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  1. forum.avsim.net/topic/349537-just-got-rid-of-the-horrible-milky-way-if-anyone-is-interested/ Have you considered AutoStar X (freeware)? No experience personally but it's supposed to be quite good...
  2. I was a little hesitant at first, the price being way above that charged for apps generally, but ended up installing it on my Asus Transformer Prime and I have been very happy so far! As mentioned already, I have, once or twice, been unable to download charts because of 'network outages', but once a chart is downloaded, it stays on the device so that it can be accessed in future without the need to re-download. There is a huge number of charts included, and although the GUI could do with a little bit of touching up, it's likely that whichever airport you fly into, charts will be available! In all, a great app for the money. It makes online, especially VATSim flying soo much easier! Hope this helped
  3. Hello,I haven't looked at your other post, but I can confirm that PMDG engine sounds are handled by FSX alone, and to the best of my knowledge do not depend on external dlls. The dll files only provide cockpit switch/apu/air conditioning/avionics/control surface sounds - not engines.If you are having engine sound trouble there could be a number of fixes, three basic ones posted below:1: Make sure your speaker configuration is set to 2.0 / 2.1 or Stereo in whatever audio manager you use (e.g. Realtek)2: Make sure engine sounds are above 0 (preferably at least 50) in the FSX sound options/settings page.3: Make sure that you PMDG747-400 folder in the airplanes directory contains 'sound.GE', 'sound.PW' and 'sound.RR' folders, and that the each folder contains a 'sound.cfg' file, as well as numerous .wav files.Do other aircraft work correctly?What about externally?Post back with your findings...
  4. I had a similar problem after my last reinstall...Turned out I'd forgotten to check the 'Advanced Animations' setting in the settings GUI.Let us know how it turns out for ya. :(
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