some people fly as low as 20 an consider it smooth enough. But you may find the mouse pointer quite sluggish though.
  3. Wanthuyr Filho

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    Even tried setting refresh rate to 30 Hz and setting internal VSync to ON (+ triple buffering) and FPS unlimited?
  4. Wanthuyr Filho

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    True, but from my experience and from what I've read around it still causes micro stutters (there's a technical explanation on this in the posts). This is the reason why I chose to set an FPS limitation via NVI to 30, but still locking internally to 40, so that I can take advantage of the CPU directing a bunch of its horsepower to drawing the scenery
  5. Wanthuyr Filho

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    60 Hz
  6. Wanthuyr Filho

    AI Traffic/ General Performance

    Something that worked nicely for me is the AI limitation imposed by FSUIPC in terms of absolute numbers. Even figures as low as 50 aircraft nearby suffices to give a good immersion IMO.
  7. Wanthuyr Filho

    What SCENERY are you still waiting for (P3dv4.3)?

    KMCO, KLAS, KPDX, KATL, more Canadian airports, major South American airports, I think it would be enough to make me happy for quite a while.
  8. Wanthuyr Filho

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    Please take a look at my post titled Locked Frame Rate. I managed to get a smooth simulation by limiting the FPS to 30 via NVidia Inspector. The internal FPS locker I set to 40 FPS (which will never be achieved because 30 comes first) due to scenery completeness reasons. You should try I'd say. The screen refresh rate is another approach that gives an as good result as well - but - your mousepointer will be sluggish which may bother you like it bothered me a lot.
  9. Wanthuyr Filho

    Locking Frame Rate

    In response to Dirk (the original has been locked): " Didn't you mention: ? No matter what you set elsewhere (NVI or others) soon as you lock internal P3D's FPS to a certain number, you should expect that your system, if set @ unlimited FPS, can cope OK with double that number. You can set to unlimited first, fly and see what the counter shows. I.e. if you see circa 40-50 FPS around an airport @ unlimited fps in P3D, there's a good chance your system will struggle badly in the same areas with fps set to 40 in P3D. Capisce? )) However if you see your own settings work good for you, just disregard all this balderdash and go fly. Dirk. " Not quite that, please notice that item number 1) written by me is: ***Set NVI limited to 30 FPS*** This way I will never reach 40 FPS since 30 comes first, and NVI will limit the overal frame rate to circa 30. I can tell you the rig can keep 30 FPS most of the time (even being 4k), except when the weather has some cloud combinations and/or the scenery is heavy and/or not quite optimised to P3D v4. To sum it up, it seems to me that unlimited will try to offload the CPU and thus cause "scenery completeness" issues, such as lack of autogen or delayed autogen, whilst 30 FPS will cause some moderate micro stuttering. 40 FPS in my perception will give a good balance between these disadvantages.
  10. Wanthuyr Filho

    Locking Frame Rate

    It doesn't give 80 FPS no way, maybe during cruise yes, but normally far from that. In any event I don't need 80 FPS, I need 30 (limited by NVI, remember?) and even when it doesn't cope with that (clouds, heavy airport, etc) it's still pretty smooth unless it falls down to single digits.
  11. Wanthuyr Filho

    Locking Frame Rate

    What if one creates a .EXE that calls a batch? Or make all the needed calls inside the program.EXE itself, hmmmm... I'm not (yet) messing with these things, but one setting that seems to be working great here is: 1) Set NVI to limit at 30 FPS 2) Set internal P3D v4.3 lock at 40 FPS This way apparently I'm combining the smoothness of NVI FPS limitation together with good anticipation of textures and autogen loading but still not falling into that "mid-frames" thing which cause microstutters. I was using previously NVI 30 + unlimited inside, albeit I never saw blurries (not with the 8700K 5 but yes with the 4770K 4.5) I was having some moderate delays loading the autogen.
  12. Wanthuyr Filho

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I just landed at KCLT coming from KBWI, no blurries since the origin of the flight wasn't a FSDT airport nor had a so called GSX Jetway (I didn't buy GSX Level 2 and I restored the so called original jetways). I used the boarding and pushback features of GSX though, together with GSX marshalling at arrival. Now, even though I haven't seen blurries I noticed some delay in loading some textures at KCLT, notably the baggage vehicles. I was never that bad before. EDIT: I'm totally empty of jetways now on the FSDT airports, which previously at least had CTRL+J jetways, now they're completely static. FSDT could make us a favour and separate GSX v1 and Level 2, so that the ones satisfied with version one could operate peacefully, unchanged.
  13. Wanthuyr Filho

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Did you, thereafter, try to depart from KSDF or KMEM and check if the blurries will appear after, say, 30 minutes?
  14. Wanthuyr Filho

    Locking Frame Rate

    This is what I understood from a former post of yours, which says: " Another mis-conception of how the operating system works. There's no favoured core and Windows uses cores that are less used. " That made me think that Windows would assign the less used core, thus balancing the whole stuff.
  15. Wanthuyr Filho

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I recall having blurries into the flight (several minutes after departure) when departing from KMEM and KSDF. The first time I noticed it I can't recall where I departed from, it was night time and I noticed some "blurry lights" away and when I approached KMIA at dawn and I really could see the terrain it was totally "molten".