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  1. Kyle, my bad and for that i apologize. It Was becoming so frustrating because i really love the aircraft and studied it so deeply apparently i needed to update my dc6 via OC. Testing now. So far so good. Mike Simms
  2. Found this in an autopilot forum. Can this be the explanation? Please if anyone notices this “s-shaped” behavior while tracking a vor radial with the dc6 let me know. here it goes “Autopilots have been around for a while now. Amazingly, the first aircraft autopilot was developed by Sperry Corporation in 1912! I seem to have missed the hundreth birthday of the autopilot somehow.Two decades ago the autopilots on most airplanes still weren't all that hot. They could hold a heading and altitude pretty good, and track an ILS when things were tight. Tracking a VOR radial was like doing S-turns down the airway. The button for airspeed/mach hold looked better than it worked”
  3. Whereas with the gps it flies perfectly straight
  4. Scandinavian, i did not mear to offend anyone at pmdg. I tried with opus turned off and i still get the aircraft wandering arround the radial
  5. Ifigured that too. Probably a bug in my sim. I think this airplane is perfectly capable of dealing with a 40kt crosswind at cruise speed. I just think pmdgs products are too expensive to have these types of problems.
  6. Thanks toten. The thing is that i am a real life profissional pilot and the a320 compensates for the wind when tracking a VOR course. The dc6 probably does not (old AP) and does not have an airdata computer to know wind speed and direction. I just wanted to make sure that it wasnt my simulator bugging. By the way you also experienced this? Many thanks in advance
  7. Scandinavian13 sorri for the mistake for wx add on i use opus fsi
  8. I use fsuipc, the aicraft is flying an S shaped route, like always chasing the radial, flying over it, overshooting, and turning on to it again
  9. Hi, I have been having problems with pmdg s dc6 autopilot. I am flying VOR to VOR, without gps (bendix radios only). I set the VOR frequency and turn on localizer mode to intercept the radial. Problem is that the airplane does not follow the radial in straight line, it banks left and right, although banking is very small but it does not seem to be right...has anyone had this problem or is this normal? Thank you very much
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