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  1. Is there a list of aircrafts with "EXIT" values so I can use Sode for the Jetways. I have found on internet an exit list for my Project Airbus A380, which I managed to get it to work which was less complicated than I imagined. The list included other developers, this list is from several years ago.
  2. Have MSE virus scanner but in January Microsoft is stopping support for Windows 7 . Thinking of getting the paid Norton 360 virus scanner. It will be for my FSX ( and in the future for P3D and Windows 10 ) I want to keep my complete computer safe and of course the Flight Simulations. Any tips are most welcome.
  3. This topic is about compatibility. Have the FS9 2007 FranceVFR Martinique island, patched for FSX,a couple of years later, which includes the airport and am wondering if anyone has bought the new Martinique Airport 2018 from Tropical Sim and also previously the FranceVFR product. I had an issue with TahitiX and Papeete which was from two different developers. Had some issues i.e. trees on the runway etc. so I do not want to buy Martinique if I have similar issues as I never got them to be properly compatable. Contacted both FranceVFR, & TropicalSim but they had not checked for compatibility. Also have UTX Tropics & Caribbean.
  4. Checked Alternate, but after viewing reviews, regarding after support service, on their site I am not buying there. Also looking into ASUS Desktops. Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this topic it was very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I do not have the knowledge or nearby friends who could assemble a PC for me with me. Also the HP is a ready made shop model where alterations like changing to another video card is not possible. The local PC shop would probably charge me more than the HP computor if you check the price of individual components. I live in the Netherlands.
  6. Please give advice on this computer for FSX. As my present HP is having difficuty managing all my add-on product I am looking around what the best replacement would be within my budget. I can wait before replacing. The one I have found has the following specs. Intel Core i7-6700 quad core CPU 3.4 GHz, max 4.0GHz Cashe 8MB Memory 16 GB DDR4 (2x8 GB) SSD 256 GB, HD 2 TB. ( ne extra space for a third one) Discrete Video card AMD Radeon R9 390X 8 GB GDDR5 Another new Hp PC has a Nvidia graphic card GeForce GTX 1070 but only has a SSD 128GB & 1TB HD. Questions. Why is NVidia prefered to than Radeon, would I get issues with my FSX with all my add-ons ( at present nearly 1 TB divided between two discs Ë" (FSX) & "L" (Mega Scenery Earth.). The "C" disk has a few FSX files connected to sceneries in the FSX main folder, the rest is personal stuff. Total files 400GB Can I put everything which is related to FSX on the 2T Disc or is there any components which need to be on the SSD, Any suggestions welcome.
  7. Check the FLYTAMPA "AMSTERDAM" forum. Yesterday they posted a file in the forum with the missing texture AMSTERDAM_ALPHA5_LM.DDS along with the missing AMSTERDAM_ALPHA5_S.DDS. As I was also missing these I thought that these may stop me getting OOM's after 10-15 minutes but without luck.
  8. My monitor is a wide LCD model and the recommended resolution is 1680 X 1050 which I have.
  9. I got a similar issue around the same date, I think caused by a Windows update. A couple of mm's wider on all four sides. My scroll bar is half the size but still able to be used as with the rest of my computer. When typing the first letter on e-mail or words etc this is missing (off screen). All my windows, internet pages etc etc are a little too big for the screen. Waiting for a friend to come and sort this out. Maybe a small setting re-adjustment is needed somewhere.
  10. UPDATE. Copied the FS9 RJTT scenery, including the afcad, Haneda static objects vehicles/containers/stairs etc, and everything went perfect. Usually when I copy FS9 airports to FSX I also still have the default airport, like I did with Amman. This is not now the case, why did I not think about trying this before, I am pleased with the result.
  11. Thanks for your quick reply. Checked the Technobrain website, you need a Japanese language PC according to what I could find using Google Translate. I used to have in FS9 Japanese Overland/SimmersSky Airports, fantastic scenery. Just sent an e-mail if they are considering making an FSX version. Have several airports from Ray Smith, but for Haneda I have been spoilt after using the FS9 Overland version. Wondering if Hanada is in the pipeline for other developers like FSDT, FlightBeam etc etc. Just have to be patient I think.
  12. Is there any update information for the Haneda FSX (V2) from TechnoBrain. Like another forum member it seems that the links are dead. As a European how was it possible to install this Japanese version scenery on Windows 7, if by chance it is (re) released in the future. And are the textures as bad as people say. I have Wings Creation Narita and this is so heavy I do not enjoy going there. Chebu is good and so were the Japanese Sceneries airports in FS9, missing these a lot.
  13. Have the FS9 OJAI Pay-ware Contrail Simulation installed. There was a plan for FSX. However this company seems to have disappeared from the internet, and also from SimMarket where I bought it. I copied the airport to FSX as I am using FSX more and there fore starting to empty FS9. The airport is fine but I have also the default buildings in FSX. Is there a way that an exclude bgl can be made. Have ADE9X
  14. Thanks for all your suggestions, not yet decided what I will do as there are other issues not related to FSX to consider, like old Office works etc and other addons.
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