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  1. Hi, fs2crew first officer always make a call check for flaps 8 on the pretaxi check (the call out) but flaps 20 is selected. no mater what it configure, he always is going to say flaps 8 confirm isntead of flaps 20. On the other hand would be nice that in the same logic but on the approach, FO would have a speed check and do not select the config ordered i case of being above the maximum speed for that configuration. and to add the callout speed check when he is configuring the flaps. cheers
  2. i will take a look on FSDG Nuuk! thanks again!
  3. thanks for the info sir. I will take a look of those FA50. On respect of the step flights, seems quite interesting. I have the Two citations of carenado and the little phenom. Also the Citation mustang from F1. Is there any stunning scenario of Nuuk or other midway airports on Greenland?
  4. Hi. I will love to have carenado jet to cross the Atlantic ocean. cheers!
  5. Hi joe, i´m glad you solved. Usually the failure start message could be 2 reasons, (at least on my system) 1. if i have loaded more than 1 carenado server started i got that message (usually when i loaded more than once carenado plane with svs) and two because i changed the websim.exe file to admin rigths. (so i reverted to normal) Cheers from spain!
  6. Hi guys, i going to tell you what i did to solve this problem for P3D V4.5. and windows 10 this is not an official solution, so i just can not guarantee it would work, this is just what i did…. and suddenly it works. I tried everything i saw on the forums. there was one guy reporting that moving the files from P3DV4 files worked. or another one saying to uninstall svs that comes from the Cessna 182g1000 solves the problem, (plane which i don´t have) i just have alabeo da42 and carenado phenom 100. Other said that even installing SVS with admin rights the files are not with admin rigths, so i tried to change all exe files that the installer create to "execute with admin rigths" and again didnt work. I guy from this forums told me that usually the terr error had a relation with windows firewall port blocking. Also i saw that there where some faulting paths and apps that call for this on the windows event Faulting application path: F:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\WebSimBrowser\2.1\64\WebSimProcess.exe Faulting module path: F:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\WebSimBrowser\CEF4FSXP3DXP.39\64\libcef.dll So what i did was: uninstall SVS from carenado. i downloaded the websimbrowser setup form https://websimconnect.webs.com/download install it with admin rights. (on the install process select your simulator version) then i opened windows defender firewall with advanced security app (just put this on search) then clicked on inbound rules and then on the right column i clicked on new rule. on the opened window i select port (then click next) select TCP and specific port and write: 4444 then select allow, all networks and then name it svs or what ever you want. Then i installed Carenado svs with admin rights. After load alabeo da42, the yellow terr err changed to a white warning terr test that disappears after a few seconds. when i activated the the terr of garming 1000 svs was working again! hope this post help people that cant make work svs on their computers. Ciao!
  7. dont try it , they wont fixed sadly. Thanks for the answer by the way but it didnt work for me (and there no such file on my phenom, and i think thats the problem carenados installers dont install all the files need it, as my phenom 100 is looking the lights fx of the 1900D beechcraft IMAO , for any reason i cannot see the SVS on my phenom 100 PFD. they actually offer me an alternative solution. Its sad but i prefer carenado to improve their support and develop in their existing products, and get them better, that to have an amazing a huge variety of planes to select to purchase. But at the end they pic the comercial strategies they want and what works better for them. At list they dont lie customers like other companies
  8. Hmmmmm I have the same problem. but with the phenom 100. How do you uninstall SVS that come with the aircraft?
  9. Also for take off and landing speed bugs. You can find them on the MFD left knob. First press LSK speed bugs. Then select take off or landing and then set the speeds with the left knob and then confirm them and you will se them in different colours on the PFD
  10. The speed knob is not working if is out FLCH mode. In FLCH you can you use the vs wheel to set it. I think it is buggy
  11. oh thanks a lot Bert. please keep us updated.
  12. Oh amazing! thanks for that. please keep us update it.
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