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  1. Thanks!!I turn the APU ON just after turn on the Fs2Crew, and the Apu Bleed, but the problem is there, there is no air into the Valve.
  2. Hi all!!I have a problem with Fs2Crew 747 PMDG Voice Commander during the startup sequence. I hope posting here I can solve it. I really enjoy using Fs2Crew but I cannot use it with PMDG747.To the point:I´ve read twice the manual and I didn´t find anything about it.I make correctly the Before Engine Start Procedure,step by step (the FO too)Here is the problem, When the FO does his flow the Apu Bleed Valve Lights come ON, so this means that there is no air coming from the APU. The APU is ON, both generators working properly.I tell to FO to start engine 3 and 4 and he does his flow, but the enginge start switches for eng 3 and 4 doesn´t work because there is no air coming from the APU however APU is ON.I´ve tried to start the engines without Fs2Crew activated and there is no problem, the engines start perfectly.Suming up, when the FO performs his Before Engine Start Procedure the APU Bleed has no air coming from the APU and the engines cannot start later.Regards and thank you in advance.
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