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  1. Certainly a few great comments here by those with experience and who have their heads on straight! Having been through every flight sim release since circa 1980, I will remind everyone that most every simulator release brings some wonderful improvements however it always takes a while for the sim to mature and for third party developers to catch up. This has always been the case. For my part, I'm an airline guy who immensely enjoys sharing the flight deck with another human whether that is to train them, learn from them, or everything in between. I also do not enjoy flying offline especially with AI ATC - it will always be very unrealistic and doesn't have the human element so it's just not for me. I'm strictly a realism based network guy and I always will be. The greatest thing about shared cockpit is that we can teach someone the aircraft and/or how to fly online at least 10 times faster than they can on their own and if we get a new guy in a large online event and 90% of them are inescapably hooked! For those who haven't been able to do this, there's a damned good reason they get hooked - it's an awesome experience, one that too many of you have never tried. So for the disillusioned... it's time to think realistically and understand that the new sim is quite wonderful but as I said it's going to take time to mature and like all past leaps forward the addon developers will help turn it into something even more diversified. As always, I leave you with my very best wishes. For those who care, I'll have more to say in about a week. Stay frosty!
  2. Works just fine for me. Try the Boarding, Ready to Taxi, or Ready for Takeoff state and see if that makes a difference. Best wishes.
  3. I don't remember, I just used to sliide it until it works. But out of the manual: A higher setting will result in more light being filtered out. If TrackIR is used in areas with bright or harsh lighting, the slider may need to be set to a higher value to filter out unwanted reflections caused by these lights. Increasing light filtering too high may reduce tracking precision.
  4. Well Steve, I think it's a great call. I hope I don't have to point out that neither aircraft is part of my company's work. The Majestic Dash 8 Q400 and Leonardo MaddogX are the two best aircraft ever developed for desktop flight simulation, however overall it's incredibly difficult to place one ahead of the other if for no other reason than they are two radically different aircraft types. One might eek out the other in any given category but then the other will do the same in a different category. I've spent an enormous amount of time with both products and in testing I've taken a harder look than most people would and I just could not rank one above the other, nor would I want to be without either aircraft in my line up. Best wishes!
  5. Well, just chiming in here.... YES! HECK YES! YOU BETCHA!!! I'm biased as I worked the project from Alpha throughout Beta and through release,but that doesn't change the fact that it's absolutely impressive in every category! If you jump, jump directly to the Pro version. It's the best deal and you won't be sorry!
  6. Certainly a lot of personal preference and desk area availibility comes into play... I bought a 55 inch 4K, but I tell you what... it's just too big and I have to stand to see some of the in-sim text that gets generated and the top of the screen is just too high for me while seated. All things considered, I personally believe 43 inch monitor is perfect and I tested that theory a while back and absolutely preferred the 43 inch monitor. Best wishes!
  7. Actually, I don't think that is accurate, but let's let Rob chime in.
  8. Rob_Ainscough is the most knowledgeable source of this type of info that I know, so I would defer to him in this area. I'd send him a Private Message but in the message ask him to reply here in this thread... as I'm sure a lot of other people have the same quest ion. Best wishes!
  9. Hmm, I think I might have seen you there as well! LOL!
  10. That's a very good call David! But since his sound is initially working (working at the start of each session) and then dies off about 30 minutes later I don't believe that would be the exclusivity setting. Still, a very good recommendation to try! Rick, I was thinking about this more last night, and there are two other things that come to mind. 1. Check and ensure that "Do Nothing" is selected in the Windows-Sound-Communications Tab. 2. Whether you are running a Sound Card (external or PCI) or simply using the sound chip on the motherboard, there could be a micro-fracture which expands when the device heats up during use. There are a few ways to test and if necessary correct this. a. Does all sound stop? If "yes", proceed to "b". If "no" then this is almost certainly a software and configuration related issue, though this is unlikely since sound works normally b. If all sound stops, open the Windows Sound-Playback tab, find the P3D output device you have selected in P3D and see if the bars turn green and fluctuate when sound is generated by P3D. This will confirm that P3D is indeed sending the audio signals even though they aren't being heard. If nothing else, the above should help you determine if this is a hardware issue. If this is a hardware issue (a likely micro-fracture) on the motherboard then you can try adding an external or PCI based sound card (in other words, you won't have to replace your motherboard). You can also do this merely as a test and if you do so then I recommend making a backup of your system disk before engaging in the test (if adding a sound card doesn't result in a change/improvement then you can always return it). Creating a restore point may be all you need to do to ensure you can return your system back to the previous state after trying a Sound Card however I'm not familiar with hardware and software for each type of sound card so I recommend going the extra mile here and either backup (image or clone) your system disk before trying a sound card. My favorite freeware for creating an image or clone is the free edition of Macrium Reflect. I hope this is helpful to you Rick!
  11. I have to say this is a good one Rick, one none of us are likely to come across again anytime soon.
  12. Well, after I'm free and clear of the NDA (post release), you are welcome to stop by and see MSFS (I still have and will continue to have P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 installed and running. Here in 1.5 weeks I'll have the new Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant, so you'd be able to experience MSFS, Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle Quadrant around the 18th.
  13. I hear you there Sam. I've been with Cox since moving back to the area, but I knew ahead of time that I'd need the high speed due to flight sim work and my company being in Germany. Paid off when I was doing research on Virtual Machines around the world running P3D. But it also isn't cheap.
  14. Absolutely! My comment wasn't directed at you, just a general comment. Wish Natural Point would have include a settings/profile export function. Best wishes!
  15. Though I pretty much use a default settings, it's possible to share Profiles should you wish to. The TrackIR profile folder is located at: AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5 (or TrackIR 4). Simply copy from/to that folder. Best wishes everyone.
  16. The only way to roll! In fact, I finally got tired of the heat generated from wearing a full, over the ear headset for hours on end and went to one of those $11 - $19 USD behind the neck headsets and I used velcro to attach my ProClip to it. It's fantastic - super light weight, super comfortable, no heat during long flights. Since I use a 55 inch 4K monitor (along with three 23 inch 1080p monitors) and there is no way to place the TrackIR camera on the top of the 55 inch, I used velcro to attach the TrackIR camera to the bottom - works fantastic. I had originally tried using a thin piece of wood to mount the camera but hated that.
  17. Absolutely one of my favorite places to fly in the sim, especially on VATSIM. Actually, I've spent some significant time flying over the GIUK Gap during the winter (500ish to 28,000 feet) and even made a landing in Iceland in a storm conditions at night... I know it well! I'm currently airliner flying with some wonderful guys from the UK, Denmark and Holland - just some great guys and we fly a LOT of shared cockpit in P3Dv4 and v5. Do let me know if you'd like to join in! Thanks for an excellent chat!
  18. Wonderful questions! No matter what the aircraft, I will absolutely switch it off during different phases of flight, especially at cruise or if I have to do some operate many different systems. To accomplish this on the fly (instantly) I have the following setup: F1 key (always easy to find without looking) is bound to Pause TrackIR. F2 key is bound to Reset TrackIR F3 key is bound to place the TrackIR in the Precision mode, which I use most often. One could just as easily bind these settings to pushbuttons on a controller, but I have those already used up. I hope this helps!
  19. I wish you'd have mentioned that before brother, I have a solution for you (well, a different one if you chose not to fly in the dungeon). Glasses with an anti-reflective coating, though my present glasses do not have the AR coating and I'm still not having any issues. Best wishes to you!
  20. Truth! Sorry my friend, though I wish I didn't, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. After using my TrackIR since circa 2005 I've used it under various lighting conditions without any issue, including normal day time room light. To accomplish this you can adjust the light sensitivity of the camera. Today I live in Florida and though I have my blinds closed I have no curtains and it's fairly bright in my office - I have no issues with TrackIR. Mind you, I don't recommend you having a single bright light source behind you, but short of that, it should be fine by adjusting the light sensitivity. Michael, The one piece of advice I think trumps all others is not to be afraid of playing with the settings. I would copy the default profile (I call mine "Dave") and then play with all the settings so you can see what they actually do. Believe it or not, I just use the Default profile (in exclusive mode) with the Roll disabled. I have lost count of the number of people who I've spoken to (online, voice servers, forums and at conventions) who hated their TrackIR simply because they tried to use it in flight sim with Roll enabled and after taking my advice I know that at least some of them (who got back to me) then loved it! I'm sure there are some out there who have gotten used to using a TrackIR in flight sim with Roll enabled and if so that's great. But I hate the TrackIR with it enabled and love it with it disabled. CAVEAT: I might well use a TrackIR with Roll enabled in DCS as dog fighting is a whole different animal, but I'm just too busy these days to spend time digging up and honing those skills again - but someday!
  21. It's been that way for at least 3 weeks. Not sure why. NOTE: It's always better to download and use audio drivers specific to your motherboard, which you'll find in the download section of your motherboard's website. I have seen the Realtek installer do strange things to older systems, including not working.
  22. Hmm, I guess the answer would be based on who attracted you still are to your wife and how often you get to play cowboy. In my case, I'd go through the computer with the 55 inch monitor crashing to the group every single day/night - and the same would go for if it was my wife too! 🤬
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