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  1. They both look good. It feels like the BMW version might have a touch more character to it. Lee
  2. I don't know if this has a solution for you, but it adds a lot to the model. Microsoft G-21 Realism Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS The Big Radials version is still better. Lee
  3. The only conflict I see is maybe disabling the Orbx Iceland mesh before installing this. Lee
  4. So many things, starting with the electrical displays, the inability to perform a proper hotel mode startup and various issues with the autopilot and certain switches. SU 13 did quite a hatchet job on the systems, so I am hoping for an update. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Lee
  5. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about an update for the ATR. A lot of things went wrong with it after SU 13. I had to stop using it. It would be great to have it back. Lee
  6. Discovered that you have to make sure and select manual updates in the setup, otherwise the menu vanishes! Lee
  7. I have my previous Accuseason in ORBX. I uninstalled it and installed the new version outside of ORBX Central. Why does it not come in ORBX Central? It's not clear from the posts here if it is possible to have the new version replace the old version and keep it in ORBX Central. Lee
  8. Then something strange is going on. Here are my HECA gates, I do have HECA excluded in the GSX config, and there's no GSX file for HECA installed.
  9. GSX tries to replace default gates in most sceneries, but if that scenery is excluded, GSX will not put its gates there, and the scenery will then use its own default gates.
  10. Yes, but any addon airport including many of the Asobo airports have to have gates excluded in GSX so they work normally. HECA is one of those.
  11. If you are using GSX you have to exclude the airport in the GSX config menu. Lee
  12. You should also check out Just Flight's newly released GCXO. Lee
  13. Has anyone encountered the error where you press joystick button 12 to load custom camera 1 and the reset graphics F12 command comes up by error? I have been searching in sim menus high and low but cannot find how to disconnect them or at least cancel the graphics reset command. If anyone has a tip, it would be greatly appreciated. I use the Airbus joystick. None of the other buttons have any errors. Lee
  14. The problem with disappearing ATC voices is with the Azure voices. If you use offline they do not disappear. Lee
  15. I have San Scene's 3D Vancouver installed and I don't notice any conflicts with the bridges addon. Lee
  16. You should all have a look at RK Bridger's Vancouver area bridges. The default bridges are awful, but this addon really spruces them up. simMarket: VANCOUVER AREA BRIDGES MSFS Wish he would add Victoria bridges, those are pretty horrible too. Lee
  17. I switched from FSSim CYVR to FSDreamteam CYVR, because it is much better on FPS. Lee
  18. If I recall on the Ottawa purchase, you eventually get an email link. I hope! Lee
  19. I still wonder if we'll ever see a fix for the stray, awful textures that turn up randomly with DX12. Lee
  20. It used to happen to me all the time. I finally figured out that it was the Azure voices. I switched to the Offline voices (which sound terrible, but hey), and it never happens anymore. The offline voices are reliable and always there. Lee
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