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  1. Hi I have not read every post in the thread, but I have taken the plunge, and to my total surprise and only referring to fsx and my add ons. everything worked ok. For me it only cleared my default flight, said it could not find one so loaded the default trike. Also the spinning plane when the splash screen starts was missing. Got this back by clicking the DX10 preview option. Not sure if the joystick disable is still a problem as I only use FSUIPC to look after my joystick from when win 8 disabled it mid flight. It kept all my PMDG settings and liveries. Could not be happier with such a major update. Kind Regards John Calleja
  2. Hi yet again Just had a look here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/812467 and it lists 4 possible reasons for your issue, and because you have recently re installed windows then the solution(s) may be relative to your situation Regards John Calleja
  3. Hi again On reflection I think 1 key was for fsx and because in the gold edition came with Acceleration then maybe the second key was for that, just cannot remember. Getting steam would get you up and running, I have both on my machine, and I use the steam version as what I call bare bones, ie no extra scenery. or airports, so it is handy for a quick flight without all the planning that I do when doing an online flight with my VA, then I use fsx. I am sure you have looked a hundred times at the key and checked upper case O compared to the number 0 and O for Q and l for 1etc. would even go to the trouble of scanning your key, put it in a word document then cut and paste into the program see if that works. Sorry I could not help more. Regards John Calleja
  4. Hi Michael I just looked on my original boxed version of FSX Gold and it came with TWO product codes, and I remember entering the wrong one and getting the same as you. all went well after entering the second one. Think one was used during install and the other used after first run but not 100% sure. Hope this helps John Calleja
  5. jc_150

    Very confused.com

    Hi all in the forum. I have been following all the threads on the 777 and the P3D software, but there is a basic fundamental principle that I am missing. If P3D is not meant to be sold for the entertainment market in accordance with their website, what licence have all you guys bought to be able to fly the 777 on P3D. Are you all aviation students? or can you just buy any licence and the 777 and go fly. I did not buy P3D because of this, but got Steam instead, and still have the joystick disconnect issue that no one seams to be able to fix. I have it working on fsx ok by using FSUIPC, but having issues with that in Steam, which I may be able to sort out. So just asking which licence you bought to fly the 777 as I am far too old to be a student now but would like to give the 777 a try in P3D Thanks in advance of any replies John Calleja
  6. jc_150

    PMDG Products in FSX SE

    Hi all I bought FS SE today and still in the setting up stage. My reason for buying it was simple. I now have a dedicated fsx running perfectly on Win 8.1 with FSUIPC looking after my joystick. Removed all add- ons that are not PMDG so this is my main simulator for "serious flights" on Vatsim and my favourite VA. When I noticed that FS SE was based in the UK I thought...about time... so decided to support it. I now have a second dedicated system for now just flying default aircraft such as the Cessna as I had almost forgotten how to navigate VOR to VOR, and practice what I had learnt in the 10 hours or so that I have had as real life lessons before the cost put an end to that. I have fsx installed in the F drive Program files X86 and installed FS SE on F drive Program files. So they sit on the same machine but in different root folders. So far they are playing nicely. I also updated FSUIPC and when I installed the latest version it recognised both versions and seems to have installed individually. because both set ups are different. Time will tell if this is a wise move but for £10 I am happy with the purchase. Kind Regards, and happy xmas to all that entertain us on here all year round. John Calleja (armchair pilot)
  7. jc_150

    Any tips for performance improvement?

    Hi there Glad to keep the BA virtual flag flying. I have used win 8.1 successfully for a long time with PMDG products, and like yourself had the disappearing joystick problem. If you like win 8.1 there is no need to go back to win 7 as in my case, though not for everybody there is a solution that seems to fix the issue. That is to have a paid version of FSUIPC, and let that program deal with the joystick axis' instead of fsx. All this is explained in detail either on the web or follow the FSUIPC manual. It worked for me, hope it will work for you. Kind Regards John Calleja (armchair pilot)
  8. jc_150

    777 autoland

    Hi Avery Your problem is of interest as it should clearly work if you are within the parameters of completing an autoland. As you approached the localiser and you pressed LOC and it went from white underneath and then green when captured, then the ILS frequency must have been correct or this would not have happened. So now need to concentrate on the glideslope part. From my experience I like to be about 3000 ft above the runway altitude above sea level and about 12 miles out when capturing the ILS. Then when the LOC is established, as I get closer to the runway I can see a red or is it orange diamond shape at the top right of the PFD to show that a glideslope exists. It is then that I press the APP button, and it has always locked on and started the descent when the red diamond goes below the centre of the PFD. (It is hollow when it is identified and goes solid colour when active). It must be at least hollow diamond before pressing APP or it will not be effective. This is my take on it, I am only an armchair pilot and this seems to work for me even if not technically following the proper rules. Also if you suspect weather etc. why not turn all that off and prove the planes systems are ok with no crosswinds etc to help nail down the issue. . Also if you are using third party airports, the ILS frequency may have been updated and this causes issues as FSX is expecting the ILS frequency of the default airport (I think) but would not cause an LOC ok but GS not working. Hope some of this helps Kind Regards John Calleja
  9. jc_150

    My pausing problem

    Hi Ron Your post was an interesting read to a strange problem. I was about to suggest that you do the same flight but not online with VATSIM and see if the pauses ceased, leading you to suspect something that you use when only flying online, and glad to see you worked it all out and found the culprit. Hope you have discovered vpilot as the connection platform between flight sim and VATSIM as it works flawlessly on my system. Kind Regards John Calleja
  10. jc_150

    777 no data on gauges/displays

    Hi Craig I had this problem after running a registry cleaner. Guess it wiped out some fonts that the T7 needs. I did send a ticket to PMDG to send new fonts as I read a post from Ryan answering someone with similar problem not to ask for them in the forum as he did not want PMDG files shared via the forum. He sent the fonts and the problem was solved, Guessing re installing would also cure the issue, which may be a sledge hammer to crack a nut approach. Hope this helps John Calleja
  11. jc_150

    The T7 story

    The T7 story Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a pilot named Robert who also had an aircraft toy shop. He was known throughout the kingdom as the maker of the best aircraft that the world had ever known. He had a band of people known as developers who helped him make these toys. There was one man named Ryan who spoke to all the children in a place called a forum. The forum was run by the mayor of the kingdom affectionately called uncle Tom. There were also the testers of the toys who checked all the toys before they were released to the children to make sure they worked and were safe to play with. One of these testers was named Kyle, also known as RTFM. The children were quite happy playing with their older toys known as the NGX series, when Robert announced that there was to be a new toy called the T7. The children jumped with glee at this announcement, and were very excited . The majority were happy playing with their older toys until the new one was available, whilst a few impatient ones kept asking "when will it be ready" The shop owner kept saying "when it is ready". Over the course of time some children became grumpy that the shop owner wasn't working fast enough as they wanted it now! Eventually the new toy was released, and all the children were so happy, they all congratulated the shop owner, and the new toy was a treat to own and play with. Some children did not play nice in uncle Tom's forum and he had to tell them to behave or they would be banished from the land. After a short time some of the children were complaining about the new toy and were saying things like..."There is no 2D panel", " There is no weather radar", "When it rains outside I cannot see it on the windshield" "Cold and dark has a problem" . So the shop owner announced that there would be a free to own Service pack known as SP1, which would make this wonderful toy even better, and at the same time there would be a new toy called a T7 300 to buy. This made most children happy, but a few rivet counter type children kept on and on about how long it was taking to get sp1. Then just as it was about to be released the shop owner had to go to hospital and the release was delayed. Most of the children wrote to the shop owner using uncle Tom's forum to wish him well and not to worry about the release as health was more important. But some grumpy children thought that it should still be released even though the shop owner was poorly. All the good children raised a glass of lemonade and said "CHEERS" to the shop owner, the developers, uncle Tom and the testers, who have given us hundreds if not thousands of hours of continuous fun using their toys, and happy to wait for the SP1 when it is ready. The ones that did not agree were so small in numbers that they could not be seen in the crowd of happy users. The children were sure that they would live happily after, when SP1 arrived.......until the rivet counters start on the new T7 300...... Kind regards John Calleja I must get out more
  12. jc_150

    FSX Installikng fsuipc4.

    Hi Herbert, Just from a fault finding point of view, without knowledge of how the licencing works, I would first remove FSUIPC by deleting the files in the modules folder called FSUIPC.dll, and the .ini file as well and try again. If this were not to work I would use system recovery to bring the computer back to how it was before you installed FSUIPC. If this did not work I would stop fault finding activities and send a ticket via the PMDG web site to get some expert help from the team Hope this has helped a little Kind regards John Calleja
  13. jc_150

    FSX, PMDG & Windows 8

    Hi all Although Tabs has given a definitive answer on behalf of PMDG, I would like to add my experience from the UK. When I bought my new computer it had Win 8 pre installed, and I now have it updated it to 8.1. I was told by the salesman at the computer shop that it would invalidate my guarantee if I decided to remove Win 8 and replace it with my licenced copy of Win 7. (and would probable loose the recovery partition if I partitioned before installing) They offered to do it for a fee which I did not want to pay. So I reluctantly put fsx and my PMDG add ons onto win 8 and now 8.1. The only issue as indicated above was the joystick disconnecting at odd times, and when flying online this is totally unacceptable. I tried a few fixes from forums but to no avail, until I re mapped my axis via FSUIPC by following the FSUIPC manual (won't Kyle be proud that I followed the manual and succeeded) So now all well and no issues. Hope I never need specific full support for Win 8.1 support from PMDG as they have made it clear there would be none Hope this helps a little Kind Regards John Calleja
  14. jc_150

    Loss of keyboard functions

    Hi Richard Having read your post reminded me of an identical situation with a flight of mine. In my instance the issue was self inflicted. I had clicked the bottom of the FMC screen to get direct keyboard entry to the FMC, Then forgot I had done this, and when using the keyboard for the flight sim it refuses to respond to keyboard entries until you remove the "green box" on the FMC for direct keyboard entry. Could this have happened to you? Hope this is all it was Regards John Calleja
  15. jc_150

    Cockpit font issue

    Hi Justin Just a thought, have you run sp1c to your re installation as I see on PMDG's website that there is an update to sp 1c for each NGX package. My memory seems to think that this was an update from one version to another? but my memory is surely sagging these days lol. Kind Regards John Calleja