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  1. Thanks for the reply TENPATROL, I have just noticed the updated stable version in the last few hours which works fine with no problems flying. GNACINO, the development version ils box does not work for me either, try new stable version
  2. has anybody manged to change ils frequencies on the A32O FBW yet?, mine only work in the stable version.
  3. In the stable version I can change the ils freq in the box but this is not the case in the development or experimental versions, the radio frequency changes fine. is there something i'm doing wrong or is it a known bug?
  4. I have 2 buttons on logitech attack 3 assigned to rudder left and right and find turning awkward and jerky, and not responsive enough. The problem I have is on all things concerned with MSFS/airbus mod is wether its my incompetence or bugs that are the cause of problems, with Navigraph charts and your Mod I find Vatsim flying possible so im more than grateful for what you are doing for simmers. I don't feel qualified enough to give a developer feedback as its more than likely me thats doing something wrong, any advice on taxiing welcome.
  5. I had the problem of full throttle on taxi, this was solved by switching pilot assists back to "hard" on the take off mode (sorry for not being 100% on terminology", apparently making pilot assists "easy" is not reccomended for the airbus, so I go "hard/real life" which works fine I would download the A32O fbw mod including the automatic updating program checker, because the updates come often. Even with the full throttle problem solved, taxiing is still very awkward and nothing like it was in P3D.
  6. This is a feature of the airport, a Star Trek beaming on to the gate.😀
  7. I have just used active pause to get my wife to come and see our house in the sim, active pause works great with track-ir because you can still use it. Once you have found your house , because you followed the roads and local landmarks to find it...you realise this sim is incredible.
  8. An invitation to pay more money for a better experience is what we can expect, there is no other way forward.
  9. The new sim will be with us soon, promises, ideas, money, disappearances and then returns with new promises and of course the long running theme of being a victim. A big new market will be open with Matt frothing at the mouth for a piece of the action. Drama has only just started
  10. Yes spot on, Matt "wack a mole" Davies pops up and vanishes , pops up then vanishes, with his never ending victim drama. Its all the same thing running year after year with invest money in another scheme or product or promises followed by him going AWOL At least the serial drama in its 10th season is free....his products aint free. Buyer beware
  11. You are getting the real as it gets experience for free, in my opinion flight simming without Vatsim or Ivao isnt worth bothering with, thinking on your feet in real time with real people and coping with snags turns flight simming into something real and enjoyable. New Vatsim audio has been a real game changer in removing the biggest obstacle of bad audio problems that haunted Vatsim since the start of the whole shebang. My flight history has been riddled with bad flights due to my inexperience and simple mistakes, even after a decade of now and again Vatsimming over the years, i know how easy it is to be confused , lose situational awareness and it to all end in embarrassment . Great fun though, great learning experience. keep going with it Bob....if you give Vatsim up ...flight simming is going to be real dull.
  12. Track ir....its an odd bit of kit, all flimsy and all that but in my opinion the number one addon that surely can't be missed by Microsoft.
  13. Website is down at the moment. Matt Davies is the flight simulator version of " Whack a mole"...he pops up then disappears, then back again. PTA is a small investment thats why i bought it , the idea of anything involving a subscription or hefty price tag with Matt Davies name on it is not advised.
  14. Agreed on splitting the little community of Vatsim/IVAO into two is a shame , especially as those against a merger would be a very very tiny minority of those who fly online. its grudges going back more than a decade which probably means some of those are no longer simmers or even alive.
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