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  1. Tried this, and still having the same issues as above. I'm also consistently banking hard right now :(. Seems like this update broke the plane.
  2. Couple of issues I've run into: Haven't been able to figure out why, but about 50% of the time Altitude hold cause the aircraft to "jitter" - very small movements up and down. Only way to stop it is to disengage, change altitudes, retrim, and try again. Seems to be tied to the yoke, that's also jittering. Com and nav instrument lights are totally broken - switch them on and they go immediately off. Prop flashing is definitely back. Driving me nuts.
  3. I'm trying to install the liveries from the latest megapack, and for the life of me, I cannot get them to show up in my sim. I've followed the instructions the video tutorials, and I think I placed them in the right spot, but to no avail. I've also turned on developer mode to make sure the sim is searching in the right folder, and it appears that it is. I believe the problem lies with where I installed Flight sim. I have it on another drive than the default location (see below) but breakdown is here: D:/ > WPSystem > S-1-5-21-XXX > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8weky[etc] > Local Cache > Packages > Community > [livery files] Can anyone help me here please?
  4. Takeoff from KPWK, fly the Chicago VFR skyway past my apartment and land at 1C5. Flight I've done a bunch in real life and it's always my first one in a new sim.
  5. Solid update! I feel for testers for having to deal with those watermarks though - shame it had to come to that they look annoying.
  6. Boy this got out of hand quickly lol. Nobody's guaranteed access, but the frustration that's starting to boil over is pretty understandable in my opinion. Asobo has made the decision to use the alpha as a marketing tactic, and it's valid and completely their choice, but they have been pretty opaque about who is being selected throughout the process. The people who really care to get in are naturally the group of people who are the most dedicated and excited about the release. So keeping the alpha exclusive and limited is fine for a while. It accomplishes their goal of building buzz and letting a steady drip of content come out a time, and it keeps us all on the hook and wanting more. But I think we're starting to see the downsides of this strategy as frustration builds and people start to feel strung along. My opinion doesn't mean anything and I've kept my expectations in check, but it would be nice to see them either open up the alpha to a wider audience, or just put forward some more information on their plans and what we can expect. Maybe they plan to do this soon, but I think until they do we're going to see more threads like these, and a lot of angry flight sim fans. And considering Microsoft's shaky reputation within our niche community that doesn't seem like the best footing to start out on with their reentry back into the market. Just my .02
  7. I'm staying away from all of these leaks - the sim looks amazing, we know that without watching videos that violate the NDA and show it in it's alpha state. Why spoil the experience when you can see it for yourself in just a few months!
  8. There’s a poll on Reddit and it looks like the majority of folks who have voted did not get an invite. No invite for me either, but I only registered a few months ago, so wasn’t really very hopefully anyway. Fingers crossed for next time I guess, I was looking forward to getting involved in the feedback process.
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