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  1. ajacied551

    No discharging battery sound with the last update

    That alarm that you hear is the ground crew call Horn in the nose wheel well this will sounds whenever the IRS switches are not in the OFF position and the aircraft is only on battery power you should switch off the IRS system when there is no AC power available . The 737 has no battery discharging sound.
  2. ajacied551

    Weather Radar Knobs not moving

    Noticed also, the TILT and GAIN knobs on the Weather Radar panel are not adjustable, already send a tickets to the support team.
  3. ajacied551

    KLM 773 new special livery

    KLM have painted the B777-300 (PH-BVA) in a special orange / blue livery. Mark B737-6/7/8/900 Ground engineer.
  4. This flight was already diverted to Amsterdam (EHAM) the orginale destination was Rotterdam (EHRD) one go-around was made in Rotterdam, due to EHAM has runway's in several direction's the flight crew desided to divert to Amsterdam, In Amsterdam the Aircraft made 2 go around due to windshear warnings, the second alternate was Brussel (EBBR) due to low fuel this airport was not reachable any more so the fourth landing could only be made in Amsterdam but the wind was gusting at 45 to 55 knots that day. The landing was a emergency landing and had landed safely as you can see in the video. In other video on that same day a Boeing 777-300 had trouble with the landing.
  5. ajacied551

    Oil Qty

    Hi Artur The Engine Oil quantity indication has nothing to do with the hydraulic system!!?? each engine has his own oil reservoir and are not connected to each other, so if the engine oil level is different between both engine's that is completely normal just make sure that each engine oil level is above 60 % (12 U.S. quarts) before you start the engine's, to make sure that there is enough oil just fill the engine oil before each flight.
  6. ajacied551

    Cabin Pressure in Upper EICAS

    The PMDG picture is correct. the pressurization information on the EICAS display stay's in view because it needs the Landing altitude (LDG ALT) information, On the PMDG picture the LDG ALT is blank. that;s why the pressurization information it stay's in view!!! You can put the LDG ALT in manual, but normally this LDG ALT information comes from the FMC automaticly as soon there is a active flight plan in the FMC loaded it than know;s the LDG ALT of your destination airport. When there is no active flight loaded in the FMC the pressurization system don't no the LDG ALT of your destination airport and LDG ALT on the pressurization information on the EICAS is blank, The pressurization information stay's in view on the EICAS display until it know's the LDG ALT of your destination airport. also switching the MFD to a other synoptic display has no effect on the pressurization information on the EICAS display it stay;s in view.
  7. ajacied551

    Lower DU characters not at center of the screen

    This is correct as it should be as in the real B737-next gen. Mark B737-6/7/8/900 Ground engineer.
  8. ajacied551

    How To Stop Autopilot Warning

    To silence the A/P disengage Horn push the A/P disengage switch on the capt or F/O control wheel a second time.
  9. ajacied551

    Pmdg Fmc - Writing Sids And Stars Issues

    There is a Tutorial how to make Terminal Procedures for PMDG Aircraft this document is made by Terry Yingling, You can find it in the AVSIM File libary search for the following: "PMDG 737NG Terminal Procedures Tutorial 5th Edition ". Mark.
  10. ajacied551

    Excited About 747 V2.0

    In Europe (EASA) ETOPS stands for Extended Twin OPerationS rules applicable for the two engine aircraft. For the three and four engine aircraft the EASA uses LROPS that stands for Long Range OPerationS. In the US (FAA) ETOPS stands for ExTended OPerationS, rules applicable for two, three and four Engines aircraft. And than the rest of the world (ICAO) uses EDTO and that stands for Extended Diversion Time Operations. Applicable for two, three and four engine aircraft. To keep it simple just use this. "ETOPS is Engines Turning Or People Swimming" Mark Boeing 737-6/7/8/900(ER) Ground Engineer.
  11. ajacied551

    Need to set ILS freq when using FMC?

    On the 737 there is no NAVRAD page on the FMC where tuning will be don automatically like the 777 or 747-400, you have to tune the ILS freq manually on both NAV control panels ( located on the aft control stand) and set the correct runway course on the MCP also in both Windows. When that is set correctly than press LOC mode on the MCP to intercept the runway localizer. When localizer is intercepted press the APP mode on the MCP to intercept the glideslope than press the second A/P CMD mode to do a Autoland. Mark Boeing 737-6/7/8/900(ER) Ground Engineer.
  12. ajacied551

    Cockpit Horn

    Hi ??????. This is the landing aural warning to tell the flight crew the landing gear is not down and locked. When the airplane is between 200 and 800 feet AGL (radio altimeter) with the flaps between 0 and 10 units and thrust levers are set for landing. This aural warning will operate, to cancel this push the Horn cutout switch next to flap lever. When the airplane decents lower than 200 feet AGL the landing warning Horn will operate again. The only way cancel this is to lower the landing gear. The Horn cutout switch will not silence the aural warning, because at this altitude the airplane should be set landing. When flaps are from 15 to 25 units with gear not down and locked and thrust levers are set for landing. The landing aural warning Horn will operate, the only to silence this aural warning is to lower the landing gear. When the flaps are set lower than 10 units the airplane should be set for landing. Mark Boeing 737-6/7/8/900(ER) Ground Engineer.
  13. ajacied551

    TRU failure

    TRU #1 supply's DC power to DC BUS #1, But when TRU #1 fails, the DC BUS #1 get it;s power from TRU #2 trough the DC BUS TIE relay (R9). The DC BUS TIE relay is normally closed during a normal flight. The DC BUS TIE relay (R9) opens on these condition's * The BUS TRANSFER SWITCH is not in the AUTO position. * The AC transfer bus 1 or 2 has no power. * The Autopilot is in approach mode with Glideslope capture. The DC BUS TIE relay opens during a approach to keep the DC BUS 1 and DC BUS 2 seperate and in parallel, because during autoland the power sources must seperated. due to fails safe, If one system fails it dont;s influences the other system.
  14. ajacied551

    CMD A won't engage B does,

    First of all try to look up the "FCC" in the FCOM what it means and what the function of the FCC is?!!!!. Let me help you out now!! The FCC stands for Flight Control Computer. There are two FCC's on the 737 FCC A and FCC B. Each FCC has 5 functions: * Autopilot * Flight Director * Altiude Alert * Speed Trim * Mach Trim The Autopilot system is a function of the FCC. Autopilot A is a function of FCC A and Autopilot B is function by FCC B. To switch ON the Autopilot A to CMD you push the CMD A button on the MCP. Well here is it comes!!!? FCC A is INOP in your case. When the FCC is INOP you can push the CMD A switch all you want but it will not operate so you need to use Autopilot B that is a function of FCC B.
  15. ajacied551

    Low oil pressure / Eng Fail

    When you switch off the Engine's and the APU is running also switch over from the Engine Generators to the APU generator to keep AC power on the Airplane. If you Don't do that and the EMER EXIT LIGHT switch is stil in the ARMED position the Emergency lighting will illuminate and that is what you see. So when powering down the airplane also switch off the EMER EXIT light switch and the emergency lighting NOT ARMED indication will illuminate on the overhead panel.The Low oil Pressure indication on the UPPER DU is normal when the engine's are OFF due to the fact the engine oil pump is also off and when the oil pressure is lower than 13 psi the LOW OIL PRESSURE indication will illuminate.