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    Student Pilot at Cirrus Aviation
  • Birthday 07/11/1986

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    Tampa Bay, United States
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    Aircraft, Watercraft, Games, Automobiles, Firearms, and Computers (not in any specific order).

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    I prefer to fly regional routes with turboprop aircraft in FSX, however I still fly 737's and 757's from time to time. I used to fly jetliners for Delta Virtual Airlines before the site got hacked, spent most of my time in the cockpit of a 737-800W or a 757-200/300.

    US Army ROTC Graduate (2nd LT at graduation), never got to go active or reserve, I got declared 4F because I got jabbed in the eye playing team sports, and had to have eye surgeries.

    Expert Marksman with Handgun - Rifle (Small bore), and Long Rifle.

    I play all sorts of video games, from Flight Simulators to First Person Shooter, and even RPG's.

    Lived near an airport all my life and always wanted to be a pilot, right now I am a student pilot at Cirrus Aviation and I fly a Cessna 172SP Skyhawk NavII and NavIII with a Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit.

    Professional Windows PC Technician for 9+ years, love the work but it gets mundane from time to time, then I go flying!
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