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  1. Civvy


    Hi i've just bought the PC12 and can't get it to autoland for some reason. I like to have the option and I can with everything else. It doesn't seem to want to engage with the glide slope but it does with the localiser. I couldn't find anything in the manual about it. What does the arm light mean? Many thanks
  2. Many thanks Jim, I found that too but I should've said I'm trying to connect it to my iPad and haven't managed yet.
  3. Happy New Year

  4. Hello I own Skydemon and would like to connect it to FSX. I feel sure I did it years ago but I can't remember how. I bought FSUIPC hoping that would help but no joy. Clearly I need help. I'm considering OPUS software but I just want to be certain it's going to work before throwing more money away. I just need it for Skydemon not everything else it comes with. Many thanks!
  5. Hi, this is new to me so I don't really know what to ask for specifically but I know what I'd like to end up with which is my pay ware Cirrus SR22 in custom colours with a British registration.
  6. Hi, I'm enjoying this aircraft but there's a few things I'd change if I could: I'd like the landing lights to be a lot brighter and I'd love a custom paint job with reg to boot. Can anyone point me in the right direction for these things please?
  7. Tried image shack, apparently I do not have permission to use it here. Moved on now though thanks
  8. Hi, yes the Aerosoft new release. I would post a picture up here of half of the cockpit being missing at FL33 - good view, but it's a bit chilly! However, it might be quicker and easier to do a degree in astrophysics than it is to put an image up on this forum.
  9. I'm finding the a318 too much for my computer, i.e; it hangs, large patches of scenery still not loaded, then it finally closes. I don't have any problems with the 777/737 a320 with fs2crew, GSX, vfr scenery or night with extreme airports. - I thought I'd overcome OOM's I only have the scenery in use checked, which is usually fine. I've used bejotes cfg. editor. On a more positive note... it's a lovely aircraft! Love the exterior lighting, good work.
  10. Civvy

    777/OOM & IRS

    tried again today, EGLL to KJFK at sunset. Requested pause at TOD so I could restart. After restart, it had lost the IRS. - Gutted! I should try with the NGX and report.
  11. Civvy

    777/OOM & IRS

    Everything else fine, plan remains in CDU etc. all except IRS needs realigning. Even both LNAV & VNAV buttons light up. But it doesn't remain on track.
  12. us Brits also loved Britannia airways, before TUI/ Thomson got their hands on the livery
  13. Civvy

    777/OOM & IRS

    I'm flying EGLL to LGIR today, and had read a good idea to avoid OOM. By saving my flight after TOD and restarting FSX; thus resetting VAS. The problem is I lost my IRS so now I can't even leave the cockpit for a pee! The only add on in scenery checked is EGLL. my MBP & PC both suffer with long hauls. Any suggestions how to save the IRS aswell?
  14. I'm am also suffering this problem. I have sent a ticket but, as always, they're in bed because they're on the other side of the world from me. bring on PMDG UK support!
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