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  1. Error, deleted CP
  2. Appreciate if you can send me the revised file to compare. I'll do a try on my laptop. I'm in the midst to upgrade to a new destop these days.
  3. Eventually, this can be sorted out. Some members and Jean-Luc have helped me a lot lately. Stay tuned to your post, likely you'll get good advice from the pros and you can carry on from there. CP
  4. Hello Jean-Luc, I've done some test as you mentioned in your reply, still the same snag. Lately . when I launch FS9, I get the error message; Module:C:\Windows\Gm2500\GM2500F32.dll Run-time check failure #3- the variable "Iret" is being used without being defined" . I use to click on "Ignore" and carry on with FS9 as usual. Can this bother the RXP GNS 530?. I was thinking for some time to reset my computer HDD to it's original setting and carry on from there. C.P
  5. Hello GWC123, I posted a similar snag like yours last week; i.e my topic "Autopilot in Nav mode won't track a GPS course". I uninstall/reinstall FS9 then did some test trying to toggle master device off, select accept. Reload, then select Master device on, select accept. Still, GNS won't follow the GPS course. CP
  6. Here is some more info. Usually, is it normal to exit FS9 following a change in either configuration panel, even when it doesn't ask to "reboot".? rxpGNS2.gau.log: 18/02/09 15:26:24.831 00876 - ] # rxpGNS2.GAU version 18/02/09 15:26:24.830 00876 INFO ] 18/02/09 15:00:19.314 03392 - ] # rxpGNS2_menu.dll version rxpGNS2_menu.dll.log: 18/02/09 15:00:19.433 03392 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\AIRCRAFT\beech_baron_58\panel\panel.cfg rxpGnsSim.dll.log 18/02/09 15:26:56.571 00876 - ] # rxpGnsSim32.dll version 18/02/09 15:26:56.566 00876 INFO ] 18/02/09 15:27:09.919 01536 INFO ] Below, from the Beech Baron 58 aircraft file
  7. Did another trial; A -Yes, the HSI needles deflect as per the wording on the test page, but the OBS indicate 340 as I compared my rxp self-test page with the genuine Garmin 400W-500W Trainer which shows OBS at 000 B- My airplane RXP GNS.ini file match what you mentioned. I'll uninstall/ re-install the GNS 530 and go from there. Thanks
  8. Hi Bert, At start up, in the GNS test page (Instrument panel self-test); when I turn the course adjust of the HSI, the OBS digital read-out on the GNS screen move accordingly. Lets say I fly inbound to an airport with A/P in HDG mode, activate a GNSS approach to an IWP then switch to NAV mode, nothing happens. (on the other hand, if I go back to HDG mode, I can guide the airplane to track the GPS course legs as the CDI of the HSI is serviceable.) Hope this will clarify to help troubleshooting this snag. Thanks. C.P
  9. Hello again, I had to reorganize some files in my computer and reinstalled FS9 with RXP GNS 530, but now, the A/P system in NAV mode won't track a GPS course/approach either with a FS9 or add-ons aircraft. Here is some findings; In the configuration panel/panel instruments, all the options are checked in. -By leaving the CDI button of the RXP GNS set to VLOC, the A/P system in NAV mode will intercept & track the localizer and/or ILS accurately. -With the CDI button of the RXP GNS set to GPS, and steering the aircraft with the A/P system in HDG mode, the CDI of the HSI deflect as expected. (Message such as "Set course to.." or "Next DTK..." appears as usual). I found some previous post somewhat similar to this one. Is there some configuration file with which I could compare with what I have? Interesting learning curve though. (Note:) I tried some flights with A/P systems in NAV mode coupled to the original FS9 GPS only, no problems. Thanks, C.P
  10. Hello, I joined AvSim a week ago and moving along using the GNS 530 v.2 within FS. I purchased it because I am getting back into real flying and maybe getting my flight instructor rating later this year. I read the previous post of this topic and my future goal would be to have my RXP GNS with a recent database because I like to prepare a Nav Log then going the flight on the Sim. Following recurrency of my pilot licence, for training purpose, I was able to have the Garmin 400W/500W trainer updated to Cycle 1609. Is there any way that I can update the RXP database to cycle 1609 level? If not, whenever there would be a ready-to-use software available, I'd be ready to buy one. Any easy alternative at this time? Thanks.
  11. CP Air

    Error message

    Following more in-depth reading and trial, I've got the rxp gns showing as I wanted to in VC view, coupled with the auto-pilot and configured so I can use the OBS set so I can track inbound or outbound from/to a gps waypoint at my discretion. Recently, I've renewed my multi-engine, IFR rating with the GNS 530/430 and so far Reality XP have done something amazing.
  12. CP Air

    Error message

    Thanks for your insight Jean-Luc, Did the install of the FS2004 no-CD patch, "A debugger has been found...." message doesn't show anymore. No need to insert CD#4. I relaunched FS 2004, opened the RXP wizard panel within the MS Beech 58 and the Aeroworx B-200 cockpit view, selected the GNS 530, accepted. Went back to verify the panel folder for both aircraft and could see the RXP file beside the original panel.cfg file. So far, so good. When I go back to fly, let say, the Beech 58, I can't find the magic trick to opened the RXP GNS. Anyhow, I'm getting there. Thanks again for your help. Charles
  13. CP Air

    Error message

    Hello folks, I join AvSim today, I installed Reality XP GNS530v.2 in MS FS 9. No problems as the download process went ok. Eventually, as I become more computer savy...and a new desktop, I'll have FS X. So far, I need to de-activate the MS update KB 3086255 before starting FS 9. Now, within an aircraft in FS 9, ready before take-off, I can right-click and open the Reality XP window "configure your aircraft panel" , select the new configurations, then click "Accept" Somehow, I receive the message" A debugger has been found running in your system. Unload it from memory & restart your program. Either with the Firewall on or Off. Thanks for any help/inputs to get me started