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  1. Yes, but I thought that the dynamic lighting no longer require a BGL light splashes with the model of PMDG 747?
  2. Hi scandinavian13 Would you be able to share with me the file name that is responsible for the 747 light splashes? I just like to check if I have missing file, maybe in the effect folder of p3d V4.
  3. FastCheetah702

    REX Airports HD work with P3D v4?

    Any report about the texture affecting dynamic lighting in P3D V4 in a way that PMDG 747 light splashes disappear?
  4. Yes dynamic lighting is checked. I have installed Orbx HD Airport texture. Can a texture addon affect dynamic lighting? Just like a confirmation on this as all default planes light splashes not affected, only PMDG 747 affected. My 747 FMC's "SPLASHES IN DAYLIGHT" option is not selectable. Is this normal? Please see link toscreencapture below..
  5. Any findings about no lights splashes even when dynamic lighting is on? My 747 is night
  6. haha I am getting light splash when lightning strike, please see pic below Could this be the source of problem? I have previously install lightning effect from RexDirect.
  7. I am getting no light splashes for all airport. And this happen to PMDG 747 only. So I just like to know if there is any setting in 747 that could cause this which I might have unknowingly triggered?
  8. I have Rexdirect restore to default P3DV4 textures, but still no light splashes. So I am not sure if change of runway texture could cause the plane's light splashes to disappear.
  9. Tried a few airports and they are all the same issue. Only 747's dynamic lighting not showing at all.
  10. Hi I am not seeing any lights of the PMDG 747 being thrown on the ground for P3D V4 even with Dynamic lighting on. The P3D v4 Carenado Bonaza's light is working ok. So far also tested PMDG 777 and lights are ok too. Only PMDG 747's lights on the ground not showing. Anyone have similar problem? Please help. Thanks. Screencapture :
  11. Disregard my question.Suppose to remove first and not select repair, cheers.
  12. Waiting for Operations Center to exit <---------- I reach this when installing for P3D v4 Do I have to close OC manually? or wait for it to close automatically? See screen capture below, the 3 rotating arrows just keep going around the earth but nothing happen.
  13. FastCheetah702

    Operations Center won't start

    Hi Do I have to run the latest installer from PMDG and select repair? My OC stuck at " Waiting for Operations Center to exit " msg. I close OC and PMDG installer prompt successful installed but no files in the P3D v4 >simojects>airplanes folder. Help please. Thanks.
  14. Hi I run the installer>repair. OC launched from the installer but I get " Waiting for Operations Center to Exit" msg screen. I close the msg screen and in "Please Select a product" the PMDG 747 V3 - P3D V4 is dimmed. What should I be seeing if the repair installer is working?
  15. FastCheetah702

    P3D v3: 777 gauge dll crashes P3D and un-clickable VC

    My P3DV3 crash if PMDG 777 is loaded as default. And if I load F22 as default most VC not clickable in 777. SO I load PIper Cub as default instead of F22, and PMDG 777 VC is all clickable now. Hope this helps. PS: you must install all 3 simconnect as instructed by PMDG before you can try the above mentioned method.