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  1. Hello, I am not in a current position to upgrade to the new MSFS2020 platform, so I am working to enable my FSX sim to last a while longer. I am using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Memory 4096 MB. Processor Intel 3.10GHz (4 CPUS)... and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. The video card needs to change, but I would like to install an updated replacement card that can operate within the computer's parameters. I use McAfee as my AntiVirus app. Any suggestions on a card based on personal experience will be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Thank you fppilot, would the free version as good as the premium version for what I am trying to accomplish?
  3. Hi Bert Pieke, I had submitted an earlier inquiry on the forum about other software I am currently using -- IObit security software. I suspect the IObit stuff is creating the issues (they may be taking up additional resources as they are being constantly upgraded). Everything was going fine, until a few weeks ago. I wanted to find a complimentary app that may include the antiviral, registry cleaning, disk checking, disk defragmentation, driver updates and game booster options without the excessive usage of system resources. My computer system is kind of old and RAM upgrades may prove problematic, so I am hoping to hold on a while longer, until I can acquire a system to accommodate MSFS 2020.
  4. Hello all, I have the following specs: FSX (Acceleration) Windows 7 Professional 64 bit System Model: HP ProDesk 400 G1 MT Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4670S CPU@3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Page File: 3730 MB used, 4305MB available Direct X Version: Direct X11 In light of my specs, I am looking for the best complementary antiviral, registry cleaning, disk checking, disk defragmentation, driver updates, game booster software to go along with Windows Defender--software that will allow me run FSX and Active Sky Next for FSX without serious RAM issues. All of the current software I've come across (Norton, McAfee etc.) will pose excessive RAM usage issues for me. Thanks as always.
  5. I am using IObit software--both free and premium, in addition to Windows Defender. I have Advanced SystemCare (free), Smart Game Booster, Defragment tool, IOBit software updater. Recently, I uninstalled McAfee software from my system (I figured that was the only software actively eating up my RAM), but I am still having RAM issues and slow performance. In addition, FSX is still freezing. Is there anyone using IObit software? What are the challenges?
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out an issue with my FSX setup. I removed McAfee Total Protection from my system, because it was using up a lot of RAM, making it impossible to run my simulator, but performance problems persist. The simulator keeps freezing in spurts as I am running FSX. In addition, the frame rates are constantly fluctuating between 41-50 fps and 3-4 fps. Utl_client, Host Process for Windows Services, FSX, Couatl and ASNext apear to be using most of the RAM, but I am still puzzled. This is a problem that has only began in recent times, as I have used FSX, Ultimate Traffic, GSX and Active Sky Next for FSX simultaneously in the past, with no serious issues. I also use Smart Game Booster, Advanced SystemCare Tray and Windows Defender.
  7. I have been going back and forth with McAfee reps via online chat (they appear to be resident in India). They are constantly trying to push the remote troubleshoot option (this would require me giving them access to my computer)... which I am not permitting. Is there anyone here in this forum using McAfee total protection on their systems? On a side note -- I am using Windows 7. I am trying to disable the entire McAfee protection system, because it is interfering with my FSX and Active Sky Next software. My RAM is being used up by McAfee, with very little remaining for the smooth operation of FSX. Thank you.
  8. Maybe "uncontrolled shuddering" is a better description. Actually... I believe I have finally isolated the problem.
  9. This problem started tonight... I was in the process of starting a flight when I noticed the yoke suddenly shuttering as I turned it right and as I pulled it full back and full forward. I tried switching driver ports (all the ports appear to be up to date...except one that is no longer working). I also checked to ensure that the yoke functions aren't assigned anywhere else. I am puzzled...
  10. My screen was suddenly blacking out during flights (the causes were possible overheating of the graphics card, memory limit of FSX, dust issues etc.). I was still getting audio. This indicated the systems were obviously still running, even though the screen was blank.Consequentially, I was searching for ways to shut down FSX, Rex Sky Force 3D and--finally--Windows 7 all separately via the keyboard commands, because I am not able to see anything 🙄
  11. Thank you again everyone for your kind input. The ALT+F4 option represents the strongest case😋!
  12. Hello Jim Robinson and John Hinson, I thank you for your kind replies and suggestions. Much appreciated 🙂! I have used Alt + F4 to shut down the entire system in the past. I was curious to find out if the REX folks had actually set up a key board command to shut down the REX Sky Force app specifically. Thank you again!
  13. Hello all, I am trying to find the best way to close the REX Sky Force 3D application (after my flights and shut down of FSX) without using the mouse click option. I have sent inquiry emails to the software support staff, but I keep getting a prepackaged response that in no way addresses my issue. Can anyone here assist? Thanks as always.
  14. I am currently setting up my Saitek/ Logitech pro flight yoke for operations with the Pilotedge software. I have selected my E-Button (the red button on the upper left side of the yoke, in front of the hat switch) for ATC communication. For the aviators on this forum currently using this setup -- I was wondering about a couple of things. First of all, once the button is pressed, will I be required to push the button once when I speak, and push it again after I am finished talking. Or will I be able to hold the button down during the entire length of my pilot communication and release it when I'm finished speaking--like in a real cockpit? I was trying to sort this out because I don't want to encounter any unintended breaks/gaps in my communications with ATC. Thank you for your kind assistance.
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