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  1. Thanks Dave, Lots of useful info there about the airfoil icing system. I think what the OP was referring to, was a way to get the ground de-icing to work. This doesn't seem to be covered anywhere. I did ask the question in the Beta forum, but got no response. Selecting it from the Ground Comms menu tells you to configure the aircraft, but then nothing seems to happen. I'll do some more digging. Neil
  2. Hi JD, From an old Beta Tester, I'm sad RC5 didn't work out, but you only live once and have to decide whats important 😉 Still using RC4 after all these years, and it still can't be bested. Neil ps. You'll have to come for a visit to our Virtual London City tower if your'e ever over!
  3. Flying native VR in P3D v4.4 I’m getting real bad thick bands in the nighttime sky. Just above the horizon the sky is light grey, with thick bands above this until it finally goes black high up. When I fly into cloud I get a lot of wierd effects which almost make me dizzy. Like big artifacts spinning around. Daytime is now brilliant, but nighttime is awful! thanks in advance for any suggestions. Neil
  4. Have you got a link to that post Dave. Just had a search of the forums and can’t find anything. Probably me just being blind!
  5. NeilC

    ENT key on GPS

    I just tried a flight, and for some reason the ENT key on the GPS wasn't working. At first I tried the the Direct to option, entered the waypoint, but the Enter key would not work, so I could never select the waypoint to fly to. I then tried lots of other functions, and the ENT key just did not respond.
  6. NeilC

    Virtual Reality in FA50

    Just had another quick test. It is a stereo problem (mostly noticeable on the overhead). A way round it is to close your right eye every time you want to focus on a switch. I wonder why this only happens with the FA50 an not the other aircraft?
  7. NeilC

    Virtual Reality in FA50

    Thanks, I'm wondering if anyone else has tried in VR. I just tried my 3 other go to planes (Leonardo Maddog, PMDG DC-6 and the Turbine Duke, and the switches are spot on). With the FA50 the 3D positioning gets messed up when looking up or down. You have to place the VR cursor dot a way to the left or right of the actual switch to select it (and just as important, the clickspot area for each switch is very small and needs extreme precision). I also noticed when pressing the recentering button in VR, your default view is looking off to the right (about 45 degrees off) Any other VR users out there?
  8. First of all, thanks so much for making this lovely aircraft. I have been in love with the FA50 ever since my first day at work as an Air Traffic Controller at London City Airport, and my first aircraft which I cleared to land was a Shell FA50. I have just purchased the FA50, and am having real problems in P3D 4.4 using the Oculus Rift. The click spots (especially on the overhead panel) are so badly misaligned in 3D, that it is almost impossible to select switches. Is there any hope of improving this? I am desperate to fly, but might have to wait until I can actually select the switches. Thanks Neil
  9. NeilC

    Maybe a bit less taxi N1

    I noticed after a quick first test that you can fly at 4000ft with the engines at idle and the aircraft will not decelerate below 160 kts. It will just fly nice and level with the engines at idle. Is this correct?
  10. I gave X-Plane a go, but just can't get on with it. I love flying my MD82, and it is so accurately modelled, it is beyond belief. In comparison the Rotate Sim MD80 is like a toy. Also, I can't get on with using the touch controllers. I have a yoke, throttles, pedals etc, and having the touch controller in your hand is daft. I don't mind using the mouse for unmapped switches. I just made a successful flight into London City (something unthinkable with FlyInside, as it would CTD every time). The frames were a bit jerky over london, but at least I competed the flight! Just wish the cockpit looked a bit larger! Thanks for all the help
  11. Some developers must have it wrong. The yoke of my MD80 looks abou 15cm wide!
  12. Thanks Danny, I'll give it a go. I don't suppose you have any idea on how to change the scale of the cockpit? I feel like I am sitting in a small model plane rather than the flighdeck of my MD80. Neil
  13. After my 4th flight in a row ending in a CTD, I have finally given up with FlyInside. It is a great pity, because it is such a good bit of software. I have made 2 successful flights with native VR in P3D v4.3 but have some questions. 1) Is there anyway of having the mouse cursor fade away after a few seconds of innactivity? It is really distracting having a white blob continuously in the cockpit. 2) Is there anyway of repositioning Pop up windows. They just appear straight in front of me, and because they seem to be outside the cockpit, I can't interact with them. 3) This is the most feature I most regret loosing. In FlyInside there was a way of changing the scale, so that you could make the cockpits look bigger. In native VR, it now feels like I'm sitting in a 2/3 size miniature cockpit. Thanks for any help, Neil
  14. NeilC

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Has anyone noticed that it is impossible to tune the middle number on the NDB? The tuner has an inner and outer knob, one does the first number of the frequency, the other does the last, but only counts up to 9.
  15. NeilC

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I absolutely love the way it moves around in the air. For me, P3D aircraft all fly like they are on rails. There is hardly any correction required when landing in strongish winds. X-Plane is too far the other way, but the bonanza seems to have it about right!