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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. I solved the RealAir Legacy problem by re-installing it, and will now slowly go around checking all my installed airports to make sure they are still there. Thanks Jack
  2. Hi, last night I updated my client to 4.2, and now a number of my add-ons which were installed via the add-on.xml have gone missing. I think I got most of my scenery back by copying the add-on.cfg from appdata\roamimg\Lockheen Martin\P3D v4 to the one located in ProgramData, but alas my RealAir Legacy will not show up again at all. Can anybody offer any tips as to how to get it back? Thanks Jack
  3. A shot in the dark here Christopher, but I seem to recall reading in a discussion on the ORBX forums a few years ago that France VFR alters your terrain.cfg, which sounds pretty much like what is happening to you. have a look in there to see if there is anything relevant to France VFR. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get a fresh copy of the terrain.cfg file from either your ORBX installation or by asking on their forums. Cheers Jack
  4. Just had to say hats off to you for LNM! Made my first 4 flights with it tonight, and am absolutely delighted with this . I surely haven't even discovered the half of its potential yet, but already I can't wait till my next sim session to use it again. Thank you so much! Jack
  5. So that they can run out of VAS of course Jack
  6. Michael, there's been a sale running at ORBX since the last 36 days - you need to hurry if you want anything, it ends at 23:59 AEST on Jan 1st. It's 35% off all products released before 1st November 2016. Cheers Jack
  7. Did you check out this sticky post and follow the instructions? http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/124733-not-getting-email-read-here/ Jack
  8. Bought it, installed it and it is absolutely brilliant - worth every cent. The whole area looks and performs great. There are definitely many worse ways to spend AUD$40. Jack
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for this, Pe11e - loaded it up with PTA last night, what an amazing difference it makes to the sim Cheers Jack
  10. I upgraded to P3D3.4 at the weekend, so took the opportunity to try PTA together with Ultimate Realism Pack 0.95 last night - what an amazing difference this makes to the sim! Just wanted to say thanks for this tool, which has totally amazed me Jack
  11. As Ed says, it does take a while to load - I have about 800 flightplans (God knows how many liveries!) from AIG and their contributors, plus of course all Henrik Nielsen's shipping, but once it's loaded I don't notice many performance problems, except for EGLL which is a bit of a slideshow with UK2000 and FTX England installed. Everywhere else is acceptable. Jack
  12. I think Ed may be talking about flyable aircraft rather than AI. My FAIB 737-800 Winglets folder has over 600 entries in the cfg with no problems. Cheers Jack
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