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  1. Ok, I'll give those a try. thanks RXP EDIT:::::: That second option worked!! thanks man
  2. Hey y’all, I got 2 updates this week for my GTN and GNS I guess for P3Dv5.1, and on the second update I accidently closed the window for the GTN update, I have rebooted several times and have been waiting all day but I’m not getting a notification for the update again. This would be the second update this week for the GTN, is there anywhere I can go download it? How do I trigger this again, NOTE I use Edge and have NO IDEA how to enable RRS feeds for MS Edge. thanks
  3. ...please start manually P3Dv5hf2 I bought this plane last week and have flown it a bunch of times with no problems. After just a few days off I am now getting this error message when I start a flight with the DA62. What is this error, I don't have the Carenado SVS installed because it always tells me it doesn't start right. AFTER I get the error the flight loads and I can fly ok, but the error drives me crazy. thanks
  4. Hello all, first off let me just say how much I enjoy the RXP products!! Everything is really top notch, from the updating procedure to all the features of the configurator, layout everything, really TOP notch stuff!! However I am having one issue, it seems whenever I set my P3Dv5HF2 to use Special Effects HIGH (and I have the 530 inside my aircraft) P3Dv5 locks up not responding and I get this error in even viewer: Faulting application name: G530SIM.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4bff0a69 Faulting module name: KRNLSIM.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4bff0a8e Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00037807 Faulting process id: 0x4df0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d657e87facd8f2 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\GNS Trainer\GNS\G530SIM.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\GNS Trainer\GNS\KRNLSIM.dll Report Id: 01142f57-7626-4cde-b827-0481343535ec Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: When I have the effects set to medium everything is (seems) fine. Any idea on what I can do to fix this?? I really wouldn't worry about this normally but I got a new jet that requires special effects to be set to high to get the most out of it, and a couple of my sceneries recommend this as well.. thanks, Rob Comfort PS: NOTE This is NOT a deal breaker, I'm just wondering if there is something I could do on my end to fix it.
  5. Hey Bert, thanks for the reply. Actually I have them all downloaded in their own folders, but none of them are installed or even unzipped, I just haven't had time to install them lately. I'll try the latest one and see how that works out. thanks man
  6. hey y'all, I have about 3 updates that i have yet to install for both my GTN and GNS, my question is, do I need to install all updates or just the latest one? thanks!!
  7. Everything seems to be working ok now, re-running the installer did the trick. thanks for the info.
  8. Nope, nothing, and the window itself is/was not responding at all, I couldn't shut it down or cancel it. I had to ctrl-alt-del to shut it down. I tried reinstalling the download through the wrapper reinstall option, it did not offer to reinstall the trainer, and it went through with no issues. I'm gonna go test it now.
  9. hey guys, I bought the RXP 750 and love it!! But I also bought the 530 and during the installation, and right after the trainer installed, I got this and it just sits there, it has been like 20 minutes. Do I cancel and try the installation again?? I don't want to mess anything up. Rob Comfort
  10. Awesome, thanks for the help and clarification!! time to fly!!
  11. Hey y'all, picked this great aircraft up on sale this weekend and I love it!! One question though, I can't seem to find a clickable area to start the aircraft, the starter button is there but there seems to be no way for me to click it. Could this be a bad install or download, is it just me? Right now I have version 1.2 thanks.
  12. Ok, I found the old thread over at Orbx, it shows that this type of crash is not uncommon in new scenery's and as the scenery designer says in this thread, "it's an easy fix". It was the Orbx airport KACK designed by Bill Womack, the thread is here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/152040-kack-causing-planes-to-crash/ So he may be able to shed some light on why this happens. I can fly with crash detection off around this area, but it would be cool if eventually it could be worked out. Thanks Bernardo, I'm gonna go check out that shipwreck!! Hope this helps.
  13. Hello again Bernardo, I did some testing and I cannot find the issue. I tried turning off some scenery and turning the mesh resolution to different settings, I also tried several different aircraft. I even tried starting in a parking spot: It just starts the flight and then the airplane crashes. I haven't tried to turn off crash detection yet, I guess I'll try that next time, and I cant find a way to turn off the Global mesh. Some searches on this issue does show that it could be some sort of mesh resolution issue, but who knows. I DO remember one of the Orbx NA airport sceneries doing this on release about a year ago, they DID solve the issue with a patch but I don't remember what the cause was, I DO remember it was something very simple though. I'll see if I can find that old thread.
  14. Hello Bernardo, I will try everything one at a time, It may take me a bit as I have to do some honey-do's today for the wife. So we have to run out for a bit right now, however I will try some of this later in the day, I'll let you know. I did try to load a flight out of MYCC and it did the same thing, so it's not isolated at that airport only. It must just be some kind of conflict with one of those other sceneries. I will find it. I appreciate your time, and I will let you know as soon as I make some progress. Rob
  15. Hello Bernardo, thank you for making this forum. This is my issue (Rob), It seems to happen with every plane I load so it must be a scenery/elevation issue, I have a TON of scenery, (and I do fly with crash detection, I just like the extra realism.) I have installed: Everything from Orbx Global About 90% of Orbx NA (to much to mention) LatinVFR Key West KEYW FlyTampa St Marteen Pilots Global MESH (The latest one) LatinVFR TXKF Bermuda and a TON of other airports in North America and Europe NOTE: I have not yet run the elevation tool from Orbx Vector yet, I can make a short video (I'll remove all the loading screens yada) if needed. BUT please take a look at my scenery list, maybe this can give a clue to why I'm having this issue: Should I move these down under the Orbx stuff?
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