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  1. Hi, I tried your suggestion with the Model.cfg without much difference. Thanks for the suggestion. Ray
  2. I'm posting this update for anyone that may be interested. On another forum it was mentioned that by hitting Shift 2 and calling up the 2D panel, then clicking the lower left screw icon the user got good frame rates. It actually worked for me, I now have at least 15FPS on this aircraft where previously I could only get 5 FPS max. Hope this helps. I don't understand why that would improve frame rates but it obviously resets something. Patrick
  3. Hi Snuten, never had the tweak before but I did add 3000000 and below but each time it made no difference.
  4. Anyone have FPS issues on this aircraft as in very low FPS?
  5. Hi, adding BP to my FSX.cfg on Win 7 64 bit didn't give me better frame rates. Actually it somehow messed up my Majestic Q400 and had to reinstall that product. One thing I notice is if I change my window to another program let's say Firefox and go back to FSX, I notice a normal FPS of about 25FPS momentarily on the ATR 42 which quickly drops back to 4 FPS when FSX is fullscreen. Any ideas why this is? All other aircraft are fine with FPS. Video card compatibility perhaps?
  6. This is good to know. I'm going to try it out and report back. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Hi Carlos, If you look at the textures in the TEXTURES.COMMON folder, you'll see some heavy 16MB textures. Resize those to 2048x2048 in your favorite paint program. Then open them in DXTBMP, save them as DXT 5 textures using the same filenames as the originals. Remember to backup the .COMMON folder somewhere in case you don't like the modifications.
  8. Try lowering the VC cockpit textures to 2048. Worked for me on the ATR.
  9. I also had the same FPS issue on the ATR. I resorted to lowering the VC cockpit textures to 2048 and it helped.
  10. Hi again, I managed to greatly improve my FPS in the VC by resizing the cockpit textures. The aircraft is now usable in my sim (FSX). Any programmers here that can explain why having the mouse pointer visible in the VC causes a large frame drop? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hello all, I get 8.2 FPS max on this aircraft in FSX. I can't locate GTNConfig, only a Configuration file that doesn't show anything listed in the steps above. Where in the file system is this file located? Also when my mouse pointer is visible in the VC, FPS drop to 3.6 which makes this add-on unusable for me. Any ideas?
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