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  1. Should I just copy and paste everything to you in an inbox? i could upload it to dropbox I suppose Just tried with SLI disabled, 15FPS at LHR. Not good! Although saying that, SLI re-enabled, 12/13...
  2. I'v looked around for a while trying to figure out what is going on, however it seems noone or very few people are having the same issue. System Specs: i7-3770k 4.6GHz 16GB DDR3 1600MHz 2x GTX 670 in SLI 850Watt hybrid Modular PSU 120GB SSD, 3x 1TB + 1x 320GB Had loads of issues with FSX regarding FPS, it struggled to get higher than 20 and often found itself in single figures. I'v done alot of tweaking and it runs around 30FPS most of the time but no higher (Unusual for a system like this!!) But i'v noticed an issue with DX9 mode. I'v screenshotted a multitude of aircraft with the same sort of issue: Default Barron missing engine cones Carenado Cessna 182T HD Missing wheels, gaps in vents etc Airbus X - Lights off - No issues Press 'L' to turn on the lights and tail fin disappears, cockpit goes see through as does all the passenger windows PMDG NGX (worst effected) Missing gear struts, Wheel hubs on inner wheel, engine exhaust assembly, front engine fan etc... All these issues are solved with using DX10 preview mode, but FPS are lower using that, so i'd rather get this sorted really! it is not aircaft texture issues as it happens with them all! Any help appreciated! it is to be noted, turning the aircraft detail to 'minimal' in FSX settings cures the problems on the Barron and Carenado Cessna, not the Airbus and NGX though.
  3. I should be getting the same sorts of FPS as you but i'm just not, I can barely hit above 30. i still think something is not quite right
  4. Right, Had some issues with some parts of the aircraft or scenery not showing up (wheels, propeller cones etc, but turns out I need to have Direct X 10 enabled. HOWEVER. since enabling that it seems all my nvidia settings have gone out of the window, despite them being set in Nvidia inspector etc. Do I need to just re-do them and apply them again? or is there something deeper? Yeah, weather has just stayed shocking, i keep seeing glympses of hope in the 14 day forecast i get on my phone, but it always changes... Weather doesnt seem to effect my system, a sunny day or full blown thunderstorm i get barely any difference, I think thats down to having 2 graphics cards. Is this bug in the latest drivers? I might try that if the problem returns Awesome good to know, might fork out for the NGX, looks epic!
  5. Yeah, I couldn't get my head around it, still dont quite understand how it was making it slow down that much, I mean cmon, Vsync surely can't drag 2 GTX 670's to their knees can it!? I'll download Nvidia inspector now, i remember seeing some sort of setup guide, i'll do a little hunting for it Yeah, weather has been awful, I think i've been twice this year, and most of it was spent sat in my car at the end of 23R, in the cafe/restaurant at the viewing park, or in the pub! Its been far too cold to spend a day outside. Where has the summer gone!? Thanks for the info Jim! The main reason I was concerned is that with a £2k+ brand new PC, it should be able to chomp through FSX quite happily, but it wasn't. I think i'v solved it now anyhow, so i'll see if it stays that way I'm using the Airbus X extended, but dont get many FPS gains with any other aircraft, even the default cessnas! I heard the NGX was quite the performance eater?
  6. You might have just solved it my good friend! You mentioned Vsync... I went into my nvidia control panel (where I set all the extra AA modes ... Including Vsync, which is, well, 'was' set to Vsync (Smooth) I turned it off completely, went into FSX, frames at a steady 30 FPS (Set at 30FPS so happy days) but there was alot of tearing going on. shut it down, set the Vsync to just On, not 'Smoothed' and FSX looks great and i'v got a constant 30FPS, no drop even with road traffic and stuff Absolutely ecstatic! Thank you so much for your help!! If your ever at the Aviation Viewing Park at EGCC when im there, then i'll treat you to a beer or a drink of your choice! Massively appreciated!
  7. What sort of frame rates are you getting? i've tried most of the tweaks but its just not getting above this 20FPS limit it seems to stick to. If its not at 30, its at 20 or 15. Really annoying! I'v seen people with much lower powered systems operating at the same airport with the same scenery with frames that look like the 60's :( Yeah, stability is fine, OC was tested (briefly) with prime 95, only reaching 78*C after 5 hours flat out. In FSX CPU gets to 68*C after a couple of hours doing some VFR stuff in Carenado Cessna. Do you mean FSX setup or PC setup? But thats what I thought, like FSX is trying to load up something that it can't, but its a fresh install with all the sceneries installed properly etc. I wish there was a way to see a log of what its trying to do. I tried setting FSX to unlimited and used EVGA prescision to lock the FPS at 30, no difference, well, it sticks more around 20 FPS now, but that could just be FSX in a strop. I doubt its hardware since all my other games run flawlessly (Euro Truck Simulator 2 maxxed out with loads of mods, FS9, Dirt 3, 3Dmark etc etc. the list goes on) but what do you mean by IE drivers? Cheers for the help, keep it coming
  8. So, Had FSX installed for a while, wasn't impressed with the FPS on my i7-920 powered system (OC'd to 4.2GHz) so I took the plunge for a new system entirely. i7-3770k @4.6GHz watercooled 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 1600MHz 2x 2GB EVGA GTX670 in SLI (OC'd) 850Watt Hybrid Modular PSU 120GB SSD (Win 7) 3x 1TB storage (1 dedicated for games including FSX) defrag'd regurlaly Corsair Haf X case Built the system, got incredibly high 3dmark scores (16k 3d Mark11) Cleared drive of old FSX installation and started fresh, with a restart after most installs (didn't mind with a 20 second shut down to boot up lol) Got FSPS FSX booster and Multicore advanced reinstalled and setup. For shits and giggles I maxxed out FSX settings (other than traffic which i left at 0% for everything including cars and boats) I got about 13/14FPS at most in my test setup which is Airbus X A321 in thomas cook colours on 05R at EGCC (Manchester) with FTX England and UK2000 EGCC Xtreme at lunch time (12 midday local time) with 'fair weather' (Standard clouds, REX not installed yet) Deleted my FSX.cfg (after backing the previous one) and booted FSX up. Loaded up my test setup and I was only getting about 14-15 tops. (even with resolution at stock 800x600 and FPS locked at 20) Changed resolution to full 1080p and no change. So started from the top on my scenery detail. Put all scenery sliders at 0 so I got some flat land, a bare strip of concrete and thats about it. With FPS locked at 30 it was stuck at 30. Set the limiter to 'Unlimited' and it stuck at 60FPS (Due to my EVGA Prescision GPU Overclocking software set at 60 for all games) So I embarked on the task of moving the sliders up one by one gradually and low and behold, after gradually putting the sliders up to max, it works... well to a point. And thats where my main issue comes in. When I load up the flight, frames are about 14FPS for about 10 seconds until I presume all the surrounding scenery finishes loading. with FPS locked at 30 I can pan around either VC view or spot plane view and it sticks at 30 (well, 29.9) Happy days. I thought it was sorted. Pah. no. I left it sat in VC mode looking straight down the runway text a friend for a couple of minutes, look back up and FPS are down at 16-20FPS, barely more, the occational flick up to 26 or so. Nothing has changed, same angle, same weather nothing. Then after a couple of minutes it flicks back up to 29 and sticks there. Then after another couple of minutes the FPS drop back down again (no specific amount of time) sometimes its only for a few seconds, but the longer I seem to leave it the longer the FPS stay low. To illustrate this, i have made a video for you to watch showing an example of me moving the camera and the FPS coming back to 30, then going back down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xqjYyBaVxA If you need me to upload anything like my FSX.cfg then let me know. It just seems like its suddenly under more load, then it stops. I've not been able to narrow it down to what is causing it.
  9. Sorted the EGCC problem now, forgot to run makerwys.exe so thats all lovely jubly. Thanks for all your help! I was using FS9 - I stated I was running FS2004 in my first post but never mind I was confused too to be honest! Didn't really think that was possible. Could have been me mishearing an auto-recorded AI chatter like it was one of the acctual AI's flying around. My HQ 2.1 speaker system is currently nackered so I'm using my standard laptop speakers - although good quality for a laptop (and I should hope so for £699!!) its still not completely clear which is pre-recorded Its fantastic the quality of work. I live locally to manchester like yourself (although I'm up towards Preston) but I regurlaly come down to have a good spotting session, I love the fact I can get the same angles and views I do in real life on Flightsim. Such detail and hard work Gary puts into it. Have you seen Liverpool? Its a stunningly up-to-date scenery! You may have recently seen the adverts for the Fiat 500 Twin-air on TV which only aired a couple of weeks ago, but Gary has got the same advert on the Billboards outside the terminal! Anyway enough of my blabbering. Thanks all of you for your quick and informative advice and help! I really appreciate it.Peace out Jordan
  10. Thanks for your quick and informative replies guys! really helpful! AFter reading this I remembered I had saved all the RC updates I got on some external hard drives for backups, and a large amount of digging around turned up the 4.3 that I couldn't find, installed it and all is well now! RC seems to be communicating with my AI and its all working wonderfully on the communications front. Loving it all again!! Although acctually read through again and realised I need to do the scenery rebuild! I bought Manchester Xtreme along with liverpool, Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast the other day whilst I was in hospital (Hooked up to drips and the like... I thought I deserved a treat fantastic sceneries arent they!? Didn't install RC whilst I was in there as I only had the installers on an external hard drive at home (my newer external than the one than the 4.3 update was on strangely, must have run out of room on the new one when I was backing up!) but I was eager to get flying with RC and went strait for EGCC... Thats when I realised that it was still announcing 06/24 instead of the 05/23 during taxi although the scenery and everything is set to 05/23. However... after ignoring that for a short flight down to heathrow, I heard another AI aircraft announce they were approaching Manchester for runway 05R arrival... Odd. Awesome, thats sorted that problem! Looks like im nearly sorted again! Thanks for all your help guys! 'preciate it!
  11. Hey everyone, i'm new here and I come baring a hopefully relatively simple problem. I got RC ages ago and after a recent installation on my new Win 7 Ultimate 64bit system i'v come across this unusual problem that i'v not had before. RC seems to have no recognition of my AI traffic (supplied by WOAI) and the default FS2004 ATC continues as usual. All the necessary bottons are ticked; such as 'interact with AI' but it doesn't seem to do anything. It seems to have no knowlede of my AI, which ended up in a few close calls as I was taxxing and RC giving me directions to position and hold whilst I was 5 aircraft back in a departure queue. Another peice of info I also would like is how to update the airports database for runway numbers. For example, at EGCC (Manchester/Ringway Intl) my local airport, a couple of years back the runway numbers were changed from 06L/R and 24L/R to 05L/R and 23L/R howevery RC still uses the old 06 and 24 designations. Hopefully someone can come to my rescue, can't wait to get back flying!
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