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  1. Not a HF3 thing because I haven't update to HF3 (for the first time I've found no positive aspects in doing so) and yet I had this .DLL, which was causing errors every time I exited the simulator. Today it got worse and CTDed when I was still simulating (fortunately after landing and shut down). I just removed the directory from AddOns, let's see what happens next time when I use the simulator.
  2. Does it worth updating from HF2? Considering one that does NOT use VR nor the military vehicles, etc. Thanks!
  3. That's what I did by then. But since v4 came out this solution never worked again.
  4. Never seen LM rushing like that. And I don't think it's FS2020 related, since this one is probably so far from release, yet. Also the target market for P3D are the military and professional training, not us.
  5. That's what I did when v4 came out. Just trying to confirm the same behaviour happens to v5. Thanks again. 🙂
  6. Does the Academic edition show a "watermark" in the screen? Is it possible to remove it? Thanks.
  7. Agree. Nothing seems to make a real difference.
  8. If you use only AIM OCI it sets up the sounds automatically with the traffic. Yet it's not perfect the results are pretty decent!
  9. Aww, really?! I reinstalled it VERY recently due to the new version that was launched! It worked fine after the installation of the new version, and now, some days later, it's just bad. There must be something causing this.
  10. Just opened the app to change some textures and nothing is showing up, it's just blank. Anyone knows what causes this? Thanks.
  11. Me too, but there's this inconvenience of having pretty much always high altitude cumulus clouds. They're never again closer to the ground, after installing Sky Force (I don't have Environment Force). Doesn't it happen to you?
  12. Same for me and it definitely looks like it's Sky Force's fault (I also use Active Sky as the weather engine), because before installing Sky Force I never had this issue of "always high" cloud layers. I'm also seeking for a solution, still.
  13. Since there is an error while trying to uninstall the older version (Invalid uninstall control file: D:\P3D\MKEIDW\mkeidw.xml) I cannot proceed with installing the newer version. Anyone know a solution for this? I tried to login at their support ticket system but it's not working. Thanks!
  14. Is it really possible? Are we talking about the same breed of stutters? I understand that FPS can be maintained up to a limit provided the hardware capability together with scalability of graphic settings (the lower the setting the higher the FPS in general terms), but stuttering to me seems to be mostly always present no matter what. The only time I used to see no stuttering (mostly) was when my simulator was FSX running at a 60 Hz screen with VSync set at Half Refresh Rate via NVI... But FSX was a real full screen application, fortunately. I was never able to replicate this to P3D since then...
  15. No sir, read again please. I never mentioned New Flight. P3D since the latest releases started showing the setup screen when you load a scenario. There you have the opportunity to change the date and time (or other parameters as well).
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