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  1. uk-plane1

    Fun practice routes?

    London city airport EGLC
  2. uk-plane1

    NEW: A380 2016

    Hello , What is the best A380 for fsx with SID/STAR features ? Thanks
  3. uk-plane1

    Scenery CFG

    i have vector installed but i don't but a tick in it apart from the bottom one ( i think elevation ) , i only use vector on vfr , flights ,sunny days or poor scenery areas. vector detroys my loading time , any way to fix this? Everytime i delete a scenery when i check scenery cfg the bottom entries look a bit wrong like layer number e.t.c :((
  4. uk-plane1

    Scenery CFG

    What about load time? and i am not talking about FSDT airports...
  5. uk-plane1

    Scenery CFG

    Why not disable those airports if you're not using them or far away? surely that increase load time and decrease fps?
  6. uk-plane1

    Scenery CFG

    Hi when i am not using scenery for a current flight should i a: delete it from scenery library then re-add when its needed? OR b: click the tick so it goes away and is inactive but still in the scenery library? Does option b increase fsx loading times?
  7. uk-plane1

    UPDATE: New Versatile Jet 2016

    So basically no carenado planes have sid and star capability? And for the Carenado Embraer can a Reality XP do the job of doing sids and stars
  8. uk-plane1

    A330 / A340 Situation

    Anyone use the BBS airbus?
  9. uk-plane1

    UPDATE: New Versatile Jet 2016

    not weather radar - i meant ils alignment. just watched an embraer 300 video and there was issues with the autopilot?
  10. Simple quick thread to get me up to speed. Aerosoft 330 one feels a long wait a way so i need a good payware one in the meantime - i have black box simulations on my mind but i don't know. Questions Best A340? Best A330?
  11. uk-plane1

    UPDATE: New Versatile Jet 2016

    so the closest to flying airways is waypoint to waypoint via entry / exit? that's a bit more workload when i'm flying on vatsim:) Thanks for clearing up the SID/STARS. G1000 has ils feature ? - to help aid in IMC weather? or is it un flyable in IMC Weather? RNAV ?
  12. uk-plane1

    UPDATE: New Versatile Jet 2016

    Thank you , 1 question answered. Eaglesoft. Flight 1 Mustang SIDS/ STARS SIDS/STARS is this correct cause i believe this mustang is very old. i always get conflicting answers over flight 1 mustang SIDS/STARS via G1000
  13. In my last thread there was too many unanswered questions - and bias. so i didn't purchase aircraft but got some scenery I have a poll. and a few questions - simple but complete answers and no arguing. Questions Carenado 1. I Have seen so many complaints about Carenado's Hawker 850 and C550 - at this moment in time which aircraft has LESS bugs? Flight 1 2. I am not a G1000 person and i don't think an GTN750 is possible for Flight 1 mustang - so can someone confirm if i can fly sids and stars with this aircraft ( obviously i will update navigraph ) Eaglesoft 3. Questions solved . Windows 8 Eaglesoft Answer = Yes it does work. EXPRESS YOURSELF Last thread we had unnecessary bias - with the above products/companies tell me why i should go for it. POLL Nathan
  14. uk-plane1

    Standalone Full ATC?

  15. /** Can i have vpilot and fsinn instlled on the same Laptop then alternate between them depending on my preference ?