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  1. The fixer runtime code runs automatically with fsx. The fixer front end is only ever run to alter settings. There are a few operations from the front end that will fail if fsx is running, as fsx will have locked the files. By default the front end checks if fsx is running and refuses to run if it is to avoid these seeming to be a problem. it is possible to disable the fsx running check which is occasionally useful if providing support.
  2. I have merged this thread with the previous one. As I explained several times if you want support then you just need to provide your name and order number.
  3. Nothing measurable, a few KB for the Sim connect library is all that I can think of that it would add.
  4. As I have said please provide your order number, or email or name using the private message system. Which is the envelope at the top.
  5. I have asked him to provide some information on his purchase via pm but he hasn’t provided any. Cloud shadows has only ever been sold by one site and I can locate any order given a surname or email address.
  6. I am sorry, I hadn’t seen this. Can you pm me your order details and explain your issue?
  7. Hi, cloud shadows can patch an installed v3.4 to the latest version, but it doesn’t help install a FSS version on a new computer as FSS have disabled their license servers. Pm me your FSS order details and I will provide you with a fastspring version.
  8. I have seen rivers this morning in fake deep gorges that appeared normal yesterday
  9. Have you followed the instructions on zendesk? Changing the ip auto tuning strategy fixed my looping download issues. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016844080-Download-stuck-on-packages-Install-loop
  10. And the uk seems to have lost the original two in the new update so the net gain was only three.
  11. If anyone else is stuck with a looping download of the large fs-base-cgl, I followed the zen desk advice to turn off tcp auto tuning and ( fingers crossed) I seem to have got much further downloading it. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016844080-Download-stuck-on-packages-Install-loop
  12. I posted above, I have the same issue on the same file, after a max 1gb of it goes back to the beginning and tries to download that file again and again.
  13. Its the penultimate file for me 150/151 - now on attempt 21 - it gets to about 1Gb downloaded of it and then teh download speed falls below 1Mbps and after a while it gives up and restarts
  14. Mine has entered a loop trying to download fs-base-cgl-0.1.47.fspatch.001 - gets to 4/5% and then goes back to the beginning. On its 20th attempt now...
  15. This has been resolved - note that the Fixer support forum is in the commercial section.
  16. This has been resolved - note that the Fixer support forum is in the commercial section.
  17. Most of London consists of Victorian Terraces which have no space for parking so you must park on the street. There are no rights to park in front of your own property and so you usually have to park some distance away. I cannot see how people will charge their vehicles without either introducing rights to park outside your own house OR a massive investment in public recharging points every 10m. This is not an untypical urban scene london street parking terrace - Bing images
  18. Ok - I have been able to use my PC rather than my IPAD and I can see better comparing side by side. Yes the CFAS is clearly working on the MFDs and other displays . As I mentioned CFAS isn't one feature but rather a collection. To be honest I assumed none would work without AA being enabled which creates a Multi Sample Target but on reflection one of the features is texture over sampling on textures without mip maps and on reflection that would work without the MSAA target. It is that feature that improves MFDs and other displays and it is working as it should. I cannot explain why the trees and white lines on the panel at the far right between the switches are improved - I would expect both to be mipmapped textures and thus not benefit from CFAS - the alpha to coverage feature within CFAS that improves trees relies on the MSAA output
  19. It is incredibly difficult for anyone to comment on aa based on what I think are probably fairly low resolution JPEG’s that have gone through image compression. A lot of aa artefacts are also caused by motion and are not clear in a static picture. Turning aa off and on in the fixer just sets the fsx.cfg display setting option to turn aa on and off which should also appear in the fsx display setting from within fsx ie they control the same thing. The fixer 2x, 4x also sets another fsx.cfg setting MultiSamplePerPixel. 2x is very very low but you ought to see some difference along the edge of the cockpit window frames. The best form of aa is sgssaa which extends the base aa but can be very very expensive. cfas is a lower quality extension to base aa. It’s actually a collection of settings some of which rely on aa being enabled such that there is a multi sampled output buffer and some which do not. when enabled it should improve MFDs when viewed at a distance by reducing line flickering when the lines are diagonal relative to pc display. it improves tree flickering especially in winter when the eye point is moving but I am sure that this one relies on having a multi sampled texture to output to.
  20. I don’t understand what you trying to do. In both pictures antialiasing is turned off. Therefore the setting of cfas makes no difference as it is only does anything if aa enabled. As I have said forget about cfas can you tell the difference between 2x aa and no aa. if not then have you turned on some other form of aa such as fxaa by mistake?
  21. If you have aa off then cfas cannot do anything so it is is greyed out. if aa is enabled then that should improve IQ by removing zagged lines but will cost fps. Ignoring cfas and the fixer if you cannot tell the difference between aa off and aa on then I would be concerned about your setup. adding cfas to aa should improve the resolution of cockpit MFDs at a lower cost than turning on supersampling and will also improve flickering at a distance of complex scenery models from orbx.
  22. The way that MSFS works is that stuff is taken from the official and community folders and based on the layout.json is then copied to a virtual file system that looks quite a lot like FSX. The autogen buildings are specified in the virtual file system in a file distribution.toml which lives at runtime in the <simulator>\PGG directory The base copy of distribution.toml is in official\onestore\bf-pgg\pgg and thats what today's patch fixed - i.e that gets installed in the runtime < simulator>\PGG If Japan isnt installed then that is all you need. However if Japan is installed then it has its own copy of distribution.toml that gets copied to the same location in the runtime and replaces the base version - therefore it is necessary to update Japan to get its own fixed version of distribution.toml
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