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Found 62 results

  1. I've installed dozens of AI models to my existing FLAi folder which is outside my P3Dv5 folder and located in C:\Users\Dan M\Documents\FLAi. I've never had AILRPro not detect planes I have added as long as they are P3Dv4/5 compatible. If I did have an issue I followed your instructions about restore, move, scan, restore scan, etc. The package the Dee Waldron L-1011 package with the P3Dv4 model update. I added the planes and vPilot sees them correctly and I even tested the model match rules for them and they check out great. I just can't get them to detect but I can add new AI and they detect fine.
  2. Simbol -- after running the update to 1.27, I am getting the following error: Fatal exception copying landing lights effects resource file: Object reference not set to an instance of an object and error 4567C, please contact support. My Windows is full USA English. BTW, 1.25 worked perfectly!
  3. Hi, i have some trouble with the AI Lights, apparently some models from FLAI are still not compatible with AIL, I deleted the effects section from the addon.xml but AIL 1.25 gives me an "Unhandled exception" error everytime I move the mouse over the "Airplane Variation" row of a plane that gives me a warning symbol. Also I have the problem that on quite a few AI aircraft that are supposed to be working i will see no landinglights, for example for the A318-321 family from FAIB via FLAI which is supposed to be compatible, yet I still get the warning symbol including the unhandled exception... I hope you can help me out here!
  4. Hi, thanks for this fantastic software to pimp my sim, I love it. I noticed a strange position for the nav-lights on the Airbus-narrowbodies (I use AIG-traffic). Please se attached screenshot for better understanding. Any suggestions, how I can fix this issue?
  5. I have just bought this product today and installed it on my system, when I go to open it I am presented with this initial error: I click continue and soon after I am given a new error: I'm running P3D v5 and the install path in Reg Edit is fine. Another program for P3d that I need to troubleshoot before i can even use it. Ryan
  6. Everytime i try to fly my B200 in X plane 11 using the 725 or 750 GTN my buttons in the plane completly freezes and then when i reload i see a pilot and copilot sitting in the Chairs and i cannot use anything in the aircraft. When i turn it off and restarts it works great in other planes, just my B200 that i'm having problems with. Am i doing something wrong here?
  7. March 19, 2018 I bought - RealityXP Garmin GTN 750 (from FltSim.com). My G Data firewall is disconnected and the internet connection is confirmed.Still I do not get any connection to Garmin to download the trainers. Garmin returns the failure code 1603. Can anybody help me to get it installed? Regards Leci
  8. I have an issue that is affecting my Rotate md 80 and FF 757/767. Everytime I fly one of these planes, the GTN 750 ini file installs itself into the planes root directory which messes up the nav systems on the planes. The MD 80 will not go into nav trk mode until after I delete the file. Now, deleting the file is no big deal but im trying to avoid having to delete the file every time I want to fly the plane. is there a way to stop this from happening?
  9. Hi, I've just rebuilt a clean machine. Am running P3Dv3 under Win 10. Have loaded RXP GNS430 very early in build sequence - not much else on. Downloaded a fresh copy but when installed I got a SimConnect_Open failed error in the log and it wasn't working. Then went back and installed version 2.3.7 which I had working well on the previous build. Install went clean - no errors. Have Reality XP GNS V2 in the Options/Add-Ons menu and it is enabled but have no Addon option on the top menu to add/configure the RXP GNS gauge. Have loaded my old aircraft with all old config files and the units themselves work fine but the configuring menu is not available in the sim to set up and add to new aircraft. Have uninstalled and retried a couple of times. Have the GTN750 to load as well and am keen to catch the bug before I install it. Can you advise which file is the most likely culprit ? reagrds PatrickF
  10. A new issue just started for me today...I can't think of any changes I've made to my sim; Trying to fly the AS Twin Otter with the G530 and the simulator hangs for long periods of time. During the hangs, the G530 will shut down and restart. I've only had the Aircraft about 5 days...it was working without issues. Event Viewer is indicating an application fault (G530sim.exe) with the fault module as krnlsim.dll I was using FSUIPC 5.122. I tried to update to 5.124 as well as revert back to 5.103...all with the same results. I've tried reloading RXP from the F1 Wrapper and that didn't make any difference either. Any thoughts on what I might try? Thanks in advance!
  11. xplane 11 / GTN 750 / Carenado-V35 / HSI Normally the GTN 750 / HSI interaction is fine (I've got an OBS issue, but that's a topic for a different thread). However, when locating the airplane at KGUC I get a nav flag on the HSI, and location on the GTN 750 map shows off airport. Once 'in the air', both HSI and GTN displays agree and HSI / nav behaves normal EXCEPT for the HSI continuing to display the NAV flag. Even tuning to a VOR and switching to VLOC doesn't change this behavior. What could be causing this?
  12. This was working... and now it is not so I'm sure it is something I did. For the life of me, I can't get the VLOC Identification Window (the window right below the VLOC Frequency Window) to show anything but Distance. Oddly, if I change to GNS 2 and turn off GNS 1, it appears fine. Thus, I'm sure it is a setting I just can't figure out how to enable/change. Thanks for any help, Paul
  13. Hi-bought the first version of the new GNS 530 and installed it into P3Dv4.1. All my GoFlight modules worked perfectly with it, so that almost all GNS 530 functions were controlled without using a mouse. This ability continued through updates until the latest one I installed a few days ago. None of the GNS units in various aircraft can now be controlled with GoFlight. Uninstalled and reinstalled the 530 in aircraft, but still no result. The GoFlight modules still work with the default GNS 500, though. Any suggestions for fixing this, or should I go back to the prior version of the 530? Thanks, Jay
  14. When I implement this mod, all works well except for Dreamengine which runs in demo mode for 10 minutes and then shuts down. Any ideas?
  15. Anyone know why my GNS 430 all of a sudden says expired or invalid. First my Spad.next stops working asking me to purchase it again and now this. I have a new build but I reinstalled the products. LouP
  16. I recently bought RXP and I am very happy with it. I managed to "install" two GTN750's in the Dash7-150, just above the original 530's. Works very well, but I got a couple of questions: 1. How do the screen coordinates top and left really work? My left panel: frame.rect = 14,1392,228,256 and right panel: frame.rect = 480,1392,228,256. Is the base top & left, the center of the screen? Somehow since they are both on the central console, the 14 left for the left GTN makes no sense to me. Is it maybe a combination of left + width? 2. Only one GTN gets powered on, is this normal? Both use the same power source. 3. The resolution of the GTN in the panel view is poor, in the Dreamfoil Bell 207 the resolution is perfect and everything is perfectly readable. It got nothing to do with the tilt angle. If I look straight from top, the screens are still fuzzy. The Dash7 was recently ported from XP10 to XP11, could this be the issue? If have tried to attach a screenshot, but couldn't find a way to do it in the forum. Other than that, I am very happy with it, just want learn more.
  17. Some time ago, my XP 11 had a hiccup (don't know why) and I had to reinstall it. Ever since then, my GNS 750 2-D screen is blank. It makes no difference what aircraft I happen to be flying; it's just blank. I have both the F1 GNS 750 for P3D and the RXP version for X-Plane. Which means I have the Garmin Trainer data base for both GPS's. The Garmin Trainer and the 750 for P3D both work but I can't figure out why it will no longer work in X-Plane. Any ideas?
  18. Purchased the GTN750 and 650 some time back and have just successfully installed v2.4.9. The GTN750 works perfectly as pop-up in default C172. However I am not able to update to the latest version 2.4.15. I have tried to update (a) through the Plug-in drop down in XP11.11 and (b) directly through the installer. Both methods failed with two pop-up boxes appearing. Box 1 Software Updates shows: File. rxpGTN-XPL.zip (1 of 1) Status: Connecting to ((followed by 7 chinese? characters)) Box 2 Software Updates shows: Error sending request A connection with the server could not be established. The PC running XP11 and GTN750 is able to connect to the internet, TLS1.1 and 1.2 are set in Internet Options, No firewall or Anti-virus was running during update attempts. Would appreciate assistance with this issue. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia Bob
  19. I just installed the latest version of the GNS530 and GNS430 in both P3Dv4.2 and FSX:SE. Using the configuration tool I installed them in the new Milviz C310R Redux in anticipation of finalizing the Service Release this weekend. To my utter surprise and confusion, both units refuse to "turn on" and the screen remains completely dark. All mouse actions are working, which proves that the gauges are loaded... I installed the same pair into the C172 in FSX:SE as a "sanity check" and the same thing applied there as well: the screens remain totally dark.
  20. Hi, I've asked about this issue a few times in the past, but I came across some info that may help eliminate the problem once and for all. The issue is when I start X-Plane 11 RXP GNS 430W starts up in its own window just fine. When I enter a fix to fly to, or setup a GPS approach and hit "Nav" on the auto pilot, the annunciator shows that the auto pilot is armed, but not coupled. Similarly, the auto pilot indicator lights flash confirming that its armed and not coupled. This only happens when the RXP GNS 430W is in GPS mode, not VLOC, which couples properly. While playing around trying to figure out why this is happening I went into the "Plugins" menu in X-Plane and disabled RXP GNS plugin, then re-enabled it and suddenly its working properly. I can now couple the auto pilot in GPS and VLOC mode. I quit out of X-Plane then re-started X-Plane and the problem returned. I once again disabled the RXP plugin then immediately re-enabled it and it worked properly again, and continued to work until I quit X-Plane. I'm not sure why this should be the case, but I'm hoping this will be helpful for the people coding RXP in an effort to eliminate the issue. Hopefully this will help others who may be seeing similar behavior. Mark
  21. Hello, I am experiecing a simulator crash when loading up XP11 with a GTN750-enabled aircraft. The log states that XP11 crashed because of the GTN750 plugin. When I remove the GTN from the plugin folder, the simulator loads. Is someone else also experiecing the same?
  22. Updated GPS, will not follow the magenta line. Can tune a VOR and it works great, heading mode is great. RXP gns 750 shows flightplan, will not follow it. P3D v4.2
  23. I have just purchased the GTN750 for X-Plane. I have an issue whereby the touchscreen does not function correctly. It displays the Continue button, but I cannot click it. The mouse pointer does not change. I have tested on the 2D panel in the Carenado Navajo, and also on the 3D Panel in the JustFlight Piper Arrow. One difference I noticed, was that on the 3D panel, I can click on the buttons and wheels that are not part of the screen. Anything on the screen does not function. I’m hoping someone can help. Thank you in advance, Ben
  24. How do I get Reality XP GNS to show up in the Add-on menu in FSX-SE? I have the RXP working on my Alabeo PA23 panel with the exception of the GPS vertical reference signal is not showing up on the HSI (GS on HSI only works for ILS approaches - not LPVs...). The "Reality XP GNS" option never showed up in my FSX-SE Add-on Menu option to access setup options. I believe if I had this menu option showing up I could get in and adjust the settings. It appears everything for RXP showed up in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP on my computer when installing. I believe the rspfsxml.exe file needs to be activated in FSX-SE to be on the add-on menu. It is currently located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\rxpfsxml.exe. Can someone confirm? FSX-SE is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX on my computer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Reanman
  25. Hi, The GNS530 loads, starts up and runs while aircraft is on the ground. I can load and save flight plans and everything seems to work as advertised. Once it starts to roll the 530 becomes very slow. Tried to find help on the forum but cannot find an answer. Thanks
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