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  1. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Especially when your trying to find a PMDG level quality small regional prop for P3D. 😟
  2. R Hardman

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I also vote for an ATC that also controls the AI and taxi movements. You know PMDG standards. It would work correctly, every time from gate to gate. I could see that taking 10 years.
  3. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Then, 7 down 45 to go for a 2018 release!
  4. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I know these decisions are strictly business based for the J41 being bumped down over the years and I'd probably make the same decisions if forced to make that choice. I'm fine with the FMS being changed (avionics upgrade) and with the recent beta shots, was looking forward to finally be flying a small regional prop to get into the smaller airfields the 737 on up the product line can't make. As long as the J41 is still on the table I can wait a little longer as there is no other prop on the market that is in depth as a PMDG product. Only one prop tries to come close but it is 50 pax larger and works outside of the sim which causes issues. All the others are just eye candy with limited functionality.
  5. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Nice shots and looking ready! It would be great to make that trip ASAP since I'm on furlough now due to the shutdown!
  6. R Hardman

    747-8 When?

    Testament to your character Sir as others have taken alternate paths to escape reality. I have to admit I too, from time to time I try to escape from the real world using the sim. Only difference is after reading this, my reasons have taken on a whole new perspective. The JS4100 is my absolute favorite aircraft and once she is back into my sim I'll be reminded how truly blessed I am personally when I hear ATC say "ClearedtoLand". God speed.
  7. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Thanks for the screenshots! Can't wait to get my favorite bird back into my sim. As for not missing the FMS, not a big deal for me as I'll be updating the avionics.... Hopefully really soon!
  8. R Hardman

    JS41 Checklist Question

    Good memory! pg 5 item 9 of the AOM; "Checklist Items indented with + are accomplished on the aircraft’s first flight of the day only."
  9. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    End of 2015 was the last time I flew it so I'm happy PMDG revisited it!. I switched to P3D when V3 came out but the JS41 was the only thing I flew in FSX. It has a good blend of manual/automated systems. No other regional prop on the market then or now comes close to its detail.
  10. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    The product page states "Product is in final testing. Please check back soon!". Hopefully any day now!
  11. R Hardman

    Ground Power

    Any way to have the capability to switch over to ground power as stated in the checklists so my battery does not drain? Did I overlook how to to this? Thanks.
  12. R Hardman

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I too am glad they decided on releasing it for P3DV4. It had some bugs in the FSX version but it was for me my favorite PMDG aircraft. I will be again even with a "Nav" modification.
  13. Been waiting for years for this outstanding news. J41 is the only regional pax prop I know that fully interfaces correctly with my current setup. Other one I have while nice, has issues due to the way it interfaces with the sim. Thanks PMDG!
  14. R Hardman

    Future of the J41?

    Is a P3V4 version is out of the question? There are not many regional props at this level of quality and flight dynamics. Current market is either GA type or Commercial 130 pax and up jets. I'm sure it would be a solid seller.
  15. R Hardman

    Future of the J41?

    Count me in. Not too many prop aircraft that have the quality the J41 has that handle a decent amount of PAX. I can live with the bugs. Just need a P3D installer. And yes, I'd pay again.