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  1. I can probably guess at the answer to this problem, but I figure I'd throw it out there on the outside chance that someone has solved this. Running AFL 172 with GNS530 v2.4.6. If I go into VLOC and manually switch VOR1 head to NAV (it won't switch on its own when switching between VLOC and GPS), I can track a VOR perfectly and the needle is spot on. However, if I pick a waypoint and go direct (or via a leg) in GPS mode, the needle stays dead centered and never moves. Most likely, AFL are using custom datarefs which walk all over the standard ones. And, as everyone pretty much knows, AFL have zero customer service so the chance of solving this via them is, well, zero. Others experiencing this with the AFL 172?
  2. wazooda

    Easy way to Upgrade Database

    Fantastic! Your product is so head and shoulders above any other GPS simulation, that having an easy and reliable source of current data would make it truly unbeatable. Thanks!
  3. wazooda

    Easy way to Upgrade Database

    Out of curiosity, have you all ever approached Garmin with the possibility of selling their data to your customers? I assume you've had to work out some licensing agreement to use their trainer. Why not offer a subscription service to their data as well? Seems like an additional revenue stream for both of you. Of course, they might not be that forward thinking... 🙂
  4. The only way I think you could do that would be to use AirManager on an iPad and create a custom panel. It works quite well.
  5. Perfect. Thanks! Paul
  6. This was working... and now it is not so I'm sure it is something I did. For the life of me, I can't get the VLOC Identification Window (the window right below the VLOC Frequency Window) to show anything but Distance. Oddly, if I change to GNS 2 and turn off GNS 1, it appears fine. Thus, I'm sure it is a setting I just can't figure out how to enable/change. Thanks for any help, Paul
  7. You are correct! Works PERFECTLY! I can't thank you enough for fixing this issue. Your product has been invaluable with my IRL IFR training. Thanks again, Paul
  8. Hey Jean-Luc, Unfortunately this is still not working for me in the C172. I confirmed that the selections are all checked in the settings menu. In addition, here is my RealityXP.GNS.ini to make sure I have everything set correctly for the 530W:
  9. Fantastic! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks so much for fixing this. Much appreciated!
  10. Ah... and since the C172 does not have an HSI and only a VOR OBS that explains why it doesn't work in the C172. Thanks for the clarification and can't wait for an update as I *love* your product. -Paul
  11. Thanks for the followup. Just to confirm, you're saying that you cannot replicate the problem in the C172 or that it works everywhere BUT the C172? Paul
  12. Returned from vacation and can confirm that the OBS does NOT work in VLOC mode either. Hopefully, you guys can solve this problem. Thanks! Paul
  13. Thanks for the reply. I tried Link to HSI and even cycled through each setting individually to see if any combination is causing the problem but no joy. I need to confirm that the OBS is, in fact, working in VLOC mode. I was trying so many iterations trying to isolate the problem that I want to make sure... but I'm out of town till Friday so I'll post results when I return. Paul
  14. UPDATE: So I think I'm able to confirm that this is an incompatibility with the RXP 530 v2 and the stock C172. If I load the Airfoil Labs 172 or the stock Cirrus, the OBS works as it should. This is a major bummer as I'm currently getting my IFR IRL in a 172 and I've read here that the AFL 172 is wonky with the autopilot. Can you guys confirm this is a stock C172 issue and, if so, will you be working to fix it? Thanks.
  15. Here's a link to a video capture I made of the problem: I have ELB set as the Direct To WP. In GPS mode when I select OBS, you'll notice that turning the OBS course selector has zero effect in the GPS unit. In addition, each time I select/deselect OBS, the OBS course seems to jump about 1 degree in the GPS which is reflected on the CDI. I also, as mentioned above, have all the selections checked in the Panel Configuration settings. Hope this helps to diagnose.