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    My name is Mohammed El-Dakamawy. I'm an Egyptian aviation enthusiast. Applied for the Airforce twice and got rejected for medical reasons so I'm pursuing the civilian aviation business. FS user since 2007
  1. EgyptianAviator

    Tutorial #2

    Sorry didn't see your reply earlier.. Well it's not a straight promise, more of a set expectation due to the past trend... And ofcourse, I'm sure the tutorial is a cherry on top of a cake I already paid for. I was just in need of a more in-depth documentation. I definitely understand that no promise with a date had been given. And as I say once more, it's more of a set expectation based on a previous happening.
  2. EgyptianAviator

    Tutorial #2

    I've definitely went over the FCOMS, the FTCM, and even the QRH. But I'm that kind of person who needs an interactive topic to learn something Bewteen you and I, I've become a pretty familiar with the T7, but there are still some aspects that need refining. In the meantime, I'll guess the YouTube will be my best friend. Thanks mate
  3. EgyptianAviator

    Tutorial #2

    Good Evening Gents, Well I've been waiting for the previously promised in-depth tutorial #2 for the T7 that was promised by PMDG since the launch of the service pack (because they always launched their second tutorials after a SP), but I can't see any plans for one. So does anyone know if there's anything on the horizon for the tutorial? Much appreciated, Mohammed El-Dakamawy
  4. EgyptianAviator

    VNAV Weak Performance

    Tried that as well, with no outcome as well. But thanks for the assist Ryan THIS ACTUALLY IS THE ISSUE AND IT'S RESOLUTION Thank you very much Antoni and Wayne.. You're both stars (Y) B) :rolleyes:
  5. EgyptianAviator

    VNAV Weak Performance

    This current flight, the temp was 32 degrees at the dept. airport. Which I think is only 2 degrees more than the flat rated at 30C Mark, I'm afraid I don't use any weather software, only vatsim. And the temp is decreasing as I climb as well. Active sky will be out of the question for me to but currently as I'm running on a USB Dongle for internet xD
  6. EgyptianAviator

    VNAV Weak Performance

    Hey guys, I've had the 777 for over 4 months now and I've had the hang of it quite well now. As most of us, I downloaded the SP1. However since then, my aircraft's VNAV had been acting quite strange, The climbs are very weak and I can't get past the 1000 FPM climb if I'm to avoid stalling.what I think happed is that when I derate my takeoff using an assumed temp. it derates all the performance not only the takeoff. For instance I'm currently flying a flight with 60% payload =ZFW 414 and 45,000 Lbs of fuel. I've had an assumed temp (On the Thrust Lim page) of 55 degrees which derated the thrust to around 93% which is more than plentiful for takeoff, but won't allow me to climb later on. Does anyone know how to resolve the climb issue? Moreover, when cruising at FL190 (Such as the current flight) The autothrottle keeps the throttles always at more than 100% to keep a speed of Mach .865. I'm definite there's something I'm doing it wrong. I just don't know what. Thank You, Mohammed El-Dakamawy
  7. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS Issue

    That was already set, however a good old fresh install solved it. seems to have been some registration issue Thanks mate
  8. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS issues?

    I press TEST and it doesn't do anything and no audible test as I've heard it should.
  9. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS issues?

    I thought so too. The FCOM mentions such phenomena, but not how to tackle it.
  10. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS issues?

    I'm afraid I've tried that too and have it to show all aircrafts
  11. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS Issue

    Hello fellow aviators, Needless to say, the TCAS is an exquisite piece of equipment and an indisposable one in congested airspace and due to the incompetence of our freindly neighborhood FSX ATC xD. For 2 months now I've tried working the T7 TCAS, with no luck. I've tried every documentation that exists, videos, forums, etc... with no luck. I've tried fiddling with every TCAS-related switch, knob, and screen; not working yet. What i'm facing is I have the TCAS rings on the ND and the transponder knob on TA/RA, or TA Only (based on where I am) but can't see any aircraft at any range. Take into consideration that the PFD shows 2 mirror images of red cues that based on my reading of the documeneation is RA (resolutionary advisory) related, but I have no idea why is it showing such without any aircraft on display. P.S: the documentation doesn't mention how to treat the red cue as I've went through all of them.
  12. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS issues!

    Hello fellow aviators, Needles to say, the TCAS is a brilliant piece of equipment that is a non-disposables tool in congested airspace. I've tried working it out for over 2 months on the T7 with no luck... I've went over the documentation and forums a million times and findled with every TCAS related switch with no luck. The issue is that the TCAS rings are present and it seems at a first glance to work, but no aircraft is displayed at any range, and the PFD has opposite red cue that, if I understood correctly, relates to the resolutionary advisory; AKA RA. I've been using the TCAS on the Airbus X Extended; l and it works like a charm and I can't live without it based on the incompetence if FSX's ATC. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. EgyptianAviator

    TCAS issues?

    Hello Guys, I've tried working the PMDG's TCAS for about 2 months now and I can't get to have t working. I've used Aerosoft Airbus X Extended's TCAS and it's a brilliant piece of equipment. On the other hand, on the PMDG. I've the transponder at the TA/RA, TA Only, etc... and none of them work. I get the TCAS ring on the ND but no aircrafts to display and the PFD seems to have 2 red cues (I think they relate to resolutionary advisories). I've read the documentation and nothing helped. Went over everywhere on the internet, and no luck again. Any ideas lads?