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  1. Is there one? I know there is for the cargomaster, but i really like the G1000s.
  2. FDX4597 - Daniel

    01APR14 - PMDG 777-200LR/F Feature Preview - WX RADAR

    This is AWESOME!!!! Not gonna fly much else. I really appreciate everyone involved with PMDG and HiFi to make FSX kick a$$!!!! :Applause: :American Flag:
  3. FDX4597 - Daniel

    Disappearing Joystick Settings

    My PMDG friends... I believe I have solved the issue by calibrating my joystick with FSUIPC. However, I have keep it enabled in FSX also...I guess that's all it needed. So far, 2/2 good flights. I hope it lasts. Thank you for your advice. Daniel
  4. FDX4597 - Daniel

    Disappearing Joystick Settings

    Can I please find some guidance? Only in the 777, when I click from one program to another, the joystick disappears from FSX. (Win8) Things I have done: - Changed back and forth from windowed/fullscreen - tried re-calibrating stick - disabled USB power saving modes Not sure why this is happening.
  5. FDX4597 - Daniel

    Master Sound no longer disables

    I had the same issue. I went by the "book" on how to disable a/p and a/t. Nothing worked, I could click the master, but it wouldn't shut up...I fixed it by a complete re-install. PS, I also know of an issue with cargo doors not shutting. You can click the button in the FMC, but it doesn't shut them or say that it is "closing".
  6. FDX4597 - Daniel

    Master Sound no longer disables

    ive tried all the steps. my resettable siren isnt resetting. frustrated.
  7. So when is a patch coming out? ...joystick stgs disappear and buggy panel states...ive read win 8 has to fo with the stick, but ive not found a solution yet...tried many o google ideas.