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  1. Blue Baron

    Cannot access the FSX menu bar during flight

    Thanks for the kind assistance, bill10. That option works.
  2. My FSX system is not giving me the option to click and expand the menu bar during my flights. Can anyone explain what's happening? How can I fix it?
  3. Blue Baron

    Problems downloading software

    The system isn't allowing me to install/ run/ download anything. I keep getting a "The System Cannot Find The File Specified" message whenever I press "run" or "install" etc. for software I've downloaded online.
  4. I use Windows 7. I have been having issues recently with my system after Microsoft automatically installed what they called critical updates. Now I can no longer download software on to my computer. I keep getting a weird message - The system cannot find the file specified. I was using win zip. I am trying to trouble shoot to locate the issue. Is there any other software besides win zip I can try out? Thanks for your assistance.
  5. I am on the market for freeware driver updater software that can scan my system devices for out of date drivers and update as necessary. What are the best options? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I followed up with the support dept at Logitech. The problem has been fixed.
  7. I am using Windows 7 for FSX. I have been trying to fix my Saitek-Logitech radio panel/ multi panel issues for a very long time! The folks at Logitech recommended I uninstall the current panel plugins and install the new ones from their site. I did not see an option to uninstall the plugins in the Saitek folder. I went into the Programs and Features area on my computer and uninstalled the Saitek software for the radio and multi panels. I then downloaded the FSX_Plugin_x64_Software_8.0.144.0 software for the panels and the Flight_Panels_x64_Software software for the panels' test page. The new downloaded test page is showing that both panels are working fine. However, both panels are now totally blank and nonoperational when I start FSX! Is there something missing here....?
  8. Blue Baron

    Disabling deafult airliners

    Thank you, cmpbellsjc!
  9. I am using Ultimate Traffic 2 and World Of AI add-on traffic in my FSX setup. Yet I am still hearing call-outs to Landmark Airlines. How can I disable all default airliners? I'm keeping the default GA planes. Thanks for your assistance...
  10. Blue Baron

    Adjusting ATC call sign/ call outs in FSX

    Thanks for the kind input!
  11. I am trying to adjust the call signs for my aircraft. I tried adjusting the atc sections in the configuration file, but ended up with atc pronouncing each letter...using the phonetic alphabet. I want the system to recognize my aircraft as American 444, Speedbird 189 etc. not Boeing 0001 or Airbus 0002. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you for your kind reply vortex681. I discovered the default sensitivity settings were set too low...the problem is now solved.
  13. Thank you for your kind reply vortex681. I discovered the default sensitivity settings were set too low...the problem is now solved.