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  1. Ahhh...okay... looks like I missed some steps. Tried it now and works perfect. This Topic can be closed. 😉
  2. Hello. I´m not sure...is the Data Link for Winds and Temps aloft working in that plane? Actually for me it´s not working.
  3. YEEAAHHH! Found it. Thank you so much guys! ;)
  4. Hello! I did my firts flight now with the GTN-650 and was wondering how i can set up the NAV1 for ILS. So the GTN-650 is instead the NAV1 Radio and the GTN can´t set a Nav1 Frequency. How can i do an ILS Approach with GTN-650?
  5. I have a Problem with the PMDG 777-300 in Prepar 3d V4. The Weather Radar knobs are not moving. Weather Radar works but the knobs do not rotary. It works complete in the 200LR
  6. Hello! I got it working now in P3D V3.2. Do it exactly like in this Video. Before installation, rename the Root Folder of P3D v3 to P3D v2. Rename the P3D v3 Folder in the AppData/Roaming to P3D v2. Now install the Hawker and rename after it both folders back to P3D v3!!! Thats it!!
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