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  1. Unfortunately, Here in Europe (Holland) still no connection. Wijnand (EHBK)
  2. About brakes in Holland... Hello fellow simmers,, I just read that in Eindhoven (EHEH) people were complaining about the noise around the airport. So, it was decided that planes will from now on - if it is the last flight of the day for that particular plane - not use reverse trust, but only brakes. Since it is the last flight of the day, the brakes have time to cool!! Keep the neighbours happy!
  3. Hello, have checked your latest flightplan on the flightplan page on the MFD? Good luck, Regards
  4. I love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost bought one many years ago, unfortunately is was all corroded..
  5. Ok, thanks. I searched theFCOM, but it is not a good idea to search on "FMC" (!)
  6. Hello guys, I have been searching , but I cannot find the answer to my question: On the PFD (747-8) "FMC" is shown in white, this happens after de FD is switched on. Does anyone what this means? Happy landings !!
  7. You have almost the same fleet I have. And you are right: the 747-8 does not feel like an upgrade. It feels very different. Happy landings, Wijnand (EHBK)
  8. If you use a standard panelstate each time you fly, eg cold and dark, will the oil levels be topped up each time? I hope the new engines don't come out of your salary??😁
  9. Hello Guys, These kind of posts make 's one forget it is a desktop simulator, it is more like an airline's training. B.t.w, is it true that, in order to fly this approach, pilot's need an extra training/certification?
  10. Hello Dan, Thanks, I will look intto it. With this simulation, you always learn new stuff! I always assumed the converted freighters had all the stuff installed (apart from the nosedoor) you would find on a 747F. Next time I will not use the PDF-paging Regards, Wijnand Lindelauf
  11. Hello guys, in the FCOM page 167 it says that converted freighters are not certified for a 'Packs off Takeoff', Does anyone know why they are not vertified?? Greetings, Wijnand Lindelauf (EHBK)
  12. Happy new year, a healthy 2018 and of course many happy sim-hours from the netherlands, Wijnand
  13. At least in those days they did not need the "wake up call", like on the 747 and 777 nowadays. A while ago I visited the 747-SUD (747-200 refitted with the stretched upperdeck,)in the aviodrome museum in Holland. To me there is something special about this classis flight deck, I just can't explain why. Funny thing: there was a birds nest in the wheel well. It is not that often that you find a nest during your walk around; maybe the bird thought he visited his GRANDparents For all of you, happy New Year and be careful with the fireworks!!!
  14. Dear Mr Randazzo, teasing is an art, and you master it very well From Holland, merry christmas, a healty 2018 and much fun with our great hobby! Wijnand Lindelauf (EHBK)
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