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  1. It looks like it's all working now. Thanks for your help!
  2. Okay, here's an update: The addon.xml file was corrupted because I saw the prompt when loading AILRP for the first time to remove the effects section in the addon.xml because I am still using FLAI models. Ended up reinstalling AILRP. After reinstalling, AIM successfully managed to verify files. This solved the missing nav lights on my 737s. However, it has still not fixed the issue of being able to adjust the nav lights on the A320 family. I disabled dynamic light intensity and so there should be no nav lights reflections off the ground. After applying that setting and restarting P3D, it seems that no changes were made.
  3. Hi, 1) P3D v4.5 2) There is no .ailrp file in the Effects folder. I've noticed that since updating AIM to 1.0.2 I always get a message asking me to verify files every time I load the program. Also, when clicking on "Verify Setup" it runs something but then the entire AIM closes, is that normal? 3) So far it's affecting all A32X models I'm seeing. I forgot to mention that they don't have the while nav light on the rear for some reason.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'm currently in expert mode and this is what I see with default settings for the A320 family: https://prnt.sc/12d8gvq I created a group which focused on the A320 family. I've adjusted the settings for the nav and strobe lights however no changes were made even though I applied the settings. I'm guessing you're right that I'm having some effect conflict with AIG OCI? All A320 family models are from FAIB.
  5. Hello, I've recently purchased the AI Lights Reborn pro edition. I'm still trying to get used to the configurator so apologies if the solution to my problem was just a missing step. I've noticed that the AIG A320's nav lights are very bright to the point they illuminate on the ground. I've also noticed that the B737s have no nav lights on at all. Apart from that, all the other planes seem to use the light presets that I applied via the configurator. I have clicked on "Reset SimObjects" and "Verify Setup" in the OCI settings, with no luck. Lastly, as I fly on vatsim most of the time, is there an option to override Vpilot lighting behaviour on other aircraft? I notice a lot where pilots seem to leave their strobes on when at stand, especially those flying in the A320 family. I believe that pilots flying the Airbus have left the strobes in the AUTO position when on stand. Here, I'm guessing that Vpilot is assuming that AUTO=ON and so the strobe lights illuminate, when in reality they haven't. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your help. I also seem to have another issue. When starting pre-flight events, the PM turns off the GPU for some reason. I am using a default state used by the FSLabs.
  7. Hello, I'm enjoying the FS2Crew package for the FSLabs. I have a few queries. I like flying in the FO seat. However I've noticed that as Pilot Flying, the PM seems to use my MCDU during the climb phase. Is there a way to solve this so that he uses his own MCDU on the Captain's side? I've now noticed that the PM doesn't turn on the strobes when I call the below the line checklist before lining up. As well, he doesn't turn on the Landing lights when I say takeoff like he usually does. Many thanks,
  8. Hello, I may be a bit blind but I've have had a look in the manuals. Is there not an option to be the pilot flying in the first officer seat? Many thanks, Acerazus
  9. I found the solution. I ended up deleting the exe.xml file in %appdata%\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and chaseplane started working again when I re-launched P3D.
  10. Hello all, I plan on building a new pc and I have a budget of up to £200 for a CPU. I wish to pair my CPU with a GTX 1660Ti. I've heard how Intel seems to be the best choice for P3D but I'm not aiming for 60fps here. and if I can continously get more than 30fps then I'm happy. Many thanks, Acerazus
  11. Hello, I completely have no idea what I did, but one day, I start up P3D and Chaseplane fails to auto-lanuch beside it. I have checked the settings and auto-launch for the correct sim is checked. I even reinstalled chaseplane but with no success. Has anyone else had this issue and maybe know the solution to this? Many thanks, Acer
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