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  1. Can’t download until late tonight, can anyone say more about the spotlight events mentioned in the patch notes? What are they actually?
  2. Trying to figure out how to navigate to the right gate I've selected on approach in GSXPro. It doesn't seem like any of the options (often just "Gate 3" or "Gate 7") match up with any of the parking charts. Anyone have any tips for figuring out how to navigate to the right gate after touchdown? Totally assuming htis is user error on my end! But I'm tired of calling the follow me car every time, which only works about half the time anyways.
  3. This has borked my game too. Has anyone put together a good guide for a clean reinstall? I have so many apps connected to the sim and a packed community folder, I'm worried about having to start from scratch.
  4. Happily eating my words-glad I didn't chargeback or return 🙂. The offline updater saved me, and it's working well now. Very cool addition to the sim when it works! Some oddities with pushback and passengers clipping through things, but I'm sure they'll work them out.
  5. Really hope there's a robust support and patching plan in place because this addon has been a disaster for me. Have spent the last 5 hours troubleshooting and still haven't seen a single ground service. Torn between waiting for an update and just doing a chargeback. Anyone with more experience with this dev able to say with confidence that the issues will be fixed?
  6. Reporting back after the demo: It's fantastic, just like the old FSX missions! Full voice acting, triggered events, decison-making, etc. If this capability exists, I can't help but wonder why we don't have a lot more of these, and Asobo isn't making it easy by releasing a mission creator of sorts. In any case, if you're interested in the old FSX missions this pack from Orbx is a definite buy.
  7. Anyone buy this from Orbx? I've really missed the missions from FSX, with real voice actors (not microsoft Sam) and events (like a bear running onto the runway). It seems like we're creeping closer to that again, and this new one might be it? If not, anyone know anything similar to that?
  8. Following up in case anyone stumbles on this. Probably should've suspected this first, but Mugz UI mod is what broke the sim for me. Removed that from the community folder and it's fine now.
  9. Wondering this too, it's especially annoying in chase cam views
  10. Anyone else having severe UI problems after the update? Loading in I'm presented with a grey screen with little white artifacts moving across (they look like cars, maybe). Once I do load in, I get blank grey box where the airport information usually is, and my "Fly Now" button is blank as well. Both are unclickable, and I can't fly. Pressing escape mutes the sound but no pause menu comes up. Super disappointing, I can't fly. Sim felt like it was in a really good place in SU6.
  11. Haven't had a chance to try the new update myself yet, but in streams I'm watching the new haze just looks incredible. The crazy far visibility has been a major immersion killer for me in msfs2020, you just can't see that far in real life, but this new haze really adds so much. Glad to see they're still tweaking and playing with the weather system as time goes on.
  12. Surprised no one has mentioned replay mode yet. Most exciting for me.
  13. Tried this, and still having the same issues as above. I'm also consistently banking hard right now :(. Seems like this update broke the plane.
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