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  1. Yes flaps 20 confirmed as I double-checked that even after using the AFE for pre-takeoff checks and for Wet Takeoff configuration checklist and power settings. I had 3 attempts at takeoff but had extremely slow acceleration and was barely over 90 knots after 9000'. After that is when I changed the weather preset to see if weather was some kind of factor. After changing the weather, It accelerated much better and was able to take off only using about half the runway. Real world wind in KDSM around the time was out of the SW 13 knots gusting 22. In game I remember the windsock was maxed out and pointing right down the runway I was taking off from.
  2. For those having the reverse taxi issues, was the pavement wet or was it raining? I ran into serious aircraft performance issues yesterday trying to do a flight out of KDSM stand 16 with live weather and wet and raining conditions. I couldn't back out of the stand, and using full "wet" power, I was unable to get airborne into a strong wind with 9000' of runway. I changed the weather to a "clear skies" preset and tried the same flight again with no issues.
  3. Ok, so I have had a 43" 4K monitor along with Track IR that I used for years. I too was waiting on the fence a long time waiting for VR technology improved before I jumped into it. I was waiting for the Reverb to release since it supposedly had the best displays, but after all the initial problems I decided to pull the trigger on the Rift S and haven't looked back. I have only a GTX 1080 card which was minimum for the Reverb but is plenty for the Rift S. So, going from 4K to VR, the resolution and clarity is going to suck. No way of getting around that at the moment. However, it is such a game changer in terms of immersion and scale. Once you are sitting in the cockpit, you get a better sense of the size and height etc. I've been frustrated at times at the lack of clarity, stutters and laginess you sometimes get but I'm finding it to be much smoother in both P3d v5 as well as in X-Plane with Vulkan. Every once in a while, I go back and try to fly using my 4k TV, and while I find the clarity to be amazing, everything will feel really small and still hard to read because the gauge is significantly smaller then what your used to in VR. My advice from a former hold out, jump in and see what the fuss is about for yourself. I also recommend the Rift S as the cost is significantly lower then the other HMD's and it has lower hardware requirements. That way if you don't like it, you won't have as much into it as other HMD's and eventually the quality will improve as new Video cards and headsets come out.
  4. Ok, I installed the patch and it runs pretty good now except one problem, water in the right eye is dark blue, and in the left eye it is a light blue. Is anyone else experiencing that? Update: I posted something similar on the LM forums and they had me check if it was doing it in both Single-Pass and Stereo modes. After testing, it looks like the water color problem only occurs for me when using Single-Pass.
  5. Yep, I just moved back another foot to test at 4 foot, and I did have to tilt it up some to recenter.
  6. Standard hat clip. Sensor sits on top, angled down slightly to get everything in the center.
  7. I'm using TrackIR right now on a Samsung 43" 4K TV from 36 inches away and it works just fine.
  8. I run a 1080 on a 43" 4k Samsung TV and it works just fine for P3d, X-plane, DCS and every other game I have. Using 4k, you can usually turn your anti aliasing options down since there are more pixels to render the shimmering is nowhere near as bad as at 1080p.
  9. I have the same problem. I don't have to restart TrackIR, just have to restart ChasePlane. I noticed too that in the top left corner, when I start it says something like ChasePlane + TrackIR but after 5-10 minutes, it just changes to ChasePlane and TrackIR no longer works. Again, restarting ChasePlane gets it working again.
  10. Here are a couple pics of my rig. I included on showing the desktop with and one from my flight sim. To the right you can see my tiny 17" laptop screen. The only disadvantage to a TV vs monitor I see is that it won't auto turn on/off with the PC and the response rates are supposedly slower for which I don't even notice.
  11. I would suggest you look at moving to a larger 4K TV instead to save some money and if you have the room. I just moved from a 27" 1080p monitor to 40" Samsung 4K TV using a 970 and the difference is night and day. Even on a 40" screen, I have my DPI set to 150% in order to see icons and read text. I can't imagine having that resolution shrunk down to a 27" inch display as I would think it would be way to difficult to read. As for the GTX 970, it drives the 4K just fine, my only problem now in moving to that resolution is my CPU is now overheating when playing Fallout 4. To fix that I'm going to try some good thermal paste first and if the problem still occurs then I guess its time to add water cooling to my rig.
  12. I guess TechGuy beat me too it. BTW, I'm trying a flight right now using 30 Hz but I'm not really noticing any difference vs 60. I will probably go back to 60.
  13. I just bought a new Samsung 40" UHD TV last night (UN40KU6300FXZA) and its running P3d 3.3.5 like a dream right now at 60Hz. I went from a 27" ViewSonic 1080p monitor to this and it is like night and day. I use a single GTX 970 with an older I7-2600K 3.4 GHz overclocked to 4.2. Right now in cruise in the NGX, with ASN etc, I'm running at about 45 to 50 fps. TrackIR is very smooth, in fact after upgrading the monitor and turning off 4xSGSS, I get a better FPS and smoother experience at 4K then I ever did at 1080p. If anyone else out there is unsure of going to 4K and using a TV instead of a monitor for flight simming, don't be. It is an incredible improvement to the experience.
  14. I'm glad that this issue is being addressed. I've given up using the Citation X due to numerous CTD's with the FMC. I've gotten them near the first waypoint after takeoff at some airports and I also get them when using AP in HDG during take off, then trying to use the DTO function to navigate to the first waypoint.
  15. Still getting the error with the coupon which I saved from the following URL: http://eaglesoftdg.com/Layouts/coupons.htm
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