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  1. Hi VicI also use fsnav for flight plans and export successfully, so I would be happy to compare files to see where yours has gone wrong. I believe if memory serves right that there was a small program to install to make fsnav do this.Think it was called PMDG737.dll which you then put into the fsnav flpexport folder within the modules folder yourself. when you say the 3rd install, what are you re insalling? the 737?, the fsnavigator? or the pmdg737.dll as mentioned above? as this is not clear in your post. Also what is the your point on comparing how how other vendors planes load? i do not follow what you are saying. did you send posts to the other vendors to say they do not load like the PMDG does? (Sarcasm, couldn't resist)If I can help you I willbest regardsJohn Calleja
  2. Hi NicholasJim is correct in his observations. Your magenta GS indicator is already below the line, and you have not yet captured the localiser, so I wouild guess that when the app captures, then it will be a violent occurence. I have got used to using fsnavigator for data, as when I put my mouse over the end of the runway in that programme it tells me the glideslope capture altitude. For example at my favorite airport it tells me that the glideslop is at 1900 ft at 5nm, so I try and hit the localiser at 10-12 nm away at say 2500-3000 ft and the magenta GS indicator is "hollow diamond" at the top when I intercept the localiser, then when the diamond indicator comes down the screen as a solid diamond i am well established on the localiser, and at 1 mark above GS capture i drop the gear and I am fully established by then. and it is a very smooth occurence. If you tell me the airport you were landing on in those pics then I will look up the data for you and tell you the gs capture altitude for that airport.best regardsJohn Calleja
  3. Hi GhiomJohan Dees's site is located here:http://www.jdserver.mine.nu/johanThere is lots of stuff there. You should find what you are looking for there.You have not given enough explaination of your load editor errors, ie for which plane and what flight sim etc, in case there is a simple solution?best regardsJohn Calleja (BAW352 armchair pilot)
  4. Hi MartinAs far as I am aware the basic function of FSUIPC is free, the pay and register version just enables more user adjustments to be made. If you just want to fly your planes then you do not need a registered version. The latest version for fs 2004 is ver 3.75, which is freeeware from here. http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.htmljust scroll down to the fs2004 version. I would recommend going into your fs9 modules folder and manually deleting fsuipc.dll and fsuipc.ini, then when you download the latest version put the latest fsuipc.dll into your fs9 modules folder, start fs9 and you should be good to go. If not report back here and get more help, or maybe contact the author through the forum page on the link i quoted here,best regardsJohn Calleja
  5. Hi GaryYour airac cycle is very out of date, the current one is 0801. However if you want to update on say a monthly basis, then unfortunately there is no freeware that I am aware of, and I would guess that most serious flightsimmers would use the payware from Navigraph. link here http://www.navigraph.comthis has everything one would require for proper planning with charts etc.There are available some freeware sid/stars written by users herehttp://www.navdata.at/and you will have to manually install them into the relevant folders.If you are in a position to be able to subscribe to Navigraph, then that is the way forward to keep up to date.best regardsJohn Calleja (BAW352 armchair pilot)
  6. Hi PI am not part of the PMDG team, just a happy user of their products. You mentioned being ignored by the team, that is not my experience and a little harsh on your side, especially as you have ignored the forum rules by not signing your real name as required, so see how easy it is to ignore things. However I did open up my folders to the one that you say is giving you problems and in MY PMDG747-400 folder I have 13 folders and 6 files not in folders and a search of my system did not reveal a file by the name you quoted.So on my working system i do not have a file called texture.ih.dat. If you want to compare file structures with my working version, please just ask.best regardsJohn Calleja (BAW352, armchair pilot)
  7. Hi StephenThanks for the heads up on this, I have updated my system and now works ok, and fsnav recognises the ils correctly. The isstructions from avsim site were good but not complete. I had to search for the folder and copy and paste into fs9 addon folder, then could add the scenery, anyone else doing this and using fsnav, don;t forget to run the database.John Calleja
  8. Hi. I had a look at Ibiza (LEIB) using Fsnav as my source, and for ILS runway 6 it states that the ILS frequency is 109.50 and runway 6 is a backcourse of runway 24. (same frequency both ends) and no GS and I think left and right get reversed if there is no BC swith on the aeroplane.Hope this helps, will look at another source when I canEdit. Using Navigraph as my source (hope this is not privaliged information)it states ILS rw 6 is 111.1 and ils for rw 24 is 109.5.so if the experts cannot agree then what chance have the amateurs got. In my limited experience when two sources disagree there are always problems.regardsJohn Calleja
  9. jc_150

    FMC Database

    Hi DaveI very quickly put the 747-400 on the active runway at EGLL and did a quick few entries into the fmc and ZSPD runways and approaches appeared. I update my database monthly by using navigraph payware, have no way of knowing if ZSPD would have been there before using navigraph, but if you are in a position to be able to pay for your fmc data then navigraph is the best option, especially if you continue to go onto online flying with say VATSIM where the controllers tend to use the latest information. I am not aware of any freeware available to regularly update your fmc data. There is what I believe to be a user file (free) by Joe Leung on this site http://www.navdata.at/under the sid/star button, then choose download from the left menu then choose pmdg then the airport. I do not know how to install these airports into the fmc as I do not use them but on my system if i go to program files/mictosoft games/flightsim9/PMDG/SIDSTARS seems to have files in a similar format.ps. link to navigraph is www.navigraph.comhope this helpsbest regardsJohn Calleja
  10. Hi againSorry I do not know how to help you with this strange problem, I did read on the PMDG site that there is a proper sequence of re-installing their products, and I think that it is important that the 737 series is installed first or you will have problems, and your first post says that you tried to install the 747 first. This could be relevant, not sure though. If you want me to check any of my computer folders for anything that you may think may help, I have both the 737 series and the 747 series, and would be happy to compare my folders to yours don't think thats breasking any PMDG rules. Failing that, if you do not get any other help on here think you should shoot off a mail to the technical support address and hope that they can help. If you do that, there is an auto response mail that comes back to check that their mail system will reach your machine as there have been reports of some ISP systems sending PMDG mails as junk or simply blocked.sorry I cant help further, but do ask if you want to compare files.best regardsJohn Calleja
  11. Hi IainThere is a detailed explaination of what you are trying to do on the PMDG website under PMDG OPS. The article is too large to reproduce here. But if you go to PMDG OPs then look at PMDG 747-400 / 747-400F FAQ (FS9) then item 1.5 should help you out. There are reams of data there, regarding all models,not sure if the partial uninstall will interfere with the information there, but just a thought, if you are using windows xp, you may be able to use system restore to a date before you uninstalled anything then with the system as it was, then follow the PMDG OPS procedure.hope this helpsregardsJohn Calleja
  12. Hi KenOn the t7, when you open the radio panel, at the bottom there is aileron trim and rudder trim. when i operate the rudder trim on the ground I can see the rudder trim value change on the display panel flight control display, but on the ground doing the same with aileron trim does not change the position of the aileron positions on the flight control display. Not sure if it should, or what affect this would have in the air, as I do not have the t7 ready for flight right now, but could be worth a go.best regardsJohn Calleja
  13. Hi DenisNot sure what plane you are flying or which version of fs you are feferring to. I have PMDG 747 series passenger and cargo for fs9 only,and the 737 series. In all of those planes the "Keyboard Commands" are accessed by doing the following.PMDG drop down menu, then General, then Keyboard Commands.I am working from memory, but think that was done automatically from the install of the planes, so not sure you can do anything about it if it is not there, unless (Guess) you re installed. If you are referring to something on fsx then please ignore post as I do not have that version.best regardsJohn CallejaBAW 352 near EGSS
  14. Hi VictorFrom your post it is difficult to tell if you are an experienced user or not so this reply assumes that you are quite new pilot to the 737 cockpit. Aplogies if this is not so. You may not be aware but on the PMDG website there is when you click support a tab called PMDG OPS, then go to PMDG 737 NG FAQ then 3.11 is about autothrottles not "latching". I have cut and pasted that bit here for you, but do go there and read the other articles as they are a good read for other problems you may encounter, If this is not your solution please re post with exactly at what stage of your take off the auto throttles failed and then we will see if we can help more.cut and paste,No autothrottles after installing the PMDG 737NG 800/900 or autothrottle switch will not latchThis is caused failure to follow the Normal Checklist. Engine generators on the overhead panel are not selected ON after engine start, which causes the autothrottle switch to disarm. Turn ON the generator by cycling the GEN switch to ON momentarily and ensuring the Blue Gen off Bus light is out and the problem should be corrected. hope this helpsJohn Calleja (armchair pilot)
  15. Hi TedI read your post and thought about your problem, but as I have neither Vista nor fsx, I cannot offer any solution from good practice. I have thought about your problem as an experienced user of pc's and flight simming, and thought that your machine spec is quite high so maybe there is scope for making a new partition on your hard drive and making your machine a dual boot so you have the choice of xp or vista at boot up stage. I say this because if your machine is new and packaged with vista and you remove it to make way for xp then maybe you would lose some functions in say "non destructive" recovery that new systems seem to have built in as you dont always get full recovery disks with new machines in the uk. So this is just an idea and maybe other folks on here could chip in if they have done this and offer better advice. I have never done this so I would wait for better advice before you do it and maybe make matters worse.best regardsJohn Calleja (BAW 352 armchair pilot)
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